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Monday, December 6, 2021

Trump: The madman fades

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The madness that is Donald Trump. (Reuters Photo)
The madness that is Donald Trump. (Reuters Photo)

By now, the convention poll “bounces” should have faded and public opinion surveys return to normal to show voter preference spreads back at where they stood, more or less, before the gatherings in Philadelphia and Cleveland.

Norms, however, don’t appear to exist in Campaign 2016 and polls show Hillary Clinton continuing to pull away from the floundering campaign of Donald Trump.

Part of Trump’s fade, of course, is directly attributable to his mouth.  His unending rants and lies have finally started to sink in to a nervous electorate that appears to finally realize that a madman is the GOP candidate for President.

They might not like Clinton but they are scared to death of Trump and his insanity.

Republicans, at an increasing rate, run away from their ticket leader.  An incredible number announce they are not only are they abandoning Trump they will vote for Clinton.

The Republican National Committee faces mutiny within its ranks from GOP calls for the party to wash its hands of its failed Presidential nominee and focus its expenses on trying to save the legislative majorities in Congress.

In my 50-plus years as either a newspaperman covering campaigns or a political operative (for 12 of those years), I have never seen such defections and dissatisfaction within a party.

Big bucks donors who pumped millions into the campaign of Republican Mitt Romney now say “no dice” to Trump while directing their funds at Congressional candidates.

Hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer has donated $7 million to nine Super Fund PACs that back only Republican Congressional candidates.  His donations to Trump?  Not a dime.

On Thursday, more than 75 longtime Republicans and party veterans urged the RNC to shift all of its resources to vulnerable Senate and House candidates.

“It’s a trend that’s been picking up momentum,” says Mike Shields, president of the Congressional Leadership Fund.

“You can’t win a presidential election in modern America without women and minorities,” a Nevada Democrat told Politico this week. “Hillary will crush him by historic proportions with those two groups.”

“Trump is under-performing so comprehensively it would take video evidence of a smiling Hillary drowning a litter of puppies while terrorists surrounded her with chants of ‘Death to America,” said an Iowa Republican.

How bad are things in Trump-land?  In a lawsuit filed in North Carolina, a staff member of the Trump campaign said Trump’s state director puled a gun on him and threatened to shoot his kneecap.

The State Director, Earl Phillip, was finally and quietly replaced, but the campaign staffer went to court after he said the leadership of the campaign did nothing else that was needed to reduce the volatile and explosive atmosphere of the campaign.

Vincent Bordini reported the incident but said nothing happened to Phillip initially.  He wasn’t fired or suspended.  He was later replaced as state director but remained on the staff.

In a book scheduled for release on Aug. 23, Marc Fisher and Michael Kranish portray Trump as “frustrating, naive” and “forever on the make.”

In the book, “Trump Revealed: An American Jouirney of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power,” the authors show a man who talked constantly about himself in grandiose terms and exaggerated claims.

The book says:

Trump was charming, yet forever on the make, like Lonesome Rhodes from “A Face in the Crowd,” a 1957 movie starring Andy Griffith as a folksy, but ultimately cynical Arkansas traveler who soars from a filthy jail cell to the pinnacle of American celebrity and political power.

Interesting analogy.  At the end of “A Face in the Crowd,” Lonesome Rhodes, his political power gone after the public learned that he really despised them, stood in the balcony of his penthouse in New York, screaming into the night

If Trump is screaming into the night from the top of The Trump Power in New York after his defeat in the general election this November, it will be a fitting end to a nightmare this country sadly endured in 2016.

If, somehow, he wins the nightmare will endure and the nation may not survive.


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32 thoughts on “Trump: The madman fades”

  1. This is to tell Donald Trump your BIG MOUTH, AND LACK OF WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING WILL GET YOU FIRED. If Donald Trump does not see he is losing votes NEEDED TO WIN his a mistake and losing it BIG TIME. The rejection of Donald Trump WILL BE FOR HIS LIFETIME.

