In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Trump’s long record of broken promises

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Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump issued a 76-minute acceptance speech with a long list of promises that he said would fulfill his pledge to make America great again.

Promises were all he had.  No details, no specifics and no actual action plans.

Which is the Trump way.  He promises a lot.  He does not deliver.

Trump claims he is a great businessman but it doesn’t take a lot of research to find his many business and personal failures.

He promised glitzy, money-making casinos to boost the gaming industry in Atlantic City.  They failed and went bankrupt, leaving investors losing everything they put into the project.

One “investor” didn’t lose.  Trump paid himself millions in “management fees” while ignoring the sad business fact that his casinos never made money, were financed with a lot of junk bonds, and were destined to fail.  He didn’t lose any money because he used junk bonds to finance the projects.

He used also junk bonds to buy the Eastern Shuttle and promised to turn it into a “showcase” sir shuttle service.  It ended in bankruptcy and no longer exists.

He promised to personally recruit “outstanding executive talent” as instructors for Trump University and also promised personal counseling to those who ran up thousands of dollars in fees, often maxing out their credit cards.

In a deposition, Trump could not name a single “instructor” of Trump University and no record ever showed he ever had a hand in hiring anyone.  He did get fees for himself before the “university” closed.  It is now under investigation by states and attorney generals for fraud.

Trump launched “Trump Mortgage” with promises to create a “new, innovative program” of financing for property purchase.  It failed and is no longer in business.

He promised “thousands of jobs” and a big personal stake in his much-hyped Aberdeenshire golf resort in Scotland.  It has lost money since opening in 2012, the promised jobs never came and he used other people’s money, not his own.

He purchased The Plaza Hotel in New York and promised “a complete showcase renovation.”  It went bankrupt.

Trump, the self-claimed “great businessman” has been sued more than 3,500 times by small business owners who say he never paid what he owed for their work on projects.

USA Today found hundreds of dishwashers, painters, and even his own lawyers, who say they were never paid by Trump.

Trump hired Philadelphia cabinet maker Edward Friel Jr. in the1980 to build custom enclosures and fixtures for Trump Plaza in Atlantic City.  Trump never paid and Friel’s small business went under.

Reports USA Today:

Donald Trump often portrays himself as a savior of the working class who will “protect your job.” But a USA TODAY NETWORK analysis found he has been involved in more than 3,500 lawsuits over the past three decades — and a large number of those involve ordinary Americans, like the Friels, who say Trump or his companies have refused to pay them.

The U.S. Department of Labor says Trump’s companies have been cited 24 times for serious violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, resulting in thousands of dollars in fines.

More than 200 “mechanics liens” currently exist Trump and his properties for unpaid bills.

This is a man who claims to be a great businessman who keeps his promises?

When Trump started his campaign for President in 2015, he promised Americans that he would “self fund” his run.

Now he is seeking donations form any and all.  He cozied up during the just-finished Republican Convention to Las Vegas casino operator Sheldon Adelson and is seeking millions in donations.

Trump promised to not seek or accept donations from “special interests.”  Now he’s taking all he can get from any interest, special or otherwise.

Donald Trump is promising many things that he claims he will do as President.

Can we believe him?

Some, sadly, may be stupid enough to believe what he claims.

They will join a long and growing list of those who believed Donald Trump, fell for more of his lies and walked away broke or disappointed or both.


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157 thoughts on “Trump’s long record of broken promises”


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    carry out inhuman acts.

    Islam is a religion of peace, accepted and practiced by more than 1.5 billion people worldwide. It is the fastest-growing religion in the world, and if it was what some critics claim, why should the people from all walks of life from around the world keep embracing Islam?

    Where is the sword now?

    In Islam, a person has the right to defend himself, his family, his country or his neighbor(s), which justifies the resistance being offered by the people of Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, Iraq, Kashmir and Palestine, to attacks on their soils by the so-called liberators, who are actually the occupiers.

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    Are all Catholics terrorists?

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    Lastly, yet importantly, as brothers in humanity, we recommend those filled with hate get an education in the history of Islam and Muslims, before they dare to write nasty letters full of personal, ingrain hate and vendetta.

    We would be pleased to provide anyone with free copies of the Holy Qur’an and Islamic literature in English, which would help them to understand the truth about Islam and Muslims and get rid of hate from their systems, God willing.

