1. It is a Christian’s place to know God’s will and to judge the land righteously, including their neighbors. How can a Christian delight in the laws and statutes of God if they don’t know them? It doesn’t matter that there are different kinds of people. God’s laws don’t change. Christians are the heirs of the promise, the priestly race, the overcomers who will rule alongside. Not neutered, lobotomized, hapless fools unable to understand God’s will as the world would like them to be.

  2. “Until two months ago, people in this small Appalachian town had an unspoken agreement to tiptoe around each other’s sexual identities and religious beliefs. ”

    Actually, having grown up in Western North Carolina, most rural towns had this agreement in place. The two most unacceptable subjects to discuss in polite company: Politics and religion. (The sexual identity discussion wasn’t even on the map) It was formed at a time when people understood boundaries and respected their fellow citizens, as well as the rights we ALL enjoy. Conservative fundamentalists have ruined that idyll for everyone.

  3. “I have been taught that it’s God’s place to judge and the Holy Spirit’s place to convict. It’s my place to love.”

    Too many religious types appoint themselves judge, jury , executioner, because, by damn, THEY know what God wants.

    Never mind that God makes people who are different from them.

    This is why organized religion is total garbage.

  4. Kim, as a fellow Christian I have struggled with the proper way of how to handle this situation if I were in Mrs. Davis shoes, and I think for me I would have resigned. Your statement “I have been taught it God’s place to judge and the Holy Spirit’s place to convict. It’s my place to love.” was very helpful and very Christian.

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