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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Memo to Kim Davis: ‘Follow law, not religion’

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A new ABC/Washington Post poll out Tuesday says 74 percent of Americans feel lawbreaking Kentucky clerk Kim Davis should leave her religious biases at home and follow the law to grant marriage licenses to gay couples.

Only 19 percent believe Davis’ personal religious convictions that led her to defy the law and block couples of the same sex who wanted to marry are important.  It’s the law she must enforce, 63 percent said, because the law is more important.

Such polls bolster worries among religious zealots who  feel public backlash against Davis and her extreme views are damaging the cause of religious freedom in America.

“Kim Davis is an emotionally disturbed individual who believes in a ‘God’s law’ that does not exist,” says Methodist Church member Sally Lauer of Morehead, KY.  “She is imposing her own view of God on others when it her job to enforce the law that allows gay couples of marry.”

Davis, jailed by a federal judge for contempt of court when she refused to allow her office to issue licenses to gay couple because, she claimed, the “law of God” prohibited her to engage what she calls a “sinful activity.”

After her release from jail, Davis agreed to stop blocking issuing the license but rules the forms would not be signed or use her name.  Her latest appeal to allow her office to delay issuing the licenses was denied Tuesday by the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, which ruled the law, not the will of God, is the controlling authority in the case.

James Esseks, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Project, says Davis “keeps asking the same question and keeps getting the same answer form the courts — that she has to her job.”

Davis has one more appeal, an attempt by the ultra right-wing Liberty Counsel law firm, which says only the four couples who sued her originally for blocking gay marriages had a right to marry after she lost that suit and claims other gays don’t have to be granted licenses.

A panel of the appeals court dismissed Davis’ primary argument that her religious faith excludes her from licensing a gay marriage.  Legal experts doubt her latest appeal will change that ruling.

Critics say Davis should resign as clerk if she is not willing to follow the law.

Her fans treat her as a poster child for religion.

Others say she is an example of homophobia, bias and bigotry rationalized by misapplication of religious writings.

Ms. Lauer in Kentucky has her own answer.

“Send the bitch back to jail and let her rot,” Lauer says.  “And she may find that is not heaven that awaits her but a hell where she will suffer for eternity.”


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16 thoughts on “Memo to Kim Davis: ‘Follow law, not religion’”

  1. The Supreme Court now thinks that, after hundreds of years of precedence, that the federal government, not states, should define what marriage is. So let the federal government issue marriage licenses. The authoritarians in charge are going to decide the issue for everyone else anyway, so let Uncle Sam deal with it.

  2. Her Ego trip derailed on the tracks of constitutional law. I wonder if she’d have been so inflexible had she known it was no cash cow ?

  3. As the assault by self chosen Homosexuals continues upon Christianity,we are witnessing
    the early stages of persecution,as prophesy predicted,when the secular society we’re living in,chooses to confuse evil for good! the Gay movement will continue to destroy every and all
    Christianity in our Nation,when they fail to convert serious Christians into the Tolerant and
    compromised factions of people,who accept their lies and values-this will be a fight to the death,when Gays think that because of their new civil rights,that they’re entitled to strongarm
    Christian Americans,who have the right to disagree with these people,and their same sex lies
    about equality-we’re becoming Rome all over again,and we’re doomed to repeat history here,
    when America crumbles,because of these unacceptable compromises,as well as it’s unwise and foolish decisions to ignore and disregard the laws of God,because Nations that do that,don’t last very long! the many here,who claim that “religious fanatics” have ruined things
    in this country of ours,are so severely deceived,when they attempt to force their “Tolerance”
    onto a validly divided public,which absolutely will not embrace or accept Homosexuality,or the compromises associated with this movement! their choice to be what they choose to be,cannot be the business of the many here,who do not agree with this lifestyle,because the laws of God
    is very clear about this sin,,and forcing any people of faith,to violate or compromise their principles on this issue,will not be such an easy battle! all the namecalling and PC labeling here,isn’t going to change the laws of God,and the many here,who choose to do so,will lose in the end!

    • “…As the assault by self chosen Homosexuals continues upon Christianity…”

      Or in other words, self-chosen Christians are angry that homosexuals are treating them the way Christians have always treated homosexuals.

