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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Romney gaining ground with women, tied with Obama in battleground states

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Mitt Romney: Is he trending towards a win? (REUTERS/Christopher DeVargas/Las Vegas Sun)

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who clinched the GOP nomination with a win in the Texas primary Tuesday, is climbing in the polls and with a key constituency: Women voters.

New polls released this week showed Romney and incumbent President Barack Obama in dead heats in key battleground states and the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll reveals a “sharp advance” in Romney’s favorability rating.

“We see areas of concern,” a top Democratic strategist admitted to Capitol Hill Blue Wednesday night.

Obama’s approval rating among women voters dropped 21 points in the last month while Romney’s rating is up 13 points.  Obama still leads Romney 52 to 41 percent among women voters but the shift in numbers set off panic alarms at the Democratic National Committee Wednesday.

Democratic advisers also express concern over a new NBC News/Marist poll that shows Obama and Romney tied in Colorado, Iowa and Nevada — states that flipped from GOP to Democratic in 2008.

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