    May God Almighty show you the light, Amen.

  2. you are right trump is a con man, i wonder what he is still doing in the race because america is too big for him to govern since he failed in managing his own companies. please continue to tell this to american people who do not know him well. he does not even know american national anthem talk less of american policies. hillary is the answer to american problems because she has the experince. trump will cause a 2nd world war.

  3. I didn’t read this but the reason I am not voting for Dumbass Trump is I’m not sure he has the ability to run the country. Yes he has run companies that apparently have lost money. Who is to say he won’t bankrupt America as well?

    • It’s better to have failed ten tried at all… How does that make sense? Would you want a surgeon whom has failed many times and most of his patients died? I think not. She has many accomplishes. The senator for New York, former Attorney, Secretary Of State, and a College degree to name a few….

      Now what does Donald Trump have other than mess up his dads money?

  4. I live near Atlantic City and had close freinds who were stiffed by Trump over the building of the Taj Mahal. My buddy had the resources to fight him in court and wound up with about 30c on the dollar. You are a sucker if you are even considering voting for this clown.

  5. Trump’s tax returns for the last 10 years would tell us most, if not all, of the things we need to know about his wealth (or lack thereof), his honesty about that wealth, and – hence – his morality. Anyone who would vote for the man so long as he refuses to disclose them is simply a fool.

  6. Capital Hill Blown, is the worst I’ve ever seen in journalism! Not only that, the Left can post what it want’s! If you don’t agree, what you write usually will not get posted!

  7. I am very disturbed by being a senior citizen. I have watch many elections in the past years, but this election “TOPS” all. What is wrong with the American People – are we trying to advance or go backwards? Trump is for Trump. Trump is not for the people. Trump has shown lack of respect for his own party, no less for his Country. Our Country is for the people and by the people, and not by Trump. And most of all “Family Values”. Where do, Trump stand? When, you lack these values, how can you call yourself an American?

  8. It really is so sad that so many people have fallen into the Trump maniacs trap and actually believe even half the crap he says or even believe it is actually plausible. You all need your heads examined and need to determine if you actually enough brain cells to qualify you to be able to even vote let alone even have a realistic and well informed opinion. All of you should consider just doing yourselves in right now because you obviously are not totally reliable to be considered functionally capable of operating in today’s society and are just further examples of the reason the United States is becoming the laughing stock of the rest of the world.

  9. Donald Trump is feeding on his supporters racism ONLY. He has nothing of value to add to this country period…. if he had…Why wait until now to offer it? He is a slick salesman that see the weakness his supporters have and exploit it. Its a lot of his supporters will tell you “Oh I am not a racist”…Guess what you are BUT that’s your right to be that way JUST be HONEST about it. Please make no mistake about it that Donald Trump see you as ONLY a means to an end, not one of Donald Trumps supporters would be welcomed at his home or table unless they are in the top tier of our society. Less than 4 blocks from my own home one of his supporters live and the home that they live in is just barely more than a shack(holes in the ceiling of the front porch, roof need replacing BADLY)..Seriously what do they actually think Donald going to do for them…NOTHING.

    Everyone want to talk about the Mexicans coming over here taking jobs…WHAT JOBS did they really take? Lets be honest white and black people the Mexicans are doing jobs that we wont or aren’t going do for chump change such as back breaking picking produce in some hot field from sun up to sun down, cooking, maids, nannies, landscaping. I can be honest enough to say the only picking of produce I will ever do is in my own garden, the only cooking I am going to ever do is for my own family, the only maid duties I am going to do is in my own home, the only children I am going to play nanny too is my own, and the only lawn that I am going to do is my own.

    TRUE to many Mrs. Clinton may not be a perfect candidate BUT guess what it doesn’t take perfection to be the President. What it does take is the ability to work with BOTH parties and our foreign allies for the betterment of all the citizens residing in the USA.

  10. Guys listen! This Trump guy speaks and acts exactly like the African dictators, and his campaign rallies are like the ones here in Africa….whats happening to America the role model?

