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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

New GOP Strategy: Social issues? We don’t need no stinkin’ social issues

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Anti-abortion protest in Washington: Sorry, maybe next election (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

Republicans — recognizing that social issues don’t win elections — are backing away from hot button topics like abortion, religion, birth control, gay marriage and other polarizing positions advocated by extreme wings of the party.

Instead the new focus is on jobs, jobs and — you guessed it — jobs.

Recent internal polls and focus groups have sent the party a message:  the public doesn’t really give a damn about President Barack Obama’s position on gay marriage, doesn’t care about a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, doesn’t vote for a candidate because he or she is pro-life or pro-choice and so on.

The defining issue for Campaign 2012?  Jobs.

So GOP leaders are backing away from the social issues that once defined the party.  Their presumptive nominee — former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney — isn’t strong on key Republican social issues anyway and the real key to winning back the White House lies in convincing voters that the party has a plan to put people back to work.

Campaign strategists are suggesting a campaign based on economic issues, focusing primarily on jobs, while leaving the social issues to a political war that might or might not be fought later in another election year.

Writes Laurie Kellman of The Associated Press:

There is a growing sense among Republicans that, with Mitt Romney all but crowned as their presidential nominee, social issues generally are losers for the party at a time when the GOP is trying to appeal to swing voters. Through a searing primary season that erupted repeatedly over gender politics to the general election now under way, polls have consistently shown that voters remain most concerned about jobs and the economy.

Recent voter research offers support for the move away from the sort of “culture war” that conservative Patrick Buchanan called for from the podium of the Republican National Convention in 1992. Many Republicans viewed that approach as one that alienated moderates. Two decades later, as the candidates battle over that same voting bloc, polling suggests that social issues are a motivating factor for female voters — but not in the Republicans’ favor.

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14 thoughts on “New GOP Strategy: Social issues? We don’t need no stinkin’ social issues”

  1. I’m beginning to seriously wonder what the issues are in the Nov. 2012 election. My desire for lasting freedoms when it comes to jobs and/or having the government issue private laws that require turning in friends and family if they disobey social laws.

    We just witnessed Wisconsin keeping their Governor who has been anti Unions in a state that depends on their manufacturing of many products that are made under Union leadership. These jobs are apparently not as important as keeping a Tea Party leader in office. Is it possible that those jobs will remain secure through prayers?

    Will the Religious Right continue to pump money into all the states when it comes to November? Will our schools continue to fail and our arts and music contracts continue to fail until there is nothing left in American culture except the churches?

    Has anyone here ever attended a Revival Meeting? The acceptable Americans are on a very short list. I attended one in California and one in Arizona and the growth of these white supremacy groups can be found from coast to coast. They kicked off the Birch Society after WW2 and then calmed down a bit but are rising again under the Tea Party. They use their bibles in a threatening way and will slap their hands on the book while loudly claiming hell and damnation.

    So, if that is what those holier than thou voters want then what will the Democrats do about it? Where were the Democrats in Wisconsin yesterday?

    • Sandy, much has been written about the fear inspired in many by the religious right (which is neither.) It’s sort of the moral majority (that wasn’t either.)

      I am more afraid of the Christian Right than of any other group, well defined or not. I stand in awe of their reasoning as they lobby, defining by their actions, a view that the sanctity of life begins at conception, ends at birth.

      All that seems to matter to the Uber Right is money for the top of the heap, while workers see paychecks shrink and lies become truths regarding tax policy, including the death tax that doesn’t even kick in unless a bucket filled with millions is kicked, ending life.

      Voters are willing to vote against their own interest repeatedly. WMD, war on a tactic, torture, tax increases on the lower echelons, loss of all Constitutional privileges and immunities are just fine for these folk. One can only imagine that grassing out a neighbor will be next on the agenda.

      At the same time, they swallow every ill-researched concept the MSM want to throw out, accept as gospel that America is the world’s cop, and American exceptionalism is not to be questioned.

      It is all poppycock, and these well entertained parrots go through life, supporting anyone wearing/spreading the proper shade of bloody red. Sadly, the supposed left is not far behind as policies carried over from the prior administration demonstrate.

      Should anyone mention the Ten or the Great Commandment, my fear is that such would only be recognized by these social program killer wannabe’s,as a simplistic sort of Biblical admonition, not really applicable to modern life in observance by demonstrated obedience thereto.

      There is no recognition that violation our laws (and the Eighth Commandment), has gotten us into this pickle. This is aided by shredding the Ninth, trampling the Sixth, and, well the Tenth is just so BRHRD [Before the Republican Hard Right Derailment (of true conservatism).] It’s been cold, calculating, and has frozen the rights of all at pre Magna Carta levels.

      Breaking those religious rules, and our similar or related laws, also leaves thousands out in the cold while the gap between rich and poor continues as an ever growing chasm. If one is running around sporting a lovely diamante’ Jesus pin or lapel cross, then visible observation of all the Ten should be expected and ought to be found.

