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Monday, January 24, 2022

How Ron Paul used racist newsletters to wipe out debts, get rich

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Ron Paul: Newsletters? What newsletters? (AP)

Texas Congressman Ron Paul left the House of Representatives at the end of 1984 deeply in debt, owing $765,000 to various creditors, some of whom threatened to take him to court.

His ill-fated and unsuccessful run for the Senate in 1984 didn’t help his precarious financial situation.  He needed to make money and make it fast.

So with the help of his former chief of staff, Lew Rockwell, Paul hit upon a quick money-making scheme:  A series of racially-provocative newsletters published under his name.

Paul wrote the economic themes of the newsletters, capitalizing on fear of government, hatred of the Internal Revenue Service and investment in commodities.  Rockwell wrote the more provocative parts with racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic overtones.

In 10 years, the $100 a year subscription newsletters not only wiped out the Texas doctor’s staggering debts, but left him with a net worth of $3.3 million. That net worth would continue to grow.

How did he do it?  By targeting the newsletters to racists, anti-Semitics and others who were willing to pay to read such material.  He once bragged to Ed Crane, president of the CATO institute that he sold the most subscriptions by using the mailing list of The Spotlight, a now-defunct white supremacist newspaper that openly advocated racism and claimed the Holocaust never happened.

And while Paul now claims he never saw the racially-charged material, more former insiders from the newsletter publishing company have come forward to say he was closely-involved not only in the decision to go the provocative route but read and personally approved the content.

Ranae Hathway, a former secretary in Paul’s company, and still a supporter, told The Washington Post:

It was his newsletter, and it was under his name, so he always got to see the final product…He would proof it.

One of those involved in Paul’s business, who insists on anonymity, tells Capitol Hill Blue:

You have to realize there are two Ron Paul.  One is the gentle, kind doctor who says he stands for freedom, the Constitution and individual rights and then there’s the other: The opportunist who knows how to play on base fears and ignorance to make money.

One of those involved in Paul’s business also told The Post:

It was playing on a growing racial tension, economic tension, fear of government.  I’m not saying Ron believed this stuff. It was good copy. Ron Paul is a shrewd businessman.

The “shrewd businessman” who once faced a six-figure debt now reports a net worth of more than $5 million and that figure does not include his wealthy foundation — initially bankrolled by leftover funds from two previous failed Presidential campaigns — run by him and his family.

Paul formed Ron Paul & Associates while deeply in debt in 1984.  He dissolved the company in 2001, five years after returning to Congress, after it — and the provocative, money-making newsletters it published — served a singular purpose:  Make him a wealthy man.

Ron Paul & Associates was mostly a family operation.  He served as president, his wife as secretary, his daughter as treasurer and Rockwell as vice president. His family members serve in similar positions today in his foundation and while Rockwell has no official title in Paul’s operations, aides say the two are still “very close.”

Eric Dondero Rittberg, a former Paul aide that the Congressman’s Presidential campaign try to discredit as a “disgruntled former employee who was fired,” says he often saw Paul proofing, editing and signing off on the newsletters, all of which bore his name with articles often written in first person.

“The real big money came from of that racially-tinged stuff,” says Dondero Rittberg, who also claims he resigned from Paul’s staff because he disagreed with the Congressman’s postiion on the Iraq war.

Hathway told The Post that Paul was a “hands-on boss” at Ron Paul & Associates and was closely involved in all aspects of the operation.  The newsletters, which she said had “tons of subscriber,” also featured large ads from Ron Paul Precious Metals & Rare Coins, another Paul enterprise which sold gold and silver coins.

Paul, she said, was always looking for ways to make money.

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38 thoughts on “How Ron Paul used racist newsletters to wipe out debts, get rich”

  1. Wow! Sorry, Griff!
    One of the things about not being able to edit is…corrections can’t be made when one hits the key and then later sees an Error in meaning because of a missing word or two.
    For instance. I read Griff’s post. Thought it was interesting. Quickly typed a response, posted it without really proofing my own comment.
    My reply to Griff really meant to say was “something like”:

    Come on, Griff…
    Don’t be so negative about CHB being so negative. People are just…hmmmm, feeling a little confused is all. Ya see, they are still struggling with believing (OR NOT) We the People still have a government that works on our behalf.
    So relax. As the saying goes, “This to shall pass.”