  11. One “investor” didn’t lose. Trump paid himself millions in “management fees” while ignoring the sad business fact that his casinos never made money, were financed with a lot of junk bonds, and were destined to fail. He didn’t lose any money because he used junk bonds to finance the projects.
    The writer of the article Doug . Is to stupid to understand that this is success …not failure . Making millions of dollars is not failure Doug .

    • so screwing THOUSANDS of hardworking middle class people out of their hard earned money, just to pad his pockets, is what you call successful? Please vote for Trump, you’re just as big a twit as he.

    • Trump’s a slick thief. Some have called his book the “Art of the Deal” “The Art of the Steal.”

    • He may not have loss any money, but the people that depended on the job, the staff, security, city, banks and countless others who thought that this business man had the interest of the people Lost big time.

    • Trump’s businesses failed and he failed to pay the many that he ‘promised’ he would. If he were president, it would equate to the nation failing and hundreds of millions of people losing. NO…he is not a success, just a con man.

    • Everyone who starts a business wants to be a proud and successful business owner.Trump on the other hand had ulterior motives.His motive was to cheat all of his investors but made sure he got his share up front.This bum is a disgrace,a cheat and a liar.His wrinkled butt should long ago been in jail.

  12. Why would we want ANOTHER thin-skinned paranoid fear-monger in the Presidency? I for one had enough with Richard Nixon. How soon we forget!!!

    • Yesterday David Duke crawled from under a rock and announced that he is once again running for the US Senate. His reason, the mood of the country today as Donald Trump declares a hostile, divided country; he thinks the time is right for him to return to the spotlight. This man is a convicted felon who spent time in prison for ripping off constituents, & failure to pay taxes. These are the types of supporters drawn to Donald Trumps’ rhetoric. I have observed Hillary Clinton since the days she campaigned in Louisiana for her husband Bill Clinton. She has always been a champion for the poor & under served. She has been cleared of any wrong doing involving the use of the email server & the event that transpired in Benghazi. Donald Trump continues to mislead his constituents with lies about what actually happened because that’s all he has on Hillary. He’s the crook who can’t seem to believe that someone else might have earned a lot of money honestly.

  13. GOOD NEWS:
    Today, after receiving my degree from TRUMPU, I financed a house through TRUMP MORTGAGE, .. to celebrate, I poured myself a glass of TRUMP VODKA with a TRUMP WATER back, with TRUMP ICE in it, and then I booked a flight on TRUMP AIR through TRUMPGO, to go to TRUMP TAJ MAHAL for a vacation …. for my inflight meal I chose to have a TRUMP STEAK and a glass of TRUMP WINE …. and I will enjoy my flight, while reading the latest edition of TRUMP MAGAZINE and listening to the TRUMPED RADIO SHOW … I am looking forward to entering the TOUR DE TRUMP bicycle race, as I dine at TRUMP ON THE OCEAN RESTAURANT, after taking my vitamins from the TRUMP NETWORK and switching my internet service to TRUMP NEW MEDIA, so I could watch the NJ GENERAL games in hi-def ….
    Think I am lying? … well of course I am .. because all of these REAL businesses, either went Bankrupt, Failed, Closed Down, were a Scam, or Flat out were Financial Disasters …….
    But Please ….. keep telling me how wonderful and successful TRUMP has been as a business man … and how he has the Midas touch .

    • So simple! Trump is for losers and there is no shortage of losers to support him. All hoping to scam the system like Trump has done so successfully. He is counting on suckers to vote for him, as he did with Trump University

    • If Americans think Obamacare was a mess wait until around the 5th or 8th year into him building the wall…#1 – he’ll probably live in Mexico by then [ 2022-ish ] …#2 – money would run out…after about 20 billion… #3 – once he owns Mexico he’ll be shuttling them in on his TrumpBus.

  14. Based on the long record of broken promises listed, Trump sounds like he is qualified to be an elected politician. There is no difference from Democrat of Republican, they say and promise everything and deliver on nothing. The only thing that changes or improves are their bank accounts.

  15. What would it take for some to study facts and realize the reality? I understand being disappointed in the system and seeking change; however, we need to seek changes for better and not blindly fall for someone who can just lies and bullies. Just research and them make decision.

  16. Donald Trump is a Junk Bond Hustler. When he finally skips out of town after having sold us all his Junk Bond funded government it will reveal his true hustler intentions!