      The Biblical Top Ten, is not US law in Biblical form (nor would I wish that were so, for separation of church and Congress is a good idea.) Yet, we ought to honor the basics involving theft, lying, cheating, stealing and failing to be good neighbors, just out of a sense of morality, if not legalism.

      I often wonder if the Christo-Fascists were to take stock of their views, weighed fairly and evenly against the Bible with an unprejudiced view (not taken from the pulpits of mega-churches), and mental whiplash would paralyze the lot of them.

      After all, a girl can dream. . .

  2. Sandy, I feel your pain. Right now, I keep thinking the only vote I can cast is for None of the Above.

    None isn’t running.


  3. Tabosell. Nobody tells me anything. I read 3 to 4 newspapoers every day. I also attend business meetings across America. I was a business person who could not afford to pay minimum wage to anyone working for me. I brought in artists and poets from all over the area and they brought their work to sell in the store and I would pay them a percrentage of what they sold of my books. It was the only way I could take a few hours for a manicure or getting my teeth cleaned.

    I worked for my grandffather who had 3 furniture stores and he showed me how to price and display his products. I’ve also worked elections starting with Ike in 1952. I’ve been a political writer for several papers for years and I knew the agenda of both parties and could flag a problem when one occurred.

    When the GOP lost its agenda and the religious right took over, I had no place to go but out. Everything good went bad and the RNC took orders only from the Pope. I read the same words from you that I read 30 years ago. You must watch a lot of TV. Don’t talk down to CHB. Some of us here are old timers and have heard it all.

    Politics in America is a war between freedom and religion. Nobody speaks for the people.

  4. If the rich, corporate bigwigs are so great at creating jobs, why are there less jobs created than are needed to meet the growth in working age adults, year in and year out?

    If corporations that pay less taxes create jobs, why haven’t they created all sorts of jobs since the tax cuts appeared in the George W Bush administration?

    If taxation stops job creation, why was there such economic growth under the Clinton economic plans, and recession and job destruction during the latest Bush administration?

    If Republicans don’t increase the size of government, why have all the Republican administrations since and including Reagan grown government, with George W. actually doubling the size of the federal government?

    If so-called “Conservatives” are supposedly good for the nation, why have “conservative” administrations caused such growth in the national debt?

    Inquiring minds, and all that jazz.

  5. Yesterday Biden’s “summer of recovery” went in the toilet. Bad news for the populous and great news for the Romney campaign.

  6. Sandy:

    So much of what you hear is flat our wrong or a deliberate lie.

    Corporations are not discouraged to hire because of health-insurance costs they are not hiring because the CEO can line his own pocket by sending the jobs overseas to starvation-wage counties. And a smart businessman is not going to hire one unneeded employee; he will hire if there is someone out there to buy what he is selling. Three decades of war on the working middle class has destroyed the purchasing ability for millions of Americans.

    The minimum wage DOES NOT kill jobs; it puts money in the pockets of people who will spend it all creating other jobs. These people do not send their money to the Cayman Islands or Switzerland to escape taxes, as the One Percenters do, they spend it in America. When the minimum wage was first applied in 1938 the unemployment rate was about 19 percent. It was lowered to 9.9% by the summer of 1941, before we got into the war. The minimum wage didn’t kill any of those jobs.

    Here’s four things told to you:

    Government jobs are just wasteful and hurt the economy:

    Government spending destroys the economy:

    Taxes harm the economy by killing jobs:

    Regulations are job killers.

    These four statements are constantly coming from the destructive right.

    There’s a fifth lie told by conservatives and that is FDR had nothing to do with ending the Great Depression. The cure came from WWII.

    Here’s what WWII gave us that were not present in better times.

    1) About 10 million Americans were in the military and millions more were in civilian supporting roles. Those were government jobs that helped get us out of the Depression.

    2) Government spending was massive. That was deficit government spend that helped get us out of the Depression.

    3) Taxes that destroy jobs were the highest in history during the war. The top rate on the aristocracy was 91% and that helped get us out of the Depression even though taxes are “job killers.”

    4) Regulations that destroy economies were the heaviest in history during WWII. Government set wages and prices. Government mandated operational hours. Government told us what we could
    buy and what we couldn’t. We invented oleo because butter was not available. Sugar was as scarce. Civilian motorists could only buy four gallons of gasoline a week and had to have a coupon book to buy that much. Automobiles weren’t allowed to be manufactured. Forget about any luxury items.

    Don’t listen to the right-wing fools who tell you such contradictory things; they are a danger to this nation.

    The book I told you about above has a plan to save the nation and tells how to get corporations to hire again and how to get jobs coming back from overseas. And it certainly tells how to get out from under this corrupt system in which many billionaires and nearly all corporations continue to freeload in a nation in which the working middle class is expected to pull the full load more and more.