    There’s no struggle on my part in trying to believe “or not” if we still have a government that works on our behalf.
    In my opinion…our politics and government have gone amuck…self-will-run-riot. They don’t work on the behalf of the citizens at large.
    I’m afraid I hit the button before making sure my point was clear. In fact, I wondering if it is even clear now. Senior moments seem to occur more frequent.
    I wasn’t at all throwing a shot at Griff’s comment, but rather in a tongue-in-cheek way…agreeing, and not in an “negative way”. But obviously I failed.
    That said, I don’t know how “positive” comments can reign in numbers over negative comments. It seems to me that our country, as a whole, is in a really funky, blue, or dark, or depressing situation over our politics and government.
    Again, I apologize to Griff if my rather careless comment created a misunderstanding.

  2. The notorious Willis Carto?

    Didn’t everyone have to look him up?

    Weird how populist/nationalist ideas and candidates are quickly labeled right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic by the media that is funded by globalist multi-national corporations.

    • Here’s an ADL (Anti-Defamation League) link concerning Carto’s activities from their vantage point (Zionist) Needless to say they don’t like the guy, but at least feat him as a force to have been reckoned with over time.

      I subscribed to “The Spotlight” years ago mainly due to its focus on globalist activities, “Bilderbergers”, one world government etc. which seemingly is coming to fruition although not without some bumps in the road. I’ve subscribed to many publications over time because I’m ever thirsting for knowledge with inputs from all sides concerning the issues of the day.

      Monochromatism in thought is dangerous to one’s well-being, so one must have the the guts to read the thoughts of those perceived as the enemy as well those that posture to be your ‘friends’…no?

      I’m a former practicing Catholic, Jesuit schooled, my wife a German Jew, a naturalized citizen of many years. We’ve been married 45 years have no children, both retired. Needless to say we’ve had some ‘interesting’ discussions over the years concerning the holocaust and other pressing subjects concerning the order of the day. : )

      I’m not a bigot, but an open-minded person that’s always thirsting for evermore knowledge. The only thing I have intolerence for is insipid, stiff-necked, bone-headed, stupidity which has seemingly been demonstrated of late by the site host and his editorial ‘support team’ when it comes to fair and balanced coverage of the candidates. IMO, a big ouch of late, bordering on the level of immaturity…!

      This obsession with Ron Paul’s newsletter involvement of years past has approached the envelope of “journalism gone bad”. / : |

      What about Ron Paul, the candidate, and his message sans this ongoing ‘newsletter’ hype…?

      Carl Nemo **==

      • You got it Carl… a left wing rag if there ever was one. Kinda weird too, given the take-no-prisoners slings and arrows of times not too distantly past. Guess we only hang out here for comic relief.

        Potentate Zero, with his Prime Sorcerer Holder, have made quite the mockery of Constitutional govt, and barely a whimper has been made by other media; absolutely NOTHING from CHB. Better to trash candidates for their foibles… guess the watchdog role has been left to bowser.

        As for the RP message, who in his right mind could desire liberty, unfettered commerce, freedom of association, defensive military regimes, constitutional govt, and the personal responsibility to see it all through?

          • Come on, Griff…
            Don’t be so negative about CHB being so negative. People are just…hmmmm, feeling a little confused is all. Ya see, they are still struggling with believing We the People still have a government that works on its behalf.
            So relax. As the saying goes, “This to shall pass.”

            • Griff made a follow up reply to Gregg concerning the direction of his commentary on this string, now it’s missing without an explanation. The content was polite, direct and not over the top by any standards, just a simple reply. What’s up with the petty content censorship?

              Carl Nemo **==

              • What “petty censorship” are you talking about Carl? According to the server logs, griff was flagged by the Akismet filter because of obscenities in one of his posts. Once you’re flagged all posts get blocked and it takes intervention by someone to deal with it. I have better things to do right now than follow the misadventures of griff or his fellow partner-in-crime Almandine — who was flagged by the system for the same reason.

                When I have time I’ll get around to clearing out the queue. Until then they can cool their heels and learn to follow rules. And maybe you, before making another wild-ass claim about “petty censorship,” can simply ask what happened before going off on a tangent.

