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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Tea Party message to Romney: Get thee to the rabid right or else

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Texas GOP Senate nominee Ted Cruz: The new face of the Tea Party?

The Tea Party is mouthing off again, re-energized by a victory in the Texas GOP Senate primary, and warning Mitt Romney to move to the right or else.

Tea Party-backed candidate Ted Cruz knocked off the Republican establishment candidate in Texas Tuesday and the faux populist movement that is actually funded by rabid right-wing billionaires is predicting success in forcing America back into the dark ages of overreaching conservatism.

Newly-elected Tea Party candidates “are doing to force Romney to the right,” crows Andrea Shell, a spokeswoman for the Freedom Work, the Koch brothers-backed organization that created the Tea Party and continues to attempt to pass it off as a grassroots movement.

Brags Shell:

If we can elect a really conservative House and Senate that will force Romney to go along with our bold conservative agenda. He’s going to have to really, really go to the right. He’ll be working with guys in the House and Senate. He won’t be able to get away with too many middle of the road policies, especially on things like the deficit.

In other words, they want Romney to following the marching orders of Charles and David Koch, the billionaires who funded creation of Freedom Works and the Tea Party and who have an agenda for complete, uncompromising, right-wing control of America.

Some, however, see the Tea Party’s boasts as more of a threat to any hope for an effective Congress.

“The Tea Party is dogma without compromise,” political strategist Arnold Block tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “Effective government depends on the art of compromise and the building of coalitions.  Both are impossible in a Tea Party-controlled environment.”

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6 thoughts on “Tea Party message to Romney: Get thee to the rabid right or else”

  1. So, George Romney, Mitt’s father, created personal and corporate income taxes in Michigan to change the state deficit to a surplus, expanded education funding, and thought that you shouldn’t bring religious issues into a campaign. If Mitt were more like George I’d be more likely to vote for him, but I doubt the Tea Part would.

  2. I still see two “tea parties”. There is the Sarah Palin/Koch Brothers “Tea Party” which brought us such abominations as the “Tea Party Express” bus and the like. And there is the original “taxed enough already” TEA Party grassroots movement that has been largely co-opted by Freedom Works trainees.

    The first TEA Party protests brought together people from across the political spectrum under one banner. We are tired of tax and spend Republicans and Democrats. Simple and popular message. These protests were locally organized. There was no national TEA Party.

    Then out of the blue, a giant tour bus marked “Tea Party Express” starts showing up at TEA Party rallies and out pops none other than Sarah Palin! Popularity within far right christian conservative circles went threw the roof.

    Then the smears began. TEA Party participants were guilty via association with racist white supremacists. They hated Obama because he was black. They portrayed Obama as Hitler.They were all “birthers” and haters that would dare to spit on the Congressional Black Caucus on the Capitol Lawn.

    Despite the smears, the TEA Party continued to grow the crowds. As more people joined, the message, “Taxed Enough Already” became diluted. What do TEA Party people want? Turns out they now want the same things as far right christian conservatives. TEA Party supporters that were Democrats and Independents started to leave in droves.

    This is the transition into the now nationally organized Tea Party. Run largely by rich far right christian conservatives, the original dream of a decentralized opposition to the major parties has been totally destroyed. Why was the original TEA Party decentralized?

    The original TEA Party was designed after terrorist cells to avoid capture/co-option by monied interests. They figured without a central leadership, locally organized groups could not be bought off or bought out. What they did not realize, was the the monied interests could simply outspend them and use their media empires to co-opt their rallies and messages, and turn them into whatever messages they required.

    And that my friends is the REAL story of what happened to the TEA Party. So the lesson here is, don’t start a political party and expect to have influence unless you own a media empire or can buy their cooperation.

  3. Oh yes please do, tell us about “overreaching conservatism”; please do. Brags Shell describes Mitt Romney as what he is. Romney is a RINO. There’s always is a phoney out there willing to run as a republican. In Ca. we had governator Arnold .

    Under Bush/Obama we have lost the 1st, 4th and 6th Amendmends. Under Obamney we will loose what little we have left. Without our liberties there will be no economic prosperity. compromise is no virtue, or would you prefer corporate fascism ?

  4. ” Some, however, see the Tea Party’s boasts as more of a threat to any hope for an effective Congress”
    Please tell us more about this thing called “an effective congress”. Some people just like to lose sleep over those losers I gather.

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