  7. How can we get our corporations to start hiring again? Is the threat of having mandated health care from the corporations really the reason they will not hire more workers? Would it be possible that health care could be an option after a worker is there after say 6 months? The corporation would know by that time whether the new worker was worth the cost of coverage. What about minimum wages operating on the same time line? I have no idea if my last couple of jobs were within the minimum wage costs. I needed a job and I could do what was called finishing work. I think I accepted $8 an hour as a start and when I fell over my dog and broke my right lower leg bone, They brought my sewing items to me at home and that is where I worked. I could not take orders on the phone from home but I was paid the same 8 dollars an hour. When I got the cast off they paid me $12 per hour when I came back. We were hardly union and I did have my building rented so I could work for less money. I applied at other businesses but I was old and hardly front office in appearance. I did fill in to many commercial stores on weekends and holidays. I loved working in the store where I was the landlord and the Irish Bar next door brought me barley soup as they did when I had the book store. I miss my bookstore every day but I was unable to sell enough books to even pay me a wage. I also worked the Chamber of Commerce office in San Simeon as I loved mingling with tourists.

    I worked the Santa Monica chamber office every summer as I knew all the stores and their owners. I don’t think I was even paid for that job. I worked the Information desk at the Hearst Castle which was the most fun of all. This was more fun than work. I grew up loving to work. To me, sewing was fun and making costumes was a joy especially for Shakespearean plays. My girls were in all the productions and I made all their stuff.

    Tabonsell, working had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with making a good job resume’. Now I’m concerned with getting our products made in America which means doing something about NAFTA. I keep hearing that the cost of health care and minimum wage kills the job market in America. There musr be a way of doing something about hiring at lower wages until the new workers can prove their value. Do all employees have 5 kids and sick wives? Surely new hires can be found at less cost. Kids out of college are certainly not worth the same wages as experienced older hires. I watch Sunday Morning MSNBC shows who discuss living wsges and start up costs on new businesses. When I was out of business school, I went to an Employment Agency who tested me and sent me out on job interviews until I found some starter jobs. I also became a temp worker where I was usually offered a position after filling on jobs there. I had one quality that sold my ability to work in an office. I could spell and use a sermicolon. I knew geography from all the books that I had read. I nailed one job owned by a man from Iran who wanted to mail out a letter to the Presbyterian Hospital in Albuguergue New Mexico. Not one girl in his office could spell it and I was hired on the spot. I stayed until J.J. went off to Berkeley and I moved half way up the coast. Today spell check has taken over where I was used.

    I see so many young kids who can’t even make a complete sentence and I wonder how they would ever expect to find any kind of work.

    I am delighted to see so many training schools opening up to train our youngsters in pumbing and carpentry skills. Gardening is a well paid job if the kids know how to handle the mowers and how to prune the trees. Hell, I did all my own tree trimming and grass mowing jobs. I took classes at Pierce Jr. college to learn how to do this the right way. The only problem I have at this time is putting furniture together as my hands don’t handle screw drivers well enough due to arthritis. But my younger daughter does and she will put together my new table for me when she gets here next Thursday. She is a whiz at book shelves.

  8. It’s apparent the Republican Party hasn’t done any research on job creation, if that is to be its main campaign issue.

    Facts are that since WWII, all GOP administrations are inferior on job creation to every Democratic administration except Harry Truman’s last administration. That one didn’t show much job growth because millions of military and civilian jobs were eliminated following the war. Before WWII, the GOP destroyed millions of jobs.

    Compare job creation under Reaganomics with the “failure” of Jimmy Carter. In the three terms of Ronald Reagan and George Bush the Daddy the economy added 18 million jobs; or 6 million per term. Under Carter’s one term, the economy added more than 10 million jobs; a 67 percent better rate than under Reaganomics. And the Reagan-Bush job growth is fairly close to what would occur on population growth alone; but is still the best record of any GOP administration.

    For those who want verification but don’t research on their own, they can find this reality in the book “Saving America: Using Democratic Capitalism to Rescue the Nation from Economic Folly” (Algora Publishing of New York city).

    Also of importance is that every Republican administration since WWI has trashed the economy or made a bad situation worse (Gerald Ford).

    So if you want economic failure and another trashing of the economy vote Republican.

  9. Avoid abortion, Gay marriage and other issues not related to the economy and he’ll win.

    I didn’t think Romney had a chance but as long as he concentrates on economic issues and the economy itself continues to flounder he can make Obama a one term only.

  10. So will Gov. Romney not cancel all funding for Planned Parenthood and stop plans for a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriages? Will the government continue to ban birth control and Obamacare? These are simply a small part of the statements made by Romney to pick up the primary votes?

    These issues are bigger than handing the primary vote over to the candidate and every damn one of the candidates that stood on the stage through the primary debates agreed with the whole slate of the new Republican agenda.

    Are the voters going to let these liars and abusers of women get away with this two-faced crap?

    We have seen billions of dollars sent to the RNC for the sole purpose of electing ….what exactly? Were they out to hand the GOP to the Catholic Church? Or were the billions sent to rid America of a black President? Was this sent to remove the Latinos from our shores?

    I will be interested to see if this has been a huge joke played on all of us who took this new agenda seriously? Since 2000 I have lived in fear that the GOP is committed to the belief that America is for Christians only and the rest of us should get out. Where exactly are we supposed to go?

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