  17. This country needs a successful businessperson as its President. Trump Casinos, Trump Mortgage, Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Network, Trump Football, and the crowning jewel, Trump University, were all Titanic successes. This country needs Donald Trump to steer the ship of state through the ice field of adversity. Hard to starboard (hard right) has worked so well in the past that lifeboats are an expensive luxury. Let’s all join in on a chorus of Nearer My God to Thee as First Mate Pence rearranges the deckchairs.

  18. It is like Trump has his idiotic supporters brain washed. Trump is a compulsive liar, a racist, thin-skin, cheater, he knows NOTHING about foreign policy or American government. I could go on for days about how unqualified Trump is to run a country. People who support him must have very low intelligence because I don’t get it.

  19. The writer of this article should look at the long line of “Politicians” and their history of LIES!!

    The “Personal” credit rating of most in the “House” is miserable at best. Most people who are or become wealthy have had losses and bankruptcies in their past as well.

    I will NOT vote for Hillary, period!! Trumph still has his work to do capturing this Democrats vote.

  20. Trump SAYS he is a billionaire but he does lie about EVERYTHING and he refuses to show his tax return. However it was reported that he has taken the tax break for married couples earning under $500,000 annually for 6 or 7 years. He inherited his fathers fortune, his fathers political payoffs and connections. He is a liar and a cheat and a fraud. He has supported the mob and hired them. He has at least two fraud cases against him right now – Trump U and for money laundering for the mob. He also has a rape case with witness willing to testify. Rape of a 13 year old girl. He was friends with Jeffrey Epstein. They would travel in Epstein’s jet, the jet he used for orgies and sex trafficking of minors. Epstein was caught and is in jail for pedophilia. Trump has, to this point, escaped.

    Please google for “Trump Anti-Christ Hypertext”. There’s too many things to be mere coincidence. He lives at 666 Park Ave, in a building 666 ft tall on the 66th floor. That is just a TINY bit of it. Trump – small horn. The list of things is massive. Weird but it is nonetheless all easily checked for accuracy.

  21. it doesn’t matter how many failures D. Trump had, these people are voting for him because he is going to build a wall and keep out the brown people and keep the Muslims out! The excuses people are giving for voting for him, is just a smoke screen cover, Period! You know, so they won’t seem racists! Oh, and despite what he says, he’s anti-gay, that’s why he has the black preachers supports. i’m sad that the Republicans let a business man take over their party! Wow! Wow!

    • The truth is that he will never build the wall because congress will not let it happen. Its too costly! the way to keep Mexicans out is not to employ illegals from any part of the world and to not consume the cocaine from South American. No job, no money from drugs, NO illegals

  22. Here’s how Melania intended to finish her speech but was too afraid: “I was brought up to show dignity and respect for others regardless of our differences. Donald was brought up to be a belligerent bully and insult people who disagreed with him, or maybe he learned that on his own. Either way it just goes to show, opposites attract. Thank you very much”…

  23. Who hasn’t failed? Only those “cold and timid souls” T. Roosevelt referred to who know neither “victory or defeat” because they never tried. Oh, they like to criticize and condemn because they haven’t lost anything or understand perseverance. Trump is a billionaire because he tried despite his failures. He is a businessman who understands failure is not the same as throwing in the towel. What has Hillary succeeded in? Has she created even a single job? Has she succeeded in making America a better and safer place? Absolutely not! It’s revealing she would call her appointment as Secretary of State a success. It isn’t. Giving one a title doesn’t make one a success. But I’ll tell you where she has succeeded. She has succeeded in lining her pockets with many millions of dollars from questionable characters and sources and in building a corrupt charitable organization that has helped a few people considering the millions it received in donations. She has also succeeded in evading the Rule of Law through lying and with intimidation. Take a good and honest look at her failures. Morally, she is bankrupt! She has the ethics of her mentor Alinsky who dedicated a book to Lucifer. If democrats think she’s the lesser of two evils, then it’s really true what Lyle Rossiter Jr. M.D. said about the liberal mind. It’s insanity.

