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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Mitt Romney: Empty suit, empty mind

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The wimp wannabe

Every day, some right-winger bombards the offices of Capitol Hill Blue with the outlandish claim that Mitt Romney is somehow qualified to be President because he is a good businessman.

Christ, what a crock. Business has nothing to do with running a country and many could argue that it is the kind of big business that Romney represents that has put this country into economic chaos.

While Romney may know how to make money, being a head of state has nothing to do with getting rich.  A President requires many skills — most of which neither Romney or current President Mitt Romney possess — and running a jobs-sucking hedge fund ain’t one of them.

At this point, someone in the peanut gallery will rise up in righteous indignation with “yeah, but a businessman is better than a community organizer.”

Granted, it shouldn’t take much to be better than a monumental failure like Barack Obama.

But Mitt Romney, in our opinion, ain’t the one for the job.

Romney’s biggest problem is the one that inflicts many candidates of his ilk:  A constant attack of incompetence that sends projectile verbal diarrhea spewing out of his mouth and coating the political landscape with stuff that stinks to high heaven.

The presumed GOP candidate’s overseas junket proves once again that he can’t think on him feet.  Hell, he probably has trouble walking and chewing gum without stumbling.

Without a prepared script, Romney is a cross between Henny Youngman and Rodney Dangerfield.  His one-liners fall flat and he gets no respect because he doesn’t deserve any.

He lacks the ability to multitask, is easily distracted and can’t stay on message because that message is constantly shifting.

As governor of Massachusetts, he avoided getting into the nitty-gritty of politics or government operation.  He chooses to tout a record that falls apart under scrutiny.

Newsweek magazine focuses on what it calls Romney’s “Wimp factor.”

Good call. Romney is a wimp.  We’ve had enough wimps in the White House.  Don’t we have any leaders in this nation?

For some reason, watching Romney stumble and mumble his way through his muddled campaign reminds us of a surprising speech given many years ago by the father of one of the Marshall University football players killed in a plane crash in West Virginia.

During the memorial service, the father said this of his son:

He didn’t know the meaning of the word “fear.”  In fact, he didn’t know the meaning of a lot of words.

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14 thoughts on “Mitt Romney: Empty suit, empty mind”

  1. Romney has been preparing for the WH since 2002 when he had Olympic buttons emblazoned with his likeness . . .

    One would have thunk that in the intervening ten years years since 2002 that Romney would have called in [or hidden better] his overseas accounts and put a hold on re-building house number five in ritzy La Jolla, CA.

    The dressage sideshow [30 out of 50] with Ann Romney’s “You people” remark only elongated 1% divide from the rest of us . . .

    Obama could not be luckier – with a gloomy 8.3% jobless rate [more like 20% unofficially] – than to have a soulless and cardboard caricature of a modern Gordon Gecko as his opponent in the fall.

    Obama is very lucky indeed!!

    p.s. I very much appreciate your scrapiness Doug . . . Have you read Mike Lofgran’s “Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult”

  2. Everyone should remember that this election is not just about selecting a candidate for president.. Keep in mind that we need to also elect Democratic Senators and congressmen or we will have another 4 years of obstinate house and senate that want to cut Social Security, medicare, Medicade, Cut our vets, cut back on teachers firemen, policemen, and students.Kill the middle class, break unions so the working man has to accept whatever is thrown to him, and don’t forget that they will not raise taxes on the rich people. Remember Santorum saying that Obama is a snob for wanting every child to have an education? Remember Newt Gingerich saying that poor 6 year olds should get a job as a janitor? Does all this look good to you? Make up two lists. One saying what you don’t like about the Democrats and the other saying what you don’t like about the Republicans. Now look it over and see which way you will vote.

  3. Man, I am glad one person in this world knows that running this gov’t isn’t like running a business. I mean please, we have all these business types freaking over debt, which isn’t really killing us, like it means the “business” is about to collapse. Hello? We have been in debt more often than not in the last 100 years and became the greatest economic power ever. Get over the debt crap. Running around cutting programs and crap when unemployment is up is insane. Live with the debt for a bit and keep the frickin’ economy perking.

    Our biggest mistake during this latest downfall was running around trying to balance the books. That crap cost a lot of jobs! I mean look at a place without debt. Take Missouri, please. They have the Hancock amendment which GUARANTEES a balanced budget and they are like the third world when it comes to job creation. Please quit thinking that this is a business folks.

  4. When I read your article Doug, I had to smile!!! Anyway, Romney was chosen by the establishment simply because he is made of clay. Clay, to be sculpted into any shape desirable by the establishment. empty suit, empty mind as you say.

  5. The monied interests don’t want leaders. They want “yes men” they can control with graft and blackmail. The buck stops in a back room behind closed doors with shadowy figures that control the purse strings. Follow the money newsman.

  6. If he were still alive, I often wonder what old Senator Barry Goldwater would have to say about our current crop of Republicans.

    My hunch is that he’s turning over in his grave

  7. Quote of the week: “Romney’s biggest problem is the one that inflicts many candidates of his ilk: A constant attack of incompetence that sends projectile verbal diarrhea spewing out of his mouth and coating the political landscape with stuff that stinks to high heaven.”

    Regarding this article’s title, there was a famous campaign slogan many years ago: “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”….but in this case if it’s empty, maybe not?

    Now, regarding the Rom getting in over his head on island and continent, I found a quote from Mark Twain that might explain what happened:

    “The gentle reader will never, never know what a consummate ass he can become until he goes abroad. I speak now, of course, in the supposition that the gentle reader has not been abroad, and therefore is not already a consummate ass. If the case be otherwise, I beg his pardon and extend to him the cordial hand of fellowship and call him brother.”
    – Innocents Abroad

    I fear Doug is right on in his assessment of the Rom…

  8. I like to invest and if Obama was a stock I would have dumped that dog long ago and accepted my losses. But what invest options do I have? I could go with Mittens, INC. but I’ve seen their IPO info and nothing makes me warm and fuzzy especially their management team. This is a tails or heads and you lose unless, of course, that coin lands on its edge.

    • Wayne. Yes indeed; I’ve been called a RINO often.

      Jim B. “A Mind is a terrible thing to waste” was a poster I used on my bookstore door. Austine Hearst told me her son wrote that for his San Francisco Examiner paper.

      Jim B. Great Twain quote.

      I should read in here more often.

  9. Good commentary chief. Our political and cultural debates in America are categorized into lists of labels. Gov. Romney is not up to being labeled as he skips around changing his words with every speech. He is no intellect and certainly is not connected with any level of American cultures.

    He was picked up by the Republican Party in its latest design against the independence of women. He was raised in a faith that promoted a white supremacy culture and was soon labeled as an anti-Muslim .We really have no idea what he will be if he wins in November. Not even Fox can find his agenda.

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