                • The followup post to Gregg’s commentary did not include any profanity, but if griff and Almandine have been engaged in such activity then I would understand the Akismet filtering situation. The post simply defined as to what he was making commentary;I.E., the article itself, rather than to whom. There were no profanities issued with the post.

                  “I have better things to do right now than follow the misadventures of griff or his fellow [partner-in-crime] Almandine — who was flagged by the system for the same reason.” …extract from reply my brackets

                  Hmmm…partner in ‘crime’, possibly you meant “thought crimes” against” the site’s raison d’être whatever that might be at this point in time…? / : |

                  You may not like what these two guys have to write, but rest assured they represent two of your most thoughtful, in depth, contributors to your site over time. In fact I fail to compliment both Griff and Almandine concerning their content as I should from time to time.

                  We all have dustups on occasion and it surely doesn’t mean we’re personalizing such; it’s what happens when people have shared, divergent opinions. Emotions run high while thoughtfulness along with a good measure of politeness is lacking.

                  I’ve noticed too you’ve started a “Doug Thompson” blog/site, building content with extracts from CHB news articles along with supplied participant commentary. It’s your business of course, but what’s happening is you are picking and choosing content, splicing it together with missing replies that were included on the CHB thread to the same article. I have a fairly good memory as to what’s been posted to CHB over time, so when reading this referenced site, there’s ‘holes’ in the followup dialogue from other posters, not many, but definitely targeting certain ‘individuals’ without mentioniong names. I realize you are doing so in order to keep the replies seemingly at higher order than that found on CHB at times, thus eliminating the quickie, somewhat rude, one-liners that pop up on occasion from posters.

                  Carl Nemo **==

                  • Your “memory” Nemo is about as selective as a politicians and about as faulty as my aging mother’s and she suffers from Alzheimer’s. The web site has been on the Internet longer than CHB. The fact that you just happened to find it doesn’t mean I just started anything.

                • “I have better things to do right now than follow the misadventures of griff or his fellow [partner-in-crime] Almandine — who was flagged by the system for the same reason.” …extract from reply

                  Suredly you jest…a ‘crime’…what a thought crime against your thought constructs as to what is ‘right vs. that which is ‘wrong’ relative your political world views? / : |

                  Both of these contributors provide “value-added” content to your site…beleive it…like or or not!
                  I know so. : )

                  Your site would be boring if everyone followed “Doug Thompson”‘s, seemingly mandated opinions along with the ‘partyline’ whatever that might be, to nothing at all in most instances. / : |

                  Carl Nemo **==

                  • Value-added content? Really? Let’s go to the videotape:

                    “Such high drama” — griff

                    “Blah, blah blah…” — griff

                    “Let them eat s–t” — griff

                    “Relax????” — Almandine

                    “So what?” — Almandine

                    “You’ve lost it Carl” — Almandine

                    One line throwaways in many cases.

                    Lot’s of value there Carl

                    • Sir, you are correct in that these folks do throw out one-liners that jolt one’s inner sensibilites and even I’ve flinched, but they do write some excellent material on occasion.

                      Yes, I’ve been nipped by Almandine, but instead of confrontation, more often than not, I offer an olive branch rather than a ‘thought sword’.

                      It’s your site and your call as to what you’ll tolerate. Seemingly this one-liner behavior is over the top, so hopefully they’ll cease and desist concerning such activity.

                      I’m going belay any further discussion about your site content, editorial style etc. in the future. That’s a promise.

                      You’ve got alot of years wrapped up in CHB and take great pride in your undertaking. Steady goes the course. Long live CHB…! : )

                      Carl Nemo **==

  3. To no surprise, the apologists come out in full force. He’s not a god. Stop acting like he is. Its pathetic.

    He surrounds himself with some of the craziest conspiracy theorists, and outright racist people. If he’s not racist, he sure as hell doesn’t mind their company. All you Paul supporters have played into the cult, and many into the fearful fringe.

    But keep on believing your delusions. Nevermind the mounds of evidence he’s played people like you for decades to cash in, you keep on crying that facts are “smears” and “hit pieces”. You people consider yourselves, yet you all think the same. How sad and ironic!