    • Funny how you dismiss entirely the thousands people Donald has put out of business, how many people he has refused to pay for their work while he paid himself every time. Trump has made money fooling people for 30 years and he continues that to this day. His family is being paid with donor money, his businesses are being paid with donor money while he keeps his own loot in the bank. He said he would self fund this campaign and when it got real he refused. Trump is a naked emperor, you can brag on his outfit but he is naked. That’s not libera or conservative it’s a fact. Donald Trump is a liberal and always has been He registered as a Rep in order to run for office. He is mirroring what cons want to hear because he has always done that to fool those suckers born every minute.

    • Strange thing about these comments that bash Trump is the lack of comment on his views on the issues. I guess most of the commentors agree that we have an enormous immigration problem? A huge jobs/ economy problem? Border problem? Are we taxed too much? ect… I understand that a lot of you do not like him and i can tell you I have worked with some of the biggest jerks in the world but they had the ability to get the job done, and that’s really all that matters is what’s best for the country and Americans. If you think we are in good shape as a country and Americans vote for the status quo… I personally think we have huge problems

    • Does anybody really want another 4 years of Obama? Look around people, this country is in bad shape. I work in the medical field and Obamacare is horrible for everyone. Obama promised change, well we got it and now we suffer. voting for HC is just another 4 years of
      the same.

    • Mr. Pouesi you are among the Trump voters that will support for him blindly. Even he was quoted as saying he could go down the street and shoot someone and not lose votes. I can imagine the grief you give someone like Hillary if she said something like that. Did you hear Trumps speech on Thursday with the theme that the world will go into chaos unless he is elected POS because he has all the answers? Even in business where he is supposed to be a good at, he had so many failures listed in this article. You can’t find failures like that in other billionaires. Can you tell me Daniel where are all the successful business people that can vouch his business model has done really well for them? Go search a timeline of his business ventures and see for yourself that he has mostly failed at everything he touches. I can’t find any information online on any CEO’s or successful business people speak on his behalf except for his family. Suppose he become POS and puts the country into an awful recession, will you come up with the excuse that it was Obama’s fault or anyone else but Trump? Just admit the fact you don’t like Hillary and vote for Trump, even if he decides to shoot someone walking down the street.

    • THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY IS DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND EXPECTING A DIFFERENT RESULT clearly voting for trump is insanity as his business record is failure after failure. china will own the whitehouse if trump wins.

  24. i like his comments about his own daughter.”i’d hit that”.i mean his current wife was bought while making money on her back why would i or anyone expect morals to be his platform.

  25. …and talk about a lousy deal maker: Trump’s 757 plane, with tail number N757FA, was first sold in May 1991 and was bought by Trump in 2010. He is at least its fourth owner. At the time he bought it, a used 757 typically cost around $10 million — but since it had been owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, it might have been worth twice as much. Trump claims that he paid $100 million for. What a dope!!!

  26. Trump does have a steady track record of not delivering on his promises. Trump is a good salesman but seems to let other people run his enterprises and his choices have been poor, leading to failure. If the story about offering Kasich, the vice presidency and letting essentially run the country, then Trump should not be elected. Trump wants to supervise but do the work or be responsible for the results.

    • Trump vodka costs $30 but tasted like $20. Failure comes with not delivering value, how to describe Trump’s business career

  27. at least he tried . look at the things he succeeded in more business than the Clinton did those fail and bankruptcies out weigh the ones he did succeeded in . how did Hillary make her money . charging for speeches to colleges that she said they were over spending paid her $250,000.00 dollars for a 30 minute .

    • Name one, besides his TV Show, or merchandising related to it. Recently, financial advisers did a study on his wealth, and discovered he would have been better just being idle rich and enjoying himself, since his fortune would be larger, figuring in what he inherited, than it is now. He would have been better off doing nothing, but he is right for POTUS?

    • I don’t call being born on 3rd base with daddy’s money and filing bankruptcy 4 times just to make it to home from that 3rd base he was born on being successful in any way….just because you can make money with money doesn’t make you successful….especially when you had to pass the buck on what you owed people to get there…..

  28. Never underestimate the power of stupid.
    People will vote for Trump by the millions, not despite revealing all his lies, bad character, and megalomania, but BECAUSE of it.

    • People will vote for HILLARY by the millions, despite all HER lies, incompetence, bad character, and scandals, or because of it?

