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Thursday, January 20, 2022 is no more as Microsoft pulls out of joint web venture with NBC

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Goodbye MSNBC, hello NBCNews.Com.

The always uneasy, often turbulent 16-year marriage between software giant Microsoft and the National Broadcasting Company is over.  Both parties announced the breakup late Sunday night and MSNC.Com became NBCNews.Com just as fast.

Microsoft says it will develop its own online news operation, which will launch in the fall.

The TV news channel, MSNBC, will continue to operate under its current name.  Microsoft sold its stake in the TV challen in 2005.

1 thought on “ is no more as Microsoft pulls out of joint web venture with NBC”

  1. Could this be why Joe Scarbborough is not doing his daily seat on Morning Joe consistently?. There is a rumor that he will replace David Gregory on Meet the Press. Joe adds a silly “I Love Lucy” attitude when he is on Morning Joe and I often change channels.

    Personally I want serious political news even at 3 AM which is when I get up and turn on the TV. I started doing this when “Imus” had the time slot.

    I can only hope Rachel Maddow keeps her spot in the evening.

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