    • Jeremy,
      It doesn’t matter what Ron Paul’s done. It doesn’t matter what rest of the candidates have done .
      America remains to engage in “ignore the facts”. They still settle for: This is the best we can expect so go with the flow.
      It all remind me of a relationship breakup endind in divorce, where one grieves the loss because he or she is stuck in the memories of the beautiful times. Then the realities of the bad times pour out in court. Oh my god. How could I have forgetting?
      Well think ot those involved and the realities of the facts that will pour out AFTER the elections. Oh my god! Why didn’t I listen to that little voice inside? Why do I accept the satus quo? Why do I expect no more from my fellow citizens. Why can’t I believe that I can change the way I vote in order to disrupt the money flow from those who now own our government?

      Jeremy – I just doesn’t matter because we want the corrupt machines and government to change…not ourselves.

  4. P.S. I suggest that James and others refrain from calling other posters names such as “swine”.

    If I was moderating the comments any personal attacks or references against other posters would be deleted, and they would be banned if they did it again.

  5. James,

    Good point! I suspect they are the same people. There is major difference between Paul and Obama in this regard. If the allegation from this article is true, Paul used the mailing list from the notorious holocaust denier Willis Carto and his Liberty Lobby newsletter Spotlight to try to sell subscriptions to his own newsletter. He obviously knew what he was doing and knew the audience he was trying to engage was racist, anti-Semetic and bigoted.

    Obama went to Wright’s church and I am sure in retrospect wishes he disavowed the outrageous statements the reverend made in some of his sermons at the time.

    Obama’s relationship with Ayers was described by the later as “neighbors and family friends”. It developed many years after Ayers founded the Weather Underground in 1969. Obama was eight years old. It wouldn’t matter to me if Obama and Ayres were best friends.

    Most of you know that Ayers became a highly regarded expert on education reform and social justice, and was a professor in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

    If you were active in the anti-Vietnam War movement, as I was at the time, you know that most of us believed in non-violent protests and though the Weathermen, Black Panthers and such groups did our cause more harm than good. But we do understand the reasons for their outrage over a war that would eventually cost 58,000 American deaths.

  6. James. I would say that you with your nasty slurs are more of a problem than Paul belonging to several groups. I started out as a firm Republican until the religious right got their claws into the agenda with a list of prohibitions that would define real Americans as White Christian Straight men. Again, the hidden agenda was nasty slurs at people across the nation. I could not get away from the GOP fast enough.

    I did learn from this that entire political parties can be manipulated with some extensive agenda plans. I am researching the LP to see if their agenda is indeed based on a different set of standards and prohibitions. In my reading the Rothbard book, I see some of the same free-enterprise Capitalism that drew millions of us into joining the GOP. How much influenced does Rothbard have in today’s LP agenda? Just like in the GOP, the base was there but the White House wanted a Christian Nation and brought the White House down to ruin.

    These damn forums often bring only one-liners from people who probably will leave after seeing their name in print. I tend to follow Hal Brown when he writes or adds to a thread because he puts some meat into his words.

    • These damn forums often bring only one-liners from people who probably will leave after seeing their name in print.

      In some cases that may be true Sandy but unlike many here that post on a regular bases I can not. I have to work for a living and my days can be 10 to 14 hours long so if I can find a free moment or two I post a few comment lines about the authors article (usually in the morning doing my morning coffee). Sorry but that’s all the free time I have to waste here with you regular lot.

  7. You sleep with dogs, you get fleas. Ron Paul has associated with fringe groups for years and now he and his people are trying to say it’s water under the bridge. Kurt Vonnegut once wrote, “You are who you pretend to be, so be careful who you pretend to be.” Ron Paul pretended to be the new Lyndon La Rouche for years, and now he has to live that down.

    The same people who cry foul about racism allegations against Dr. Paul had no problem trying to paint President Obama with the Bill Ayers/Jeremiah Wright brush.

    Hypocrites, all you Ron Paul swine.

  8. Hal, in preparation for the LP convention in Nevada in May, I am reading Murray Rothbard’s biography. I’m not convinced that Ron Paul is really a Libertarian. He has all the right flags such as anti-war and a free economy etc., but so far there is no safety net from either Murray or Ron.

