1. Is Trump racist? Of course not. Islam is not a race, it is a religion. Illegal immigrants aren’t a race either. Trump doesn’t talk about race.

    But those are the facts, and we already established in this election that facts don’t matter. What matters is the rhetoric. Hillary is crooked even though the FBI recommended she not be charged, and Trump is racist even though he never attacked anyone on race.

    Let the candidate with the best rhetoric win.

  2. Now tell the truth lovely you know it as well as I do, Donald Trump is an intellectually deficient racist pig and an egomaniacal madman.

    Believe me, OK!

  3. Yep. Pity the media can’t use the terminology of the schoolyard. He’s not only a racist, he’s an a–h—- (must remember the tiny tots, who use words like that every day…).

    Meanwhile, feeding the trolls again:

    I’m one of those pigs. And I’m fairly happy about it – There are American citizens that I do not like, and some of them support Donald Trump for President.

    I might want to point out that saying other races are inferior is logically equivalent to saying your own race is superior. Why should white Protestant Nordic types get free admission to the USA while brown Muslim Mediterranean types get automatically rejected?

    As far as the $200 million? Citation needed, please. And I don’t think Fox News nor Rush Limbaugh really counts.



    PS: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/racism
    Whaddaya know, I did know what it meant before going there. Wow. I’m so clever. J.

  4. “Racist, racist. racist” who are these pigs of the democrat party. This is their favorite tool of war against all American citizens who they don’t like. The democrat party has become a haven for black extremists and their white minion slaves that serve them. They worship their god of political correctness and cannot even discern reality anymore because everything to them is “racist” 24/7, the white boogeyman haunts their minds without ceasing. They are on the fringe of mental illness with their obsession of racism which they don’t even know the meaning of anymore.

    The word racist means the inherent belief that your race is superior to other races, when has Donald Trump said that his race is superior to other races? They are extremist idiots.

    If you are white please get out of the democrat party is has become a mindless party of anti-white extremism. If you vote for them you are voting for your own demise, and no future for your children.

    Obama recently approved of $200 million for young blacks to use to further their careers and start business ventures, he gave not one dime to young whites.

    • Wow, we white people sure do have it hard these days. Look at all those other races, demanding that they be treated like people!

      Go cry some more, you whiny little racist. I’m a white person who’s proud not to buy into white supremacist bullcrap.

    • By the way, the federal government has mucho moneys for small businesses in the form of grants, including from the U.S. Small Business Administration. I’m sure at least a buck or two of that went to white people.

  5. I have said it repeatedly.

    Donald Trump is an intellectually deficient racist pig and an egomaniacal madman.

    Believe me, OK!

    • You have nothing good to say about TRUMP, don’t say anything. America has gone backwards in their moral values. Lie doesn’t mean anything in America any more. The reason why we are supporting Trump is because he exposes the crooked politicians. God of Mordecai will fight for him. All his enemies will be confounded in Jesus name. The man is not a RACIST. Just get to know him.

      • Gone backwards, you say?

        All the people of various colours are now allowed to use the same drinking fountain. Was the time before that more moral, or less?

        All the people who love each other are now allowed to marry each other. Was the time before that more moral, or less?

        All the people who wish to serve in the armed forces in all capacities are now allowed to. Was the time before that more moral, or less?

        Odd that someone defending Trump would argue that lying doesn’t mean anything anymore. I would say that your candidate has something to say about that, but I wouldn’t believe a word he said.

        And God? Wayell, in this country we have a separation of church and state. If you would like to live in a religious theocracy I think I could find one for you. The Gods of Mordecai, Hannibal, Socrates, and Julius Caesar all have equal place in American government – None.

        Yep. He’s a racist. Among other things.


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