1. “…law enforcement should be empowered to “patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.””

    Technically they already have the power to “patrol” neighborhoods. What’s Cruz’s definition of “secure”?

  2. So they want to send storm Troopers in Muslim neighborhoods, like that would do anything but make matters worse. The NYC police even stopped trying to infiltrate mosques because it didn’t produce any useful intelligence. All the candidates are speechifying with various comments about what needs to be done better to thwart terror attacks, from the hysterically exploitive Trump and Cruz to the measured comments from the other three. Despite Obama understanding the politics of this, I wouldn’t blame him for being pissed off. He can’t have a press conference and explain what the U.S. and their anti-terrorism partners have been doing and how many terror attacks they’ve prevented.

    Should Obama tell us how we attempt to infiltrate small terror cells and how we try to track their communications? Should he talk about how our intelligence agencies have adapted spy tradecraft to meet this new threat. Should he even use the word tradecraft and let terrorists look up how we dealt with Russian spy cells during the Cold War?

    Trump and Cruz want you to believe Obama has been schmoozing with Raul Castro to enjoy the Caribbean sun, and that it’s his fault for the Brussels attack.

    None of the Republican candidates are so naive to believe that there’s all that much which the United States can do that they aren’t already doing to or attempting to do. That, of course, would be giving Obama credit for continuing to improve the post-911 intelligence capacity we have.

  3. Republican Presidential Candidates = Hatred, Racism, Bigotry, Fear Mongering, Fascism and extremism all the things many modern day Right Wing, Extremist Republicans believe make American great again.

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