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Sunday, November 28, 2021

‘No room at the inn’ for immigrants

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FILE - In this June 8, 2015, file photo, 18-year-old Dunia Bueso, center, and her relative, Augustin Vargas, left, look at Bueso's 1-year-old son, Joshua Tinoco, foreground, sitting on the lap of Martina Perez, at their home in Los Angeles. At a brief hearing, a government lawyer told the teenage mother that her son is an immigration enforcement priority for the United States and should be sent back to his native Honduras even though she is being allowed to stay and seek a green card. Only two states say their National Guard operations could provide facilities to house unaccompanied immigrant children following a request for options from the government. Most states say they aren’t set up to handle that kind of housing or they lack the facilities. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)
Dunia Bueso, center, and her relative, Augustin Vargas, left, look at Bueso’s 1-year-old son, Joshua Tinoco, foreground, sitting on the lap of Martina Perez, at their home in Los Angeles.
(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)

Only two states say their National Guard operations could provide facilities to house unaccompanied immigrant children following a request for options from the government.

California and Virginia told the National Guard Bureau they have facilities that could be used but they would require additional funding if asked to meet federal requirements.

Other states responding to the National Guard Bureau’s request late last month say they aren’t set up to handle that kind of housing or they lack the proper facilities.

Ohio also voiced concern about the government’s oversight of the program, pointing to a case of labor trafficking at a large egg farm in the state earlier this year.

The “government has attempted to increase capacity and push people through the system too quickly causing unintended consequences,” Ohio Adj. Gen. Mark Bartman said in the state response obtained by The Associated Press.

Bartman said he and Gov. John Kasich have concerns about the government’s ability to safely handle the increased number of children in refugee resettlement programs.

Kasich, a Republican candidate for president, raised similar issues in an August letter to President Barack Obama. Among his concerns was a lack of information shared with the state about children settled in Ohio.

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, an Ohio Republican running for re-election, has pushed for an investigation into the way the government screens sponsors getting custody of unaccompanied children.

The government says about 1,100 children have been released to sponsors in Ohio’s Franklin, Hamilton and Tuscarawas counties.

A total of 10,588 unaccompanied children crossed the U.S.-Mexico border in October and November, compared with 5,129 who crossed during the same two months last year, according to the U.S. Border Patrol.

U.S. immigration policy dictates that unaccompanied minors trying to escape dangerous situations can’t be turned away. In the Ohio case, federal prosecutors say several teens were fraudulently plucked from U.S. custody by conspirators posing as friends or family who forced them to work as virtual slaves on egg farms near Marion.

The case occurred at a time when the country’s immigration system was being overwhelmed by unaccompanied children fleeing unrest in Central America.

The Guard request to states was part of a bigger request by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to the military looking for possible sites. The request sought facilities large enough to hold 300 beds for two months.

Although Virginia told the National Guard Bureau it would consider the request if funding became available, questions remain about the viability of such an operation, said Virginia Guard spokesman Cotton Puryear.

“While we are very sensitive to the needs of these unaccompanied children to find adequate housing, our primary concern is the possible negative impact on the readiness of units,” Puryear said.

In California, all facilities would require work for fencing or other items to meet the requirements, said California Guard spokesman Brandon Honig.

Earlier this month, HHS Director Sylvia Burwell formally asked the Defense Department to provide up to 5,000 temporary beds within 30 days for the minors.

The government has recently assessed Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico; Fort Hood, Texas; Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington; Fort McCoy, Wisconsin; and Naval Station Great Lakes, Illinois, for potential use as temporary shelters, according to HHS.

The government’s expansion of its temporary ability to house children “is a prudent step to ensure that the Border Patrol can continue its vital national security mission to prevent illegal migration, trafficking, and protect the borders of the United States,” said HHS spokesman Mark Weber.

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31 thoughts on “‘No room at the inn’ for immigrants”

  1. Those here illegally are NOT immigrants – they are lawbreakers. and the closing quote about preventing illegal migration and protecting the borders is absolute BS. It’s obviously NOT happening. Too many lawbreakwers here. DEPORT NOW!

