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Monday, January 24, 2022

Is Santorum surging again?

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Rick Santorum

While former Minnesota Gov. Mitt Romney worked to neutralize former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, the other “former” in the race — one time Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum — may be poised to sneak up an grab a victory in at least one of two caucus states on Tuesday.

“Santorum is surging again, at least in Minnesota and Colorado,” GOP strategist Sam Goldstein tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “He could pull off a surprise or two.”

Indeed. Polls show a close race between Santorum and Paul in the two states while Gingrich and Texas Congressman Ron Paul fade into the woodwork.

Romney’s campaign sees this and stepped up attacks against Santorum over the weekend. Although the current GOP frontrunner won both Minnesota and Colorado in the 2008 caucuses, campaign spokesman downplayed chances for a sweep of both states this time around.

“Minnesota’s always volatile political mood has taken a sharp turn to the right,” says Goldstein.  “This is, after all, the state of Michele Bachmann.”

Santorum is hoping that conservatism will swing votes to him as the “viable alternative” to Romney.  He needs a victory — or at least a strong showing — to revive his campaign and boost his fundraising.

“At the moment, we’re broke,” a Santorum aide confides to Capitol Hill Blue. “We need money and a win Tuesday could get some contributors to open their checkbooks.”

Polls show Gingrich fading once again and Paul sliding back into political obscurity.

“Paul’s poor showing in Nevada shows serious cracks in his organization,” says GOP operative Susan Link. “He outspent Gingrich there and came in third with less than 20 percent. ”

Gingrich, battered by an avalanche of negative-ads from Romney’s forces, hopes to just get through February politically alive.

Besides Minnesota and Colorado, Missouri holds a non-binding “beauty contest” primary contest Tuesday.

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9 thoughts on “Is Santorum surging again?”

  1. Santorum is the 2012 equivalent of Mike Huckabee in 2008 and has about as much chance of being the Republican nomminee.

    I`ve always believed that the Primaries are where you vote with your heart and Elections are where you vote with your head.

    Like Huckabee, Santorum appeals to the fundamentalist religious right who make up only about 25-30 percent of the US population. And those Republicans that are voting for him are voting with their hearts st this point and not their heads.

    If the Republicans are ignorant enough to actually nominate Santorum, then they will have sealed the re-election of Barack Obama…unless of course Romney puts him on the ticket as his Vice Presidential nominee.

    Then, it would be a whole new ball-game.

  2. Hal, read Carl Nemo’s above reply and it will change forever our visual surges when it comes to anyone running as a Republican in 2012. We’ve got a homophobe in Santorum and a wannabe Evangelical when it comes to women’s rights in Romney.

  3. Do Republicans even enjoy sex?

    There’s an article on Huffington Post with the title “‘Flailing’ Gingrich Campaign Needs February Surge”. Another image I can do without.

    This is conclusion is old news as far as I’m concerned:

    Sex education is failing to reduce adolescent birthrates in conservative states, according to a new study.
    Perhaps paradoxically, states with a majority conservative population and higher degree of religiosity tend to have higher teen birthrates. The findings suggest that the social structure of the state, such as the degree of conservatism, can undermine the effect of the sex curricula.

    From MSN-MSNBC

    I really don’t think very much of the talk about fiscal conservatism will energize voters ( don’t particular like that phrase). What will get them to the polls is so-called social conservatism.

    Another term I hate is “values voters”. The supposition is that those of us who believe a woman has a right to choose abortion or birth control, or teenagers should be taught about contraception and realistic ways to satisfy their hormone driven sexual urges somehow have no values.

    I a glad to note today that the only way Rick Santorum makes the top of a Google search of his name is with a paid ad. The website called spreadingsantorum is number one, go to it if you want to participate in the Google Bomb that did this in spite of some 42 million listing for Santorum.

    Columnist Dan Savage is credited with making up the definition for santorum in 2003 when the then senator started making anti-gay statements.

    The Urban Dictionary definition of santorum is on the first page too.

  4. “At the moment, we’re broke,” a Santorum aide confides to Capitol Hill Blue. “We need money and a win Tuesday could get some contributors to open their checkbooks.” …extract from article

    Santorum may be ‘surging’, but it’s the surge we all witness when we flush the head…no? / : |

    Without $$ this guy nor any other candidate is going to the White House. Seemingly those with the most bucks ‘wins the day’; meaning President Obama, a sitting president with a massive war chest will crush all comers in the final analysis. It might be a close race, but Americans aren’t going to take a chance on any of these aspiring ‘rethug’ presidential wannabes.

    Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum may enamour a small contingent of their Republican base, but these guys aren’t going to play well on main street America in November. They’re finished before they start and I’m sure the Republican party leadership knows so too.

    It doens’t matter one wit who sits in the White House because our now devolved duopolist political paradigm caters simply to corporations and their needs, now certified as citizens, courtesy of SCOTUS, no differently than “We the People”, the “one man/woman one vote crowd”, while corporations have as many ‘votes’ as they have $$ to grease the palms of their “running dogs” in Congress.

    America is toast with this continued run of freedom hating, globalist friendly shills at the helm.

    Believe it…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. I’m not the least surprised that Senator Santorum would not end up the choice for the majority of Republicans. It is obvious that Americans need federal laws against sinning because as individuals Americans are victims of their own body urges.

    Most Americans are asked to take an oath of fidelity and are unable to keep the oath. Pressure from all sides lure members of the collective to continue to do things that reflect their inability to live by their own oaths.

    Our government will consider us unable to live by any moral code so they will add many of our actions unto a federal law being a part of the general insurance health care programs.

    If one looks at the general attitude of Americans, it becomes understandable to have sins be added to our Federal Security programs. If an employee should happen to hand out condoms to a patient in a Catholic hospital he/she will do time in a federal prison. We will see an increase in STD’s including the AIDs virus but we will know who broke the laws of the Catholic church.

    American voters are desperate to improve the morals of America and the Federal Government is only too eager to comply and use the Bill of Rights to drag in the sinners.

    Santorum for President is exactly what these citizens want. It was mentioned this morning that 27 states already have laws against birth control and that means a majority of the states.

    Having sex will be a Federal Crime. Orwell’s 1984 was about this and the problem is that so few Americans ever read the book. The Catholic Church is on the war path and according to Cullen Murphy’s new book, America is heading for a western Inquisition. But again, the people will not read “God’s Jury” either. Let the government handle the laws against sex under a great leader like Rick Santorum. He will turn the White House into a western Vatican. We all will be saved!

    • I have been asked to take an oath of fidelity – In fact, I was asked three times by three different people in one bizarre week. I turned them all down.

      What’s wrong with that?


      • If you took an oath with your hand on the bible to pledge fidelity to your wife, and you broke it, you are not a real man. If you took a political oath to protect a Constitution and you broke it, you are a Republican.

        Jon, I have been an Atheist for over 60 years and when I take an oath for any reason, I take it from my own being, without God. It forces me to challenge my own worth that cannot be broken.

        • Sandy: Probably the best way to do it, since the Bible says you’re not supposed to swear oaths at all, but let your yes be yes and your no be no. I thus always found swearing an oath on the Bible to be a little ironic!

  6. What an image to start the day with: Santorum surging —

    a sudden large increase, typically a brief one that happens during an otherwise stable or quiescent period

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