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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Did Ron Paul call on Romney to release his tax returns or not? That is the question

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Ron Paul (AP)

Ron Paul, the last Republican challenger to presumptive nominee Mitt Romney appeared to have a message for the former Massachusetts governor:  Stop stalling and release your tax returns.

Or did he?

Romney has refused to release tax returns than 2010 and has come under fire from both the campaign of incumbent President Barack Obama and fellow Republicans.

Said Paul in an interview with Politico:

Politically, I think that would help him, In the scheme of things politically, you know, it looks like releasing tax returns is what people want.

Still, Paul called the controversy “a charade,” adding “I think it’s all contrived to not have a debate.”

After Paul’s interview appeared on the web site, his campaign staff scrambled to play down the idea that their candidate was saying Romney should release his returns.

Said Paul campaign manager Jesse Benton:

Dr. Paul is not calling on Gov. Romney to release his tax returns. This story is the result of some very poor, gotcha journalism by a Politico reporter and does reflect Dr. Paul’s sentiments.

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4 thoughts on “Did Ron Paul call on Romney to release his tax returns or not? That is the question”

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  2. From Lew: Ron said it would help Romney if he did present his tax returns. Who knows? Lew has always been a good source of info on these elections. I’ve known him for years.

  3. Oh, c’mon, can’t a politican say one thing and then have one of his aides say he said the exact opposite thing without always being attacked? 🙂

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