1. Dear Bill peeler,

    Can you say with 100% certainty that the “end times” will spell the doom for all fags and non believers? I really doubt it.

    Youre views come from a book that through man was brought about to keep the masses from overthrowing the elite. Ya know,fear goes along way.

    Fear is gone. Time to reboot the old worn out machine

  2. Long story short: In 2006, at age 41, I decided to give Christianity another try (childhood/teen experiences overall unpleasant) after husband’s oft-stated wish. I sincerely re-devoted my life to Christ in 06/2006. And what happened? Nearly *all* Christians around me were suddenly “unavailable.” Husband unsupportive (!), including resenting my desired choice of church. Unfortunately that church’s pastor and his wife quickly proved themselves to be grifters/users ($$ especially). I bid them farewell. Husband wished to attend a church he’d been familiar with. By that time, we’d been gossiped about. An elderly clergyman put his hands on me/made an advance. Second pastor’s wife hostile to most everyone. Little unity or fellowship. So “we” decided on church husband favored. That’s when the lid blew off. We’re only 6-1/2 years apart, but look 20 years apart (husband’s health issues). I’m pretty besides, and that, along with unmerited ridiculous gossip/speculation (Sugar Daddy & Jezebel – NOT), got a bunch of wolves all riled up. We bid them farewell. I’ve seen such liars, two-faced hypocrites who make Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde look normal, cold, uncaring JERKS. Another **major factor** is that both denominations were *obsessed* with politics (with nearby University). I dunno, I thought Jesus suffered and died on the cross TO SAVE SOULS; not to make Republicans or Democrats out of people! My *every* experience with Christians in this town (we had an early-marriage experience which was not good, but I’ll defer) is a very sad indictment. I have moved on and…you people had better WAKE UP and start TAKING RESPONSIBILITY.

  3. Homosexuality is a forbidden sinful act, God refers to it as an “Abomination”. There is no debateing his word on this.

    • Um, actually, there is. God sayeth nothing. The Bible is merely what someone (a man) wrote down what he thought God said. He heard voices in his head, and wrote down what they said. Was he inspired or just another man deserving of our pity and a place in a comfortable home?

      And the bible itself has been translated and re-translated over and over again. Believing it to be the unaltered word of some deity is just stupid. If you want to believe, I will cheerily call you stupid.

      Have a nice day,


  4. “Entryway Into Yesteryears” book explain why God remove all Christian from Heaven for their hate toward Jew and homosexual. God has a brother name Lord Christ. Lord Christ wanted to start his own religion name Christianity, but his father told Lord Christ there is only one religion on Heaven that is the people of the Jew.

  5. I am a 46 year old gay man. If you think *any* Evangelical showed *any* respect to LGBT people back in the day when they thought public opinion would always be on their side, you are seriously deluded. They freely excoriated us as subhuman demons deserving of subjugation and death. So forgive me if I’m not moved by their whimperings about live-and-let-live and mutual respect now that they can’t pour out their vitriol on us without consequence. As usual, they downplay their documented history of abusing us while alleging victimhood because they feel marginalized just because all of society doesn’t cater to them exclusively. They don’t want prayer in school; they want CHRISTIAN prayer in school. They don’t want public religious displays; they want public CHRISTIAN displays. They don’t want religious liberty; they want special treatment for CHRISTIANS only.

    • Homosexuality is definitely codemned in the Bible. If you want to engage in your perverted lifestyle, then you suffer the consequences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. And it’s high time.

    This country got over the idea of King George, or any king. Note that “Christ is King” is still a high priority for these folks. Not for the USA. “Christ is Lord”? Nope. Nor a Duke nor an Earl or even a Count. Some very smart folks over 200 years ago got over all that, and it’s high time everyone else got with the program.

    We got over slavery. We got over segregation. And we’ll get over religion too, sooner or later.

    Hopefully sooner.


      • Who else? Would you like to form a panel of a dog, a cat, a cow, a cockroach, and a mosquito and see what they think?

        Man created God, not the other way around.


    • That’s fine; God will not violate your volition and you can make your choice anytime without any Christian in your face violating your freedom of speech or choice. The one thing you can’t deny or escape is the end times when you will give an account why your god (Satan) was a better choice than Jesus! You will Bow before the Great White Throne and be judged before you’re thrown in the blackness darkness separated from God forever!

      You chose Hell and God will grant you the choice you made! You will get your indestructible body, one designed not to burn up or be destroyed, one designed to withstand fire and brimstone for eternity with all the weaknesses and ability to feel pain. You ever burned your hand or other part of your body and got a blister? Multiply that pain and torture by 7 and never being able to die! The thing you fail to understand which is your sentence to Hell is; your miserable little life is nothing but a vapor in God’s time! You will see your maker and that’s as real as your homosexual friends committing sodomy.

  7. “I never thought that the values I’ve held my whole life would bring us to a point where we were alienated or suppressed.”
    ” has come to this: Many conservative Christians just don’t feel welcome in their own country.”

    So now these folks know what its been like to live in my world for 60 + years where evangelical christianity felt justified to unconstitutionally impose it’s moral agenda on america as a “christian nation”. They seem to have not one ounce of compassion or understanding for the damage their intrusion into the personal lives of the rest of us. How utterly blind and hypocritical. As a gay man I have lived since childhood fighting the sense of self-alienation and self-punishment that these ideas foster for those who are not “saved”. It is not their being saved that is my issue , but that these theocrats really do believe – still do (Ted Cruz as an example, Franklin Graham siting gays as the enemy for another) they are justified and forcing our nation to be Christian and straight …etc… I have been “alienated and suppressed” by them all my life. Until recently I barely felt “welcome in my own country” – or in some cases family and friends. I still struggle to feel at home in my own soul because of the damage of having been evangelized as a young child – labeled as inherently depraved etc.

    They are all upset now that they are not getting there way to socially control our lives and personal choices. They are still as blind and deluded by their self righteousness and doctrines as ever in this. I have not one ounce of pity for them.

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