  29. Hitler’s supporters refused to believe anything bad about him either. I worked with a lady in the 70s who insisted that Hitler was the greatest man to ever walk our Planet. The Trump supporters won’t let the truth impact their thoughts about Trump. Very sad repeat of history.

  30. I have never seen so childish a character in American Politics, and it amazes me he has found a fitting audience to his pugilistic bombast and puffery. These are the same Americans who lined up by the thousands in the 1800s to purchase Snake-Oil. The Twitterheads who admire a man who never reads any books but keeps an Eagle-Eyed watch on any and all Media references to his glorious name are entitled to what they have invested so much time and money in. The Glorification and Enrichment of a multi-Billionaire at the expense of so many will be the Ultimate Testimony to this man’s sense of Self-Worth, and I thank all the millions of gullible Trump followers for this circus, presented gratis by The Mainstream Media. When he loses this farce he will STILL make a “Tremendous Profit, So Much You Won’t Believe It, Wait And See!” pathetic….

  31. This list is just the tip of the iceberg
    Trump Ocean Resort Baja Mexico – FAILED (Trump SUED for FRAUD – TRUMP LOST) Buyers get screwed out of $32.2M
    Trump Tower Tampa – FAILED – Many condo Buyers LOST hundreds of thousands of dollars
    Trump Tower In Atlanta – went bust FAILED – Trump cheated contractors out of over $60 million.
    Trump On The Ocean in Long Island – Failed
    Trump The Network – Failed
    Trumped – Talk Radio – Failed
    Trump New Media Company – Failed
    NBC – Trump Canceled
    Trump Steaks – FAILED – no longer involved with ownership
    Trump Airlines – FAILED
    Trump Magazine – FAILED
    Trump World Magazine – FAILED – FAILED
    Trump Shuttle – FAILED
    Trump The Game – FAILED
    Trump Ice (bottle water) – FAILED – no longer involved with ownership
    Trump New Jersey Generals Football Team – FAILED
    Trump Communications – FAILED
    Tour de Trump – Bike Racing – FAILED
    Trump “The Fragrence” – FAILED
    Trump Success Cologne – Discontinued
    Trump Empire Cologne – Discontinued
    Trump Mattresses by Serta – Discontinued
    Trump Plaza – Trump fined $200,000 for violating state anti-discrimination laws.
    Trump Place – Riverside South (Manhattan) actually owned by Hong Kong Firm – NOT TRUMP

        • Based on a smear campaign, and no criminal actions found. The Fuehrer Herr Trumpf, on the other hand, faces several lwq suites for cheating contractors out of their money. I am not even talking about the Trump University scam, which swindled tens of thousands of dollars of regular people. You idiots are so blind to facts, it’s even not funny.

  32. OK, Dr. Chappell, all those inventors failed and “continued to success”. Those successes have greatly benefited all of humanity. What success has Donald Trump continued to beyond successfully padding his own bank account?

  33. I don’t think its accurate to call them “stupid”, its that they’re not thinking critically, but rather emotionally. Trump is clearly an expert at manipulating people and playing on their emotion (as demagogues always are), now consider how angry Trump supporters are, and how it seems they’re always whipped up into a frenzy, and so eager to fight anyone who disagrees with their anger.

  34. How many experiments did Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Royal Rife, Viktor Schauberger, Colonel Dinshah and thousands of others perform, failed yet continued to success? Trump is no different. Clinton is a whore attorney, Washington insider and life-time politician. Other than filling her own pockets, what has she accomplished? How many people has she employed? She is a globalist with UN Agenda 21. She is the white, female counterpart of Obama. Trump is the only candidate that will make America great again. Period.

    • I feel sorry for a misguided naive DR like you . I thought someone like you would be smart enough not to believe a conman like Drumpf the son of Hitler .

      • Do you have any evidence to prove Trump is the son of Hitler? A weak inductive arguments at best. Anyone here really worried about is supposed lack of prior experience? Didn’t think so – we agree that he will be no worse than Obama.

      • People are fed up with government because it has evolved into representing only the elite; the richest Americans at the expense of the rest of us. We need a candidate that does not need to be elected; who has no political debts; whose seemingly only goal is to strike back at the establishment in favor the “people”; whose only goal is seemingly to fix what is broken in the country and the world; Would we choose someone different from Mr. Trump if we had a choice? Of course, but unfortunately (or fortunately) there is no other candidate with Mr. Trump’s unique, non-political background. Unlike the other candidates in both parties, he does not carry a lot of political debt and a predetermined commitment to the status quo. I will vote for Mr. Trump with clenched teeth because the alternative is just too distasteful.