  4. I have to inform you of several things.Society and culture define what is normal.Individuals or minority sized groups of societies and cultures do not define what is acceptable in a society or culture. not the minority. Current society and culture of the USA as well as a larger portion of the world accept homosexuality as being a normal lifestyle. Yes there are some hold outs that enforce imprisonment and death to homosexuals but not as many as one would think.As for ms Davis being homophobic sad to say it but she is she 1 singled out gay couples as hr targeted sinners who should not marry originally yet didn’t target divorcees or pregnant women wanting to become legally married before their children were born but then rushed and covered it by denying all couples and forcing her staff to do as she ordered and not issue any licenses because she knew she was discriminating ( these are her own words as to why no one was getting a license)2 She is no hero except in people like Huckabee and cruz’s minds because they can gain votes by using her situation to their advantage. She even says she is no hero and did not want the spot light( yet she and her lawyers keep pushing for an accomadation for her)despite her previous claims. I can’t say much about her being a Christian that is something between her and her church and her God. she may claim to be Christian but IMO she is no more christian then Charles Manson is a female. If you don’t want a gay marriage don’t get one Ms Davis but do not force your religious ideas on others in your doing of your duties your religious beliefs stop at the door of the workplace so have a nice Day

  5. Watch out, America. With more and more of these ‘religious’ fanatics could we be heading for a theocracy? Is THAT what we want?? If so, then which denomination takes over? Live like a polygamist? Sharia law more to your liking? Which one of the many religions in this country gets to occupy the halls of congress? There’s a very good reason for the separation of church and state and it’s being played out right now. Reminds me of a book, “Lead Us Not…the true story of the first religious discrimination lawsuit in NH.” Amazon. Bunch of displaced ‘feeneyite catholics’ from Mass. stroll into a small town, thumb their noses at any and all laws, rules, ordinances, build their illegal compound. Years later they want to expand this illegal compound, but still DO NOT want to respect or obey local laws, rules, ordinances. Result? Religious discrimination lawsuit under the federal law RLUIPA, against the town and volunteer town officials. This group, too, thought they could convert America to THEIR particular brand of Catholicism. They have no formal recognition from the NH Roman Catholic Diocese.

  6. Religious fanatics are wickedly ignorant and do more to cause trouble in the world than they ever do to bring about peace and contentment.

  7. I’m getting sick and tired of hearing Homophobic Christen Hero’s crap, if your a man and want to go down on another man, as sick as it may be, that is your choice, but don’t expect everyone to agree with it. To a lot of people, it will never be excepted as the norm. And if no one likes my reply, that is your choice, I certainly will not lose no sleep over it. But to tell someone to follow the law and not religion is wrong as well, man should never put man before God!!! This is why our country is in the shape it’s in. Tell me this…if man want’s to marry man and woman wants to marry woman, how come one of the two takes the roll of a man or woman in the relationship? Every female couple I’ve ever seen, one is more Butch than her partner, and every man couple, one is more feminine than the partner. Tells me same sex couples are struggling with what they are doing.

    • Steve…well said. I agree and it’s the plain and simple truth. Actions speak louder than words!!!!!! Thank you Steve

    • Steve, I wanted to clarify some things for you. 1) you said “To a lot of people, it will never be excepted as the norm.” It is not excepted it is accepted. 2) you said “Every female couple I’ve ever seen, one is more Butch than her partner, and every man couple, one is more feminine than the partner. Tells me same sex couples are struggling with what they are doing.” Not all gay relationships is where one is feminine and the other is butch. That is stereo-typing people. Some of us are considered versatile where neither one plays a role. 3) The law of the land over rules “Gods” law. The Bible was written years after Jesus death and it was written by men. It was not written by Jesus or God (if there is one). How do you really know they exist? Have you met them? Did you shake their hand? Also, that fictional book that people call the “Bible” has been translated many times and we do not know what was added or taken out. We do not know even if it was translated correctly. Everybody wants to use passages from the “Bible” but yet not everybody wants to read the remaining parts that go with it. There are many interpretations that can be made and NO ONE knows the correct one. Please get off the cross because somebody needs the wood. Yes, I am tired of people pushing their religion on everybody. Religion should be kept in the home and in the church. Nobody has the right to judge others and for all of those who are will have to answer for that, if it even exist.
      As long as she is living here on this earth, she has to follow the law of the land. If she chooses not to then she needs to resign and work for her church. She is a public official and she took an oath to follow the law of the land; therefore, she needs to do it. If not she can always commit suicide and then she will be in eternity and she will not have to worry about the law of the land. If you feel that strong about it too, then you are welcomed to do the same thing.

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