  2. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am SO SICK AND TIRED of the media making it sound like these children are under the age of 10. Those that come without a parent up to age 26 are considered CHILDREN by DHS. This ‘children’ get here on their own, by damn, they can get back on their own. We, the American taxpayers already pay BILLIONS each year in aid to these countries. Of course, we also know that that money goes into the pockets of the crooked leaders and officials of these governments as well. So, WHY are we still giving them aid? If we are going to have to support ‘children’ twice – subtract the cost of each persons aid from the money sent to the country they came from. I would bet that the government’s of Central America would put a fast halt to the exodus of their ‘children’ if they knew it was going to mean a loss of several millions of dollars in aid! Yet, a previous article bragged about how the Dems and Lying Killary are going to win the 2016 elections. I can’t see how that could be possible when I know how angry I AM, not to mention everyone else I know. If Killary does win this country is over! She has already said she’s going to EXPAND Obama’s programs on the illegals.

  3. Reporters-you need to get back in don’t know the difference between legal an illegal.these people are 100% ILLEGALS.we need to just turn them around.line our border in the south with the military now.keep them out.don’t let them on our soil.send them packing.WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CAN NOT AFFORD THEM.

  4. Do you mean ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? Just another idiot white liberal author that thinks he can confuse the issue with improper terms and whiny sympathy. Deport these self-serving invaders. No sympathy whatsoever.

  5. The U.S. is not an Inn. It is a country with laws, borders and citizens that need jobs and other resources taken by illegals. Sadly govt will do little to help it’s citizens but they would rather cater to a potential voting base while helping destroy a great country….


  7. These kids should have been sent back across the border to mexico they crossed from there or they should have been shot as invaders enough of this bull crap with kids who are citizens going without so this garbage can have a free ride. we need new government in washington who are for the citizens not the invading criminal hoardes

  8. Simple Solutions. Whoever sponsored the child for their green card is responsible for the dollars that go into their care. It is part of the green application process. So, the sponsor needs to be gone after. On top of that, the relative or parent that abandoned them needs to be prosecuted on felony child endangerment. Period. Doing this to children is a felony.

  9. There is plenty of room in the country they come from, but they would rather keep them here so they can burden the system. There is absolutely no reason why they simply can’t be returned to the county they come from, where they can go through the immigration process like everyone else has to.

  10. Simple solution for the egg farm slave children: Confiscate the egg farms and give them to the children. That will be a very good lesson for anybody who thinks they can keep slaves.

  11. So these illegal aliens are sitting comfortable in a nice home while there are thousands of homeless AMERICANS on the streets. THIS is why I am voting TRUMP after a wasted lifetime of voting for Democrats. ALL of these damn illegals have to GO!

  12. So if 10,000 illegal children can cross our border we have no secure border as the president says. They send children because that is the easyist way to get the parents in. And everyone feels sorry for the chidren.

  13. Use to be one would join the National Guard to serve their country but now the Government has turned it into a baby sitting group of soldiers. They want housing then put them in the detention centers where they belong not on bases where they are given all the amenities that the average Americans can’t afford.

  14. Sorry, but there are about 7 Billion worldwide who would like to pursue a “better life” on the welfare rolls of US taxpayers. Problem is there is not enough money to support you and your offspring. Your kids are your responsibility and others have better things to do with their money than feed your mogruls.

  15. Since when is it the job of the military to set up boarding schools for foreigners? The Department of Defense is responsible for defending US citizens and lawful residents – not being Super Nanny for Central America.

  16. We have how many AMERICAN FAMILIES AND VETERANS who are homeless and millions of children who are going hungry in this country and these asshole politicians care about are the illegals from south of the border or the Middle East. DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!! Ship them all out of this country. Take care of this country first. Just unbelievable. And for these cities who are hiding these illegals, their federal funding should be cut off. They can’t find room for the ones who invaded the country last year. Where is the government going to put the ones who are flooding through south of the border again. RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Oh puleeeze!!!…don’t even try to compare the events of the birth of our Lord to ILLEGAL immigration!
    Just shows your ignorance with the facts that “no room in the inn” implied so that Jesus could be born humbly…of course then, that would not play on the sympathy of the uninformed as is your agenda!

  18. Deport! Deport! Deport! Deport! Find their parents here and send them all back. Go clean up your filth you created in your homelands. We didn’t build this civilized country for you. Create in your homelands what you want to steal here. Get out!

    • I agree. They came alone and they can return alone. Why should we be obligated to pay and support someone else children? They come over and drain the welfare system and our social security system.

  19. Please stop referring to these ILLEGAL ALIENS as immigrants. I am sure that you know you are intentionally misleading your readers by referring to them as immigrants. America loves immigrants! We accept more in a year than the next four or five next highest nations combined. What we do not accept are Illegal Aliens flouting our laws, lowering our wages, and draining our social service budgets. Oh, and writers like you who try to justify our laws being broken by propaganda pieces like this.

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