      • Good question? Where did this guy “DR.” Chappell get his medical degree… ? Now ‘a days calling someone “Dr.” may have an interesting origin… “Dr’ of what? I read his summary and no where did I see his qualifications for his gibberish…. Is he just another con-man selling obtuse mumbo jumbo on the internet? Is hae a s”snake oil Dr.?”
        Please giv us a list of his actual medical training… Huh!

      • I was just reviewing a study of President and Candidates I.Q. scores… of 23 individuals the total average score was 139.7+/- … The lowest was “trump” at between 120 and 130 estimated i.e.. average = 125 for trump… The highest was 168 (John Q. Adams), 160 (Jefferson), 158 (JFK), 156 (Bill Clinton), 153 (Jimmy Carter), 140 (Hillary Clinton),140 (Lincoln), 135 (Cruz) and yes, guess again what the lowest was, trump @ 120-130 with averaging I.Q of
        125, still the LOWEST of the crowd…Perhaps that accounts for what his ghost writer for “The Art of the Deal” Tony Schwartz says about trump…”He has a very low attention span…” He seems to have a very low and limited (seemingly no higher than a 12 year old) vocabulary and must repeat himself over and over again and can never get beyond his outcries of paranoia and demented rhetoric… Maybe that was why he was 4-F in his draft registration, (UNFIT FOR SERVICE) rather than a “suspected pay off” by his seemingly corrupt dad, the guy who was called before the U. S. Congress for allegedly cheating WW II Veterans in housing… (jlw, M.D., JD.)

    • You have fallen for the pitch of a Con man and a Grifter who has built his fortune on defrauding others. shame on you.

    • The list may be even longer with failures. What about the USFL. And what infuriates me is the lies about he says about the Iraq war. Says he opposed the war with a straight face and that it shows that he has good judgment. But when questioned about comments (yea we should have done it right the first time) before the war began, then makes the excuse that he was a business man then and not a politician. I’m tired of this man going around on national TV and rallies saying he opposed the war. If the war went well he would have said told you so just like the Bush administration was saying. He calls Ted Cruz lying Ted. The truth is he has told more lies than any candidate in the last 30 years that I have heard from running for office. His real name is Lying Donald. He belongs where he came from, reality TV.

      • Trump says he “opposed the war,”(an untruth, maybe later he said it.) but he would gladly send your and my children and grandchildren to fight a war that he would never send his own… (As far as most know, no one in his “patriotic” family has ever, ever served in the military… Are they too good! Remember how he dodged the draft during the Viet Nam era… (a) as many did, had a 2-s (student deferment during college. (b) afterward became 1-A “available” then a 1-Y which meant to serve only in an “all out war.”.. i.e.. After Women and Children, (c) then he lost that and became 1-A again and then mysteriously became 4-F (Unfit For Service) with an alleged “foot spur” that could have been cured with a single shot of cortisone if it was really a foot spur… It is not uncommon to see asymptomatic tiny foot spurs incidentally on x-ray… What a coward, what a”chicken hawk!” And some would give him access to Nuclear weapons..!

      • I feel for you little mongrel moron. I truly believe that you and all like you have so little self esteem and education that you cannot see the forest for the trees. SINCE this DESPICABLE man started his campaign he has yet to win a thing on merit. He has LIED, BULLIED, AND INSULTED his way to the nomination. Many GOOD men dropped out because they couldn’t deal with this lunatic. Brainless people like you should be made to take a civics test before you’re allowed to vote. Your candidate is the BIGGEST SERIAL LIAR ON THIS PLANET. Anyone that doesn’t believe that is OUT OF THEIR MINDS AND LIVING IN LA LA LAND!!! FOOLS one and all!!!

    • james chappell… you really have to be kidding .. your comparing all those people to thr ripoff artist trump? his only success is taking others money and running for the hills saying sue me. thats not success thats a criminal who hasnt yet been caught..