  2. Donald Trump is completely off his rocker, how can you say Obama was the founder of ISIS & then the very next day~ say i was joking? Until he came stay focus & stop acting like he’s on some reality show, he does not need to be running for President.

  3. The orange man Donald Trump continues to dig a deeper and deeper shythole that he appears to love bathing in as he splashes about in glee.

    Donald Trump is quickly becoming the GOP establishment’s worst nightmare as national polls show him slipping further behind Hillary by the day.

    We could actually be witnessing a Hillary Clinton landslide if this moron continues, which I’m sure he will, to act like a child who can’t have his own way.

    He’s now claiming there will be wide spread cheating here in PA if he does not win the state which shows him in double digits behind Hillary. He continues to say the system is rigged against him because deep down he knows he can not win.

    Donald Trump is an intellectually deficient racist pig and an egomaniacal madman.

    Believe me, OK!

  4. trump will end up as nothing more that a pimple on the behind of the republican party. ever had an important party or event you looked forward to attending only to get that embarrassing nose blemish two days before said event. well, no amount of acne be gone is going to clear up the mess trump had deposited on the proboscis of the republicans.

  5. Who would have thought a day would come when supermarket tabloids would become more credible than the entire mainstream media? Funny how the National Enquirer must be considered a model of journalistic integrity compared to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, YAHOO, Facebook, Twitter, etc…. It’s so funny to watch these vitriolic, anti-conservative morons post such ignorant and hateful comments. Just look at these goofs who actually read these garbage articles. What a pathetic joke. Guys like Doug Thompson are a dime a dozen. He’s the typical propagandist who sees nothing in the mirror except a cardboard cutout of a person. Liberals aren’t even real people anymore as they can’t even exist without party loyalty.

  6. Why would anyone be surprised by T. Rump’s behavior. He exhibited these same character traits during his ‘reality’ TV shows and his business dealings. The past leads to the present and the future.

  7. More wishful thinking. All the polls are showing the race tightening back up to a dead heat, Trump’s rallies are drawing tens of thousands, more Hillary e-mails are coming out and showing evidence of massive corruption and illegal conduct, and serious questions are being raised about Hillary’s health. But, Trump is “fading” and Hillary is “pulling away?”

    • Trump cannot win the elections with only 40% support of Republicans. People come to his rally to see what is the next nonsense that comes out of his mouth. Minorities and Women don’t like him and wont vote for him. So he can bring 10, 15 or 20000 people to his Rally’s. If he doesn’t get more than his minions to vote for him, he will lose this election badly. He is a disgrace and despite all the controversies surrounding Hilary Clinton…she at least is not racist and will fight for all Americans. The Republican Party should be ashamed to have this racist representing them.

    • Hopefully the posters of last night have now seen the news this morning that “Guccifer” is now starting to release emails from the RNC…..get ready for the “yeah, but their emails are more crooked than our emails”…..This was never about Clinton…this was about the ability of “foreign somebody” to get into the bowels of the American electronic system….wake the hell up people.

  8. He may do a great service to America. His juvenile tirades, and endless false accusations and hatred toward Hillary Clinton, have led the Repubican parade of bullies. At this point, the fifteen-year-p;d “smart girls” in middle school, being bullied in person or by text, facebook and other social media, called fat or ugly or told to commit suicide, have prettymuch figured out that it never ends. Mrs. Clinton has shown them that it is possible to survive bullying, and if she becomes president of the United States, there will probably be a big drop in the number of deaths among young girls, because her success will give them hope. And it will be because he has behaved so abominably as to make the issue clear. Good job.

  9. The amazing thing is that the Republicans had several competent and experienced candidates who could have defeated Clinton. In the end, it doesn’t matter what Hillary’s faults might be. She is the only competent candidate with a hope of winning the election. Whether we be liberal crickets or not, we are not going to vote for a mad man. When the Republicans lose this election, they will have no one to blame but themselves. Wake up. Hate will no longer win elections. You have to have competent candidates.

