If you watch T.V. you’ve seen the commercials which capitalized on one of the most annoying commercials ever to air*. The idea behind them is that the product is so good that consumers will buy it despite the obnoxious way it used to be advertised. Clinton has her own version of this advertising approach.

I heard one commentator enhancing the throwing the kitchen sink description of depth to which her campaign has sunk by saying she’s not only throwing the kitchen sink but the garage disposal as well. How should the classy Obama respond to the flying Clinton Insinkerators?

Obama doesn’t have to stoop to sleazy tactics. The media is already doing this. For example, the media has covered her suggesting McCain is better qualified to be Commander-in-Chief than he is, and her "60 Minutes" responds to Steve Kroft’s question about whether she believes if she believed Obama is a Muslim: “No. No. Why would I? No, there is nothing to base that on. As far as I know.”

"As far as I know?"

If this line wasn’t scripted for her and reveals the true, the inner, the essential Hilary Clinton, she is a very angry woman who is also quite willing to hit below the belt.

Bob Herbert (in his New York Times OpEd) describes all of Clinton’s provocations and says she is using the mantra "Elect me, or something terrible will happen to you!"

In the same edition of the Times, Gail Collins writes "while Barack may understand the audacity of hope, only Hillary really gets the audacity of audacity."

Obama is never going to sway voters who disregard unsavory aspects of the Clinton personality and have decided that she’s simply the more qualified candidate. However, I suspect there are many Clinton supporters who will only forgive so much mud slinging from their candidate. These are the voters Obama should be courting by continuing to be the class act of this road show.

Now that the possibly sexist kitchen reference has been brought into the campaign analysis by others, Obama is free to build on it. He needs a quotable quote that will say it all without being too snarky.

He can let Clinton look like a not quite ready for prime time player despite her touted age and experience before he presents himself as the wise beyond his years main attraction.

I suggest the following opening lines:

I spend a lot of time at home in the kitchen and Michelle says I’m a pretty good (or not very good) cook. I’ll let my wife be the judge of that; but I can say one thing for certain. When I’m working in the kitchen, I know that the sink is supposed to stay attached to the wall.

*The HeadOn commercial


  1. Funny you should mention that commercial because it struck a nerve. The only thing that pain medication commercial did for me was to really surprise myself at how quickly I could hit the mute button. I have the same reaction to hillary’s commercials (small “h” intended).

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