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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Show too much T&A and you could be MIA on an airline flight

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Southwest Airlines flight attendants in their hot pants during carrier’s earlier days.

Show too much cleavage and some airlines may leave you at the departure gate.  Same goes for T-shirts with four-letter words.

Yep, some airlines appear to have dress codes.  We say “appear” because the dress codes aren’t published anywhere, at least not where the public can find them, and enforcement is selective at best.

Capitol Hill Blue called several airlines and asked for copies of their dress codes for passengers. Some said no written code existed.  Others said such codes are not public.  Others didn’t respond.

Blogs are buzzing about a woman who says Southwest Airlines this past spring told her she was showing too much cleavage?

Southwest?  The airline that first gained notoriety for putting its flight attendants in hot pants?

Yep. That Southwest.

An American airlines pilot lectured a female passenger for wearing a t-shirt with a cuss word on it and forced her to cover the shirt with a shawl.

How times have changed.

Another female passenger, protesting what she called “racial profiling” was barred from a Delta flight for wearing a t-shirt that said: “Terrists gonna kill us all.”  The misspelling, she said, was intentional.

is this a violation of the First Amendment?

No, says Houston-based First Amendment lawyer Joe Larsen.

The First Amendment to the Constitution bars governments from limited free speech but does not apply to private companies.

Ironically, the passenger with the “Terrists gonna kill us all” shirt cleared screening before reaching the plane.  Screening is run by the government.  It was the airline that threw her off the plane.

When it comes to cleavage or skin, the First Amendment also does not prohibit hypocrisy by Southwest Airlines.

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