1. Jon, during Iraq-Kuwait war, the three aircraft that pilots reported giving the most bang for the buck were B-52s, A-10s and A-6s.

  2. “I think that we would want to see an all-out war, shock and awe,” Representative John Fleming (R-La.) said. “We put troops on the ground,”

    You go first, Mr. Fleming. Have your sons and daughters follow you. No, they don’t get “exemptions”. They don’t get cushy desk jobs. They get to strap on boots and go out and get dirty, muddy, and possibly shot. Think that’ll change your mind about war?


    PS – The USAF keeps trying to phase out the A-10 Warthog in favour of the F-35, while the Syrian air force is finding that ‘low and slow and tough and cheap’ (relatively) is what they need? Hmm.

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