1. All these states are ‘lining up’ to do what exactly? Pass a bigoted law so they have one on the books that shows they are intolerantly Christian on paper? How would they enforce it? It is strictly a way of publicly announcing their strong hatred for Transgendered and Gay people, looking back to the good old days when LGTB folks were arrested, stoned, bullied, and generally treated like trash…. as God intended apparently.

  2. These laws are moronic: They REQUIRE trans-men, penis and all, to use the ladies room unless they change their birth certificate! Who cares what their birth certificate says, what matters is in their underwear. The fact that the laws create the very situation the Republicans say they are afraid of tells me they couldn’t care less about who uses which bathroom. They just want a wedge issue because they are going to lose the election so badly.

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