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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Trump: Racist, psycho and fraud

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Donald Trump: Psycho, racist,, con artists and fraud.
Donald Trump: Psycho, racist,, con artists and fraud.

After lining up, one by one, to trash Republican Presidential wannabe Donald Trump for his lies, fraud, vulgarity and more, the remaining GOP candidates seeking nomination then said, yes, they will back the racist, bigoted and nonsensical billionaire and failed reality show host if he wins the party’s nomination.

In other words, the challengers to Trump’s presumptive lock on the nomination will put politics ahead of what’s best for the nation that they, like Trump, have abandoned.

Let’s go ahead and give the nomination to the psycho Trump.  Let his coronation be the crowning blow to destruction of whatever might be left of the failed political system and the government it — and they — have destroyed.

The Republican party is over, dead and finished, if it nominates Trump and those in the party who claimed they would stand up to his threat falls in step to support his blatant racism and hatred.

“Trump may be bad, but Hillary is worse,” is a familiar refrain from Republicans who claim they don’t care for Trump but will support him.

“Anybody but Hillary” is a common social media post from the racists, homophobic haters, bigots and frauds who call themselves “conservative” or “Republican.”

They showed their racism with their personal hated of Barrack Obama and that racism is out there for all to see.

Hillary is not my first choice for President.  Hell, not even second or third but she is acceptable than the madman Trump.  He is a despicable, rotting excuse for humanity and he doesn’t give a damn about anything but his own ego and self promotion.

He’s a fraud whose standard practice in business is leaving former partners and investors penniless while he lines his own pockets and walks away from his multiple bankruptcies, business failures and fraudulent schemes like Trump “University,” which was nothing more than a con job to separate students from their money.

Trump belongs in jail, probably in the mental ward,  but instead he is the latest cult hero to the ignorant, the racists and those who flock to lunatics and liars

The Republicans might as well nominate Trump.  They obviously do not feel they have anyone honest, truthful or decent to lead their party or the nation.

The party of the elephant proves they are as corrupt as they come and they got that way through letting themselves become tools and pawns of the rabid right.  The destruction of what once was a proud party deserves to fade into political obscurity.

The only hope we, as a nation, have left is an outside chance that voters in the general election will reject the antics, fantasies and infantile antics of Donald Trump and his fanatical followers.

In recent years, those of us who watch the political circus, including some who like me worked in that heretical system, say America is getting exactly what it deserves from the ignorance of voters.

Some hold out fading hope that America is still up to the challenge and will stop political terrorists like Donald Trump.

In the end that is on a stampede through America, hope — however slim — is all we have left.


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2 thoughts on “Trump: Racist, psycho and fraud”

  1. The GOP deserves “Dirty Donald,” his creation is no surprise to me, FOX News , Rushbo and the legion of mini-Rushbos on hate radio have laid the ground work for his rise. The media though gave him the fuel he needed to take his demented act Nat’l. He was good for their ratings with his vile vulgarity and hatred spewed out of his pie hole endlessly, so they couldn’t get enough of him. Now it’s probably too late to stop him and even his creators are terrified of the thought of him being near those launch codes.

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