    I most certainly cannot tolerate that millions of Americans will go hungry and homeless if all safety nets are removed. At this time no mention of racism in the development of the LP agenda is anywhere. One of the reasons I am attending this conference is to get some questions answered.

    I realize that Issodhos may be a better authority on the subject but he has not been that honest about what he claims to have read. I want all the bullshit removed and some hardcore answers from the LP before I send another check to the movement.

    It may be that there is no there there. I have believed since the end of WW2 that academics would solve all the problems facing Americans. Getting the students to read might just wake them all up that there is no God watching them and they are on their own to get through life.

    • Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans at Category 4 or 5, afterwards the US Army Corps of Engineers congratulated itself in that their levee system did pretty well considering it was designed to withstand a Category 3 hurricane. Small consolation to the people in New Orleans.

      The feds and progressives like to talk about social safety nets, but the same thing has happened. Our Category 2 social safety nets got hit by a Category 3 recession in 2008, which is why we have tent cities now. Look them up on Google, these people have fallen through the net. Ron Paul is pointing out all this debt is going to lead to Category 4-5 events in the future.

  9. I think the most damning this in this article, perhaps the only truly damning thing in it, is that Ron Paul ” once bragged to Ed Crane, president of the CATO institute that he sold the most subscriptions by using the mailing list of The Spotlight, a now-defunct white supremacist newspaper that openly advocated racism and claimed the Holocaust never happened.”

    I’d like to see some verification of this. If this can be proven true I think it is ground for disavowing Ron Paul as having the moral standards we expect of a president. In fact, with Mark Hughes saying he thinks Paul is a mensch, in Yiddish a person of integrity and honor. I would suggest he is actually the opposite, an unmensch. Look it up. It is a real word with a number of very negative meanings.

    It took a bit of using the old Google for find out about The Spotlight since some major organizations have newsletters with this name. I finally Googled liberty lobby spotlight newsletter holocaust and found a write-up on the Anti-Defamation League website. It is about the publisher of The Spotlight, William Carto (nothing to do with the CATO Institute).

    I won’t put the URL here since that will send this post to moderation. You can easily Google it yourself.

    Here is an excerpt about the newsletter’s founder:

    Willis Carto has been one of the most influential American anti-Semitic propagandists of the past 50 years. Since emerging as a right-wing organizer in San Francisco in the early 1950s, he has been associated with nearly every significant far-right movement in the country, from neo-Nazism to militias, segregationism to Holocaust denial. Known for his reclusiveness, he has founded and overseen from behind the scenes an intricate network of bigotry whose outlets have included Liberty and Property, Western Destiny, the Noontide Press, American Mercury, National Youth Alliance, the Institute for Historical Review, the Populist Party and, most notably, Liberty Lobby. In 2001, both Carto and Liberty Lobby were bankrupted after Carto lost a long court battle with the Institute for Historical Review (which broke with him in 1993). His editorial staff at Liberty Lobby’s now-defunct Spotlight, the most widely read publication on the fringe right, resumed publication under the title American Free Press in August 2001, however. And while Carto is in his 70s and financially constrained, his energy for purveying paranoia and hatred appears to be undiminished.

    Emphasis is mine.

    • One might ask, if the charge of “bragging” is unverified, then how is it truly damning? Beyond that claim, nothing in this piece says anything immoral, unethical, or illegal about RP past, unless making money selling newsletters is somehow untoward. And if you haven’t noticed, Google keeps track of your movements online to target their ads more effectively… sounds much like the mailing list approach to me.

      You propose that RP is an unmensch, but what of your bona fides in the human assessment arena? From another current CHB post, you say: “I’m supporting Bill Ayers.” For those who aren’t aware of his ideology and past, a quick bit from Wiki:

      In 1969 Ayers co-founded the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary group that conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings during the 1960s and 1970s, in response to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.

      Ayers was asked in a January 2004 interview, “How do you feel about what you did? Would you do it again under similar circumstances?” He replied: “I’ve thought about this a lot. Being almost 60, it’s impossible to not have lots and lots of regrets about lots and lots of things, but the question of did we do something that was horrendous, awful? … I don’t think so.

