1. I hope Bernie assures that this past due bill is paid. The article doesn’t say when the bill was sent. Giving the campaign the benefit of the doubt, say it went out Feb. 1st, it is seven weeks past due.

    In Burlington, Vermont, the mayor of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders’ hometown sent a bill totaling $8,464.27 to the Trump campaign for providing police at a Jan. 7 rally. The city said it dispatched 33 officers, about a third of its force. So far, the campaign hasn’t paid, said Jennifer Kaulius, the mayor’s spokeswoman.

    There’s no excuse for not paying the Giuliani bill.

  2. Funny, if I was legitimately billed $178,000 and didn’t pay it, the first thing I’d expect would be bill collectors, and if they had no luck, court orders, and if they went unpaid, warrants issued for my arrest, income garnished, things like that.

    Must be nice to be ‘too big to jail’.


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