1. It’s a bad idea. California used to have “free” community colleges (CC). As a result, the schools had a LOT of uncommitted students with no “skin in the game.” Even now the CA CC tuition is the lowest in the nation.

    For three decades I’ve spoken as a political science department guest lecturer/debater in such schools. I always try to schedule my visits during the 1st 6 weeks of the semester. That’s because by the END of the semester, 25-30% of the students have dropped the class. When it was free, that figure was 40+%.

    The cost to the taxpayers for such pretend-students is huge — a complete waste of money. And then the CC’s complain that they are short of funds to teach to classes that (in the liberal arts departments) lose a bunch of students by the end of the term.

    BTW, in CA, over 30% of the CC students fill out a one-page unverified “hardship” form, claiming they can’t afford to pay any tuition. It’s ALWAYS approved without review. NO WAY 30% of the typical cc student body is poor, or even close to poor.

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