1. I live On Absecon Island where REVEL is located. It was a fiasco from day 1 and many back then had predicted it would not only fail and fail badly , but that it would also take a few other weak Casinos with it and it did just that. The sad reality is the decline of the Gaming Industry in AC is not over yet. The four Casino closings in just 4 mos. though is the bottom. The next three failures will probably take place over the next two yrs. instead of all at once. By 2017 AC will probably be down to five or six Casinos. 8 K people lost their jobs this year in AC , this is roughly 30% of the Industry total, many more people will lose their jobs as well in the coming months as many other businesses that serviced these Casinos and lived off their customers and workers also close up. To say this year has been and will continue to be an utter disaster for the AC area is an understatement. Just to put this in some kind of perspective while 8 K private jobs are being lost not one public sector job in Atlantic County has been or will be lost. Property taxes though in AC alone have increased in one year by 30% !!

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