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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Duck and cover: The political mud is already flying

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Keep a towel handy.  The airwaves ad war between President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney is heating up and the mud is flying.

The Obama campaign is out with new spots showing Repbublicans attacking Romney’s economic record in primary debates along with another that claims Romney had the “worst economic record in history” as governor of Massachusetts.

Romney’s ad team is targeting the newest sluggish record on jobs and zeroing in on the President’s inexperience.

Meanwhile, surrogates from both sides toured the weekend talk show circuit with attacks on their opponents.

And, officially, the “real” campaign season doesn’t start until Labor Day.

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3 thoughts on “Duck and cover: The political mud is already flying”

  1. One could, oh, I dunno, turn off the TV and go outside for awhile.

    What a strange concept (especially in Arizona in the summertime).


  2. Sandy, I can’t remember the name or number of the act, but I figure I’m just like the members of the club that never read bills. It could be that we’ve already gotten all of those lovable Noahide laws, the cuddly but strict Levitical precepts and whatever other religious legalities, except the old, now defunct, ecclesiastical crimes often associated with bedroom police. Or, we could be already there, except for the declaration of government by God in addition to government by bankers and CEO’s.

    One could think that all this religiosity espoused by candidates would keep the mudslinging to a minimum, as it’s a tad unseemly for those riding on reputations of churchiness and faith. If life’s actions are a reflection of deeply held beliefs, manipulative adverts should be a thing of cognitive dissonance and rejected by the person running for office.

    In a reality based world, this is not going to happen this year because all those anonymous donors and surrogates (not necessarily all that churchy themselves), will be insisting on full on mudslinging. As a result, we are doomed to hitting the mute button as fast as possible to avoid watching the death by a thousand muddy, muddled falsehoods stream over the airwaves.

    Bring the towels indeed. I agree Sandy that we are headed toward our own version of theocracy, piled on our already out of control corporate governance.

  3. It wasn’t until the Republican National Committee officially rewrote the Republican Agenda that I made up my mind to vote against the Republican Party candidates including my own local list.

    Through the years, I realized that the Conservative Party was working for a One World Empire on a religious war against Islam. This One World Plan came with the campaign (led by Karl Rove) to put the emphasize on building a Christian Nation that would end up involving America in many wars killing civilians in the Middle East all in the name of Jesus Christ. George W. Bush promised federal grants to the Christian Churches and for the first time those churches voted for Gov. Bush from Texas.

    So yes, we will need a towel to wipe up the panic of losing the election or even worse, the panic of winning with all the demands of bringing the promises into the government. Changing the Constitution to fit into the New Testament might bring some action into the House and Senate. Will the Book of Mormon be added as a footnote?

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