    • Dr? no freaking chance. anyone who is educated can understand what a moron like Trump is doing. if someone is a DR then it is insinuating that he/she is smart.not in your case James. the majority of Donald Dumb supporters are uneducated white people and you fit that category.

    • What kind of doctor are you Jim? Did you get you degree at Trump U? You may be the pinnacle of STUPID and if you are a Dr. you are as unqualified as Trump is to run for potus.

    • Hey doc, you’re as dumb as a rock and have learned nothing from the last republican you voted into office Bush. Your an example of an educated imbecile. You should self medicate and stop calling Hillary a whore.hate has eaten your brain.

    • What does Edison and the others have to do with Trump? As a doctor you should understand there is a difference between experimentation to achieve results as Edison did, and outright lying and thievery which is what Trump did. He forced many into bankruptcy so he could have more, and now he complains that you and I have too much and wants to take it away. Does his $9.5 trillion tax cut make sense to you? What about his promise to eliminate all crime, all terrorism, put everyone to work (while still outsourcing our jobs), double everyone’s pay (despite saying we already have too much), build the wall (as communists do) and make Mexico pay for it. You are delusional but the fact is what he says is what you want to hear, which is a sorry excuse to vote for the SOB.
      I am collecting my Social Security retirement that I have paid since 1969 even though you think that violates your rights. You better keep your hands off it.
      The fact that you resorted to personal insults and lies, plus your racist comments indicates to me you are no doctor.

      • You right. I cannot wait until the presidential debate, because Trump will try to use his only method to win it by being arrogant, bully, very disrespectful, of yeah, he will curse a lot. Why, because the man does not respect any human being but himself. He think that being rich, makes him above everybody. For sure, he does not have any good plan. He answer will like always, I am the only one “who can make it great again, who knows how to do it, but I will not tell how until I am elected” well, for people who believe him, it will be like his fail businesses, and weddings. One advice for Hilary so, please do not let him drag to that nasty rhetoric. Make sure to remind trump that the debate is about the issues, and lets talk about them, and how to turn them work for everybody. Hilary, be calm, and redirect him to the debate. Trump is like a 3 years children, he does like to look down on, or eye to eye because it makes him lose his control.

    • Some of you supporters are using words like employment with how may jobs Trump created and did Hillary create jobs, and he Trump not giving up after failures. When you using other people’s money its ok to fail, hell you don’t lose anything. Trump allegedly created jobs, ok let’s look at that, if you creating jobs but can’t cash your check is that the same things as putting money into a slot machine maybe you’ll win and can plan your future around all your winnings like Trump jobs except this slot machine is stacked against you 100x’s more and if you win you can’t collect because there is no guarantee the machine will show that you won. Black people is Trumps biggest threat because we see right through him, we’ve heard it all before just a different messenger!

    • Let Trump ream you a new one you naive, racist, think you’re entitled, sexist, homophobic, loud mouthed, self-loathing, unaware, self righteous republican. He will be smirking as he slowly depraves you of your honor and dignity and you will FEEL it in the end!

    • Nice exhibition of support for the Trumpeter by yet another snake oil salesman.How many poor unfortunate souls have you conned with your “medical miracles,” Dr. Cheapsmell?

    • Dr: your comment is literally the craziest and most classless thing I have read today! Did you get you doctorate from Trump university!

  35. “Some, sadly, may be stupid enough to believe what he claims.”

    No “may be” about it!

    I think calling Trump supporters stupid is being too kind.

    I’m really looking forward to the Clinton – Trump debates.

    Hillary will show just how stupid Trump and his supporters really are.

    • Bill, I’m with you. When those debates happen she will take that fool to school..It then will be glaringly apparent what a KNOW NOTHING SERIAL LIAR he is. I also agree that calling his supporters “stupid” is being too kind. These people are the dregs of our society. They are on the same level as that LOSER!!! ANGRY, VENGEFUL, MENTALLY UNBALANCED LITTLE PEOPLE. DESPICABLE donnie the man/child is an embarrassment to this country. To the values that we hold dear. To women’s rights, and our constitutional rights. He has violated and mutilated more of our constitution than anyone thought possible. His vengefulness is appalling for a man seeking to be the leader of the GREATEST free country in the world. He is a very small man intellectually, and morally!!! He is totally unfit and unqualified to be our president.

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