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Monday, January 24, 2022

Convict gets 72,000 votes in West Virginia Democratic primary

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Keith Judd: An convict gets 72,000 votes in Democratic primary.

When they finished counting the votes in Tuesday’s Republican and Democratic primary elections in West Virginia, the two expected candidates won:  Mitt Romney on the GOP side and Barack Obama for the party of the donkey.

But the candidate who pulled down 70,000 votes was not someone named Paul, Romney or Santorum.

It was Keith Judd, who pulled down just over 40 percent of the vote in the Democratic presidential primary.

Judd is a felon currently serving time in a federal pen in Texas.  When all the votes on the Democratic side, Judd got 40.6 percent to Obama’s 59.4 percent.

It’s that kind of political year. Romney won the GOP side with nearly 70 percent of the vote.  The only remaining candidate on the GOP side — maverick Texas Republican Ron Paul — finished third — a percentage point behind Rick Santorum, who’s no longer a candidate.

Gotta wonder what they’re saying at the Democratic National Committee offices and at the White House.  A felon pulls 40 percent of the vote against an incumbent President?  Here at Capitol Hill Blue, we’ve seen a lot of strange happenings in this crazy election year.

How, exactly, did a felon doing time for making threats at the University of New Mexico in 1999 end up on the West Virginia ballot anyway?  Well, it seems that all you have to do to get on the ballot in wild and wonderful West Virginia is filed a notarized petition of candidacy and pay a $2,5000 fee.

Judd had the money and has done this thing before.  He ran for President in 2008 in the Idaho primary and got 1.7 of the vote, finishing far behind Obama and Hillary Clinton.

But in West Virginia, Keith Judd got 72,459 votes.  That only about 5,000 votes less than Romney received on the GOP side.  The other GOP candidates who is still running, Ron Paul  ,received 12,263 votes — one fifth the total of a convict.

Of course, both Romney and Paul can take some solace from the fact that about 180,000 Demcorats voted in the primary, compared to just over 120,000 on the GOP side.

It’s been that kind of year.

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8 thoughts on “Convict gets 72,000 votes in West Virginia Democratic primary”

  1. In West Virginia Obama has killed the coal industry and would completely put them out of business. This is an indication of how people perceive Obama and this will happen with workers in the oil industry also. People are not going to like his stand for gay marriage, abortion, mandates to buy health care insurance and forcing everyone to have coverage for contraception and abortion within their insurance plan. Obama is toast – he’s wasted our tax money and he’s wasting money running for re-election. It’s kind of funny – in West Virginia he won’t get any Republican votes and he won’t get 40% of his Democratic voters. You do the math !!!

  2. “It matters not who votes – What matters is who counts the votes” – Josef Stalin.

    Thank you, magic electronic ballot boxes.


  3. Maybe the good folks of W. Virginia are tired of the Annointed One trying to kill the coal industry – the only industry keeping them afloat. Even Dems want to eat.

  4. That’s one of the wildest political stories I’ve read lately. Is life getting stranger or are we all getting more staid and boring?

    Regarding the aforementioned primary, democracy works like a charm doesn’t it?

    Doug!….Maybe some of the West Virginia voters thought he was from one of those “third parties” that you just ran a story on called “The Felon Party”.

  5. This is plain and obvious election fraud. Let me walk you though my reasoning behind this, and see if you don’t agree.

    I don’t believe the vote tally because why would 72,000 people take time off, go to a polling station, to vote for a person that have probably never even heard of in a state of 1,855,364. That would mean if EVERY West Virginian was registered to vote in the Democratic Primary, fully 3.8% of the ENTIRE population voted for Keith Judd.

    Do you think every West Virginian is signed up to vote in the Democratic primary? Or even 1/2 of them? 20%? There is NO WAY Judd could have received this many votes.

    Do people go out of their way to go to a primary to vote for somebody that they’ve probably never heard of? Is Keith Judd a celebrity in West Virginian or something? He’d have to be to get that many people to vote for him.

    This is not a real vote tally, it can’t be. This is a clear case of election fraud and if any reporter got off his duff, and interviewed some West Virginians, that they would discover that nobody has even heard of this man before, much less voted for him.

    Why don’t reporters do SIMPLE work to see this? Does anybody believe that 3.8% of the population of West Virginian would vote for somebody they never heard of in a PRIMARY? In a PRIMARY. FAR LESS people vote in the primaries than in the general election.

    ADD UP THE NUMBERS. This is just a complete joke. Here staring you in the face is an OBVIOUS example of ballot stuffing. Probably done as a joke, but it remains undetected by our stupid media even though it’s obvious to anybody that stops to think about it, for 5 minutes.

    It didn’t take me long to find out the total population of West Virginia – that didn’t even occur to a SINGLE REPORTER that is repeating this story from what – AP? Reuters? DO YOUR JOB. A cretin can rubberstamp a story. Apparently, a cretin did – quite a few did, because I see this story repeated in many places.

    But not ONE PERSON thought to do a little bit of math to see the numbers just don’t add up. This is BLATANT election fraud – probably done as a joke, but nobody in our media seems to recognize it. That’s the real joke – how incredibly useless and lazy our media is.

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