1. All we can say for sure is that Sarah Palin is a hypocrite and not a Christian. She believes that being a Christian and also being a mother of a special needs child would pick up votes for her. She comes from a family with no values–you just call people names, lie or cheat to get yourself attention and you do anything if you think that you can gain financially be doing so. Whole family has these same low values–Chuckie is married but gets his girlfriend (who is half his age) pregnant–so he used Sarah’s ghost writer to write books about the strong family values of himself and Sarah. Dad wants to have a lot of attention and get government writeoffs for all his shooting gear, so he decides to describe the family as poor teachers but now he has become a famous big game guide. How do you explain that on Sarah’s show on Alaska, both Sarah and her Dad hired a different people to be their big game guide. Or that on the same show, Brother Chuckie gets to visit with a true gold miner and then now he has become not just a teacher–but he is now a gold miner. And Bristol pretends that she has a job as office manager for a huge dermatology practice in Anchorage–we are left to be amazed how she can manage the practice and still do all the reality or dancing shows, talk shows, speaking engagements,etc. And Mama Grizzly praised Willow for graduating early (before the GED requirements became more strict) and she went to hair school and then she became a small business owner (but we never see her actually going to work as a hair stylist. And Melissa Rivers spent all that time getting Tripp’s bad behavior under control, but Bristol didn’t want to confuse him so she dropped all the systems that had worked so well for the Rivers. Palins are always the victims–we are supposed to believe that Sarah had to quit because Alaskans were filing all those unethical behavior charges against her. Truth is that polls in Alaska showed that the majority of the adults believed the unethical behavior charges were valid and that Sarah Palin simply is dishonest and a celebrity wannabee. Sarah still brags about the rules she established as Governor for the gas and oil industry–only problem is that once Sarah quit and moved on to the Lower 48, the Governor and his Legislature undid all the legislation that was so damaging to the state.

  2. Mr. Thompson,

    Thank you very much for this post !

    Articles which dare to explore the sordid facts Palin keeps concealed behind her absurdly distorted public image are simply too few and far between.

    This is unquestionably one of the chief reasons she’s able to go on polluting political discourse with her infantile ignorance and scamming donations out of America’s all-too-vast “ignorantsia.”

    Doubtless, you’d do an equally bang-up job of exploring the queasy finances of SarahPAC — or, even better, exposing the truth of her physically impossible pregnancy !

    Just one of many disturbing photo comparisons: http://tinyurl.com/ob2z8ky

  3. The most glaring omission here is that Todd Palin (or, as his wife gushingly refers to him for public consumption, “Captain America”) worked as a pimp.

    According to former-prostitute Shailey Tripp, she went from Todd’s paramour to one of his “working girls” and among the clients with whom he arranged for her to have paid sex was one of the Secret Service agents assigned to guard Sarah during the 2008 election, David Chaney. (He’s the one who posted the creepy Facebook photo of himself standing behind Sarah with the caption “I was really checking her out, if you know what I mean?” and, in 2012, was finally forced to resign in disgrace for his part in the Secret Service prostitution scandal in Cartagena.)

    Ms. Tripp has written a book (“Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality, and the Coverup of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal”) describing both her personal and professional relationships with Todd, backed up with everything from intimate details only a sex partner could know to documentation like the credit card transaction with Chaney.

    Remarkably, the notoriously vengeful and litigious Ms. Palin has never filed any legal action against Ms. Tripp.

  4. I don’t have a problem with people having sex, inside or outside of marriage.

    I do have a problem with people claiming to live by Biblical precepts when exactly what they have done is specifically condemned by that same book. No, you don’t get a ‘free pass’ and forgiveness for confessing and repenting.


  5. I applaud you for writing this article. The hypocrisy is blinding. Sarah and her whole family has had premarital sex and were pregnant before marriage. Her daughter Bristol had baby out of wedlock for crying out loud. Unbelievable! Furthermore none of them atr end church because her daughter Bristol said they were too busy. She does not represent true family values in my book. She needs to sit down and shut up.

  6. What’s up with Sarah’s fitness book? Her first book did well, but her last two books and movie all bombed. There’s a heredity component to addiction which would explain Sarah and Track’s problems. Can’t figure if Sarah medicates because she thinks she could have been President or because she realizes how much she screwed up her own and her family’s lives because of her vanity.

  7. The article is pointless. This is all ancient history. There is nothing going on to indicate she is sleeping around now.

  8. Sarah is a hypocrite…..a compulsive liar, and a horrible mother who uses her children as shields and political ploys. She does not have a college education….she is a construction of a myth she wants you to believe about her….she was poor and all she ever wanted was fame and fortune. You fans will realize in time you were all duped. Live and watch as you pay to watch her “live vibrantly”.

  9. Sarah Palin is Trash..it is obvious just the way she dresses and allows her girls to dress…a good Mother… Hello…you must be up there on the frozen tundra but this way we find out who all the Idiots are that support her..

  10. Glen Rice and Brad Hanson are just just the start. Then there is the father of her eldest son Track who is not Todd Palin. Curtis Menard Jr who tragically died in an airplane accident shortly after having an argument with Sarah Palin. The planes fuel was tainted with water which caused the engine to stop while in flight. Sarah Palin’s bed hopping is well documented.

    • She absolutely looks and acts like a meth or coke addict.
      How can anyone find that sexy? The hatefulness and venom that come out of her is a huge turn-off.

  11. I’d do her. Incidentally, “Truth” as an absolute defense in libel suits only applies in the USA. In the UK, the truth is not a valid defense (defence?). Dunno about Belize or Uganda. J.

    • According to Joe McGinnis book and other accounts by friends in Wasilla, the Palin children were raised mainly by their father. When he wasn’t around, they suffered from neglect.

      In a family worth millions, not one of her children has attended college, and there is apparently no parental direction to have any career besides exposing their lives in “reality shows” that bombed.

      Palin’s son Track was forced into the military to avoid a scandal resulting from vandalizing school buses.

      Sarah Palin is a sick, anorexic probably drug user, as is evidenced by recent photos, and if you think this is
      “svelte and sexy”, you among all men are most to be pitied


    • You haven’t seen her lately, if you think she is sexy. She’s anorexic. And very unhealthy looking. But to each his own,
      And really? A good mother? I can’t imagine what you are basing that on. It certainly isn’t factual, but hey, it’s not really important to the discussion of what a hypocrite she is.

    • You don’t know anything about her family life – and, as a matter of fact, neither does she. She is not a hands-on parent or wife.

  12. I for one think that’s just fine. People’s sex lives are their own business. It’s ridiculous for any political figure to be pulled down from office over their sexual affairs. Go Bill, Go Sarah, Go Elliot! You are all studs!!

    • Yes, people’s sex lives are their own business, unless you are touting yourself as a “family values evangelical Christian who has a past full of “oops” moments of sexual dalliance, ethics violations, and a host of other questionable deeds like Sarah Palin.

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