  10. I like the article up to the last sentence. If Donny manages to right the ship and win the Presidency, America will survive just fine. In fact, I think he would do less damage to America than Hillary. None of his nonsense will pass Congress. Neither party will support his bizarre proposals. If Hillary wins, she will continue the Obama agenda to erode the foundation of American principles that have made this nation a shining beacon on a hill.

  11. Thats quite the headline, I must say. I don’t recall him getting anybody tortured like the butcher of benghazi. Anyone? I don’t recall Trump getting caught rigging a primary. Anyone? I don’t recall Trump accepting pay to play money from countries that kill the LBGT community, or treating women like crap. Anyone? Liberal crickets. Go to your safe zones and ask mommy for a cookie and a hug.

    • You are right David. Look at the rag that wrote this. Capitol Hill Blue. Now you know the establishment just love him. He is going to rattle their cage. this is all psychological warfare. if you print enough negatives, they think people will eventually believe it. It’s like me saying, gee it’s getting cold when it’s not.

    • David: The armor you use as your symbol is probably a good indication of just what era you travel to us from.I hate to break the news but medievil times have come and gone (unless you work at the restaurant) and Trump is not running for King, although he would clearly like to think so. With that said, let me address the issues you raise. There have been around 8 Republican investigations of how Hillary handled handled Benghazi and none of them found her at fault. As I’m sure you know, there are hundreds of such installations around the world like this which are not full blown embassies and they typically have (or had) limited armed protection. The issue of what outposts get what level of protection is not something dealt with at the Secretary of State level. Benghazi was no different than the others. The Obama administration had asked Congress to provide an additional $10 million for protection for places like Benghazi and they had refused to authorize it. Next, although there were the usual allegations there is no evidence that any primary was rigged and Bernie never pursued the issue because he knew there was no basis for it. There is absolutely no evidence that contributions from foreign countries like Saudi Arabia to the Clinton Foundation resulted in a favors being provided by Clinton in her role as Secretary of State. “Pay to play” requires both pay and play. There is no evidence of the latter. And, by the by, since when did the Aryan nation, American Nazis or the rest of Trumpies start worrying about LGBT or women’s rights ? The last time I looked the Republican platform was against gay marriage and equal pay for equal work (not to mention a women’s right to control her own body). Sounds just a tad hypocritical.

    • He has done almost everything else at a time when he shouldn’t. I could probably run his campaign better than he can.

    • I don’t recall Dtrump backing any of his claims with actual hard cold facts. the man talks and talks. he was behind the birther movement, Obama showed his birth certificate.
      all Dtrump is shown is that he can rant and rave. a MODERN day Eva Peron.

    • I admire your loyalty to your team. However, desperate shots like that one cannot save you from the imminent demise of your unfortunate choice of candidate.

    • Someone’s been spending too much time listening to the propoganda on Fox. Since when do they give a hoot about LGBT? Or women? As for Benghazi, the GOP led house wasted millions of your tax dollars to prove n-o-t-h-i-n-g.

    • Pretty funny comment. *You* will be looking for comfort for four years and maybe eight after Clinton slaughters Trump, like those who have hated on Obama for 7-3/4 years. I like chocolate chip. Trump is indeed a “madman” – the headline is 100% accurate.

  12. To the Trump and the trumpsters:
    My Dad once used the expression: “you can’t educate pork”. Although a long time ago, I think this is very fitting for the Grand Master of Buffoons: donald trump.

    • Not necessarily southern. Although I think the polls would concur with you on ‘white’ and I would concur with you on ‘trash’. But that’s just my opinion. J.

      • My guess is that, after Trump loses, he will then bilk his “white trash supporters” for every dime they have. I have this nagging suspicion that, just like C. W. Post 110 years ago, Trump will launch a “model town.” But instead of marketing piety and clean living like Post did, Trump will once again play to the fears and hatred of his base. He’ll deed a a few free houses to the likes of Palin, Coulter, and Chachi Arcola just to put the right shade of lipstick on the pig, and sell, sell, sell. The Trump Real American Compound Town (TRACT), just like everything else he markets, will be overhyped, overrated, over the top, and overpriced. And it’ll pay for his idiotic campaign.

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