      A real peach, that Ayers, and you think Ron Paul is somehow an unmensch because of his so-called racist newsletters.

  10. “Their” (the elite) desperation is showing.

    The moment the desire for liberty trumps the desire to watch football or dancing with the stars “their” control of the masses is over.

    The MSM has been a valuable tool in suppressing the truth and slanting the views of many but those days are quickly coming to a close.

    Sorry David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and those of your ilk.

    The genie is out of the bottle and the sleeping giant is awakening.

  11. Much of the fiscal conservative background is based on castigating those Americans who cannot make it on their lack of education and even a lack of self-improvement thrust. Instead of throwing labels st them, the GOP should have forced academics their way and brought them up to the standards of actually working for higher than basic wages.

    These conservatives are often guilty of racism when they point their fingers at minorities especially if they are from the south. I’ve also been aware of the anti-Semitic attitudes from these same people.

    In order for these conservatives to look better, smarter and even more moral, they continue to punch Americans who do not quality for more than minimum wage jobs. Add to this their insisting that Americans are better when they belong to the religious right, the class warfare is apparent.

    It is my greatest hope that the GOP will finally divide and a third party who really gives a damn about Americans will rise and shine. In many areas of the USA the citizens are going to have to start all over and learn to communicate well enough to be taught acceptable English so they can be taught the true history of our Republic. Pockets of America need full government training since the states are not educating them.

    Katrina showed many of us the lack of education of the people in the areas affected by the oil spill.

    My heart went out to those people who did not understand evacuation procedures. I realized that the Republican White House had no interest in this part of America. It sealed my distrust of Bush and his entire administration. In my mind, the entire GOP was guilty of racism and Ron Paul is simply one of the Party and is guilty by association.

    America cannot tolerate another Republican President. The Democrats continue to focus on trying to get the money out of the wealthy and they are also unacceptable. I’m not certain the Libertarians have the answer but I will take my chances. It is unAmerican not to vote, so I will vote for the alternative to the GOP and Dems.

    Gary Johnson for President

  12. Ron Paul published SEVERAL DIFFERENT newsletters with different names.
    Some of these, particularly the economic one, he wrote and proofed carefully.
    Others were written by others and he did not proof them closely.

    Finally have you really looked at the “racist” statements. They are few and far between.
    Some are pretty silly. And most are for hyperbole purposes and are mainly NOT PC.
    In my mind there are NO go to the back of the bus comments.
    Which quote was the one that got this racist anti-Semite view started?
    You know saying that we should NOT support Israel in the same way as we have in the past or that there is a type of apartheid going on in Israel, LIKE JIMMY CARTER has done……..does not make one an anti-Semite!

    All that being said, Ron Paul has made it clear that he does NOT endorse these statements, rejects them, and regrets that they were published in various newsletters he published but did not write. He had resumed full time the practice of medicine and did not have the time.
    What more can one do?

    I ask: What is the intent of the articles on this subject”
    It appears to me that the intent of these articles on this subject is clear. Lilkely it is to taint a good man’s name.

    Perhaps I am wrong but the few quoted statements in 10 years of several distinct newsletters are NOT sufficient to obscure a life time of great work by Ron Paul to help his country. Just my opinion.


  13. Good research folks. Ron Paul seemingly is a crook, manipulator and ‘scumbag’ extraordinaire to boot…no?

    In the final analysis, anyone in politics is of the same stripe many to a greater and lesser degree. Is Paul an example of the greater or lesser?

    Nah, he isn’t going to get the Republican nomination, but at least he’s given discerning intellects some food for thought as to where this nation is headed; I.E., on the rocks of destruction, the same as all failed empires past.

    It makes no difference what I or anyone else can say or add to the dialogue concerning Ron Paul, but unlike the other lame candidates he does have a plan. The best way to achieve anything is to have plan and then execute such. : |

    What does Romney, Gingrich, Santorum et al. have; nothing…nada! other than the same ol same ol electioneering b.s. that seems to hypnotize the electorates’ challenged minds concerning America’s future and the order or the day.


    Have we all become “cesspools of cycnicism”, condemning ourselves to that of hopelessness beyond all hope…?


    Carl Nemo **==

  14. Honestly Sherry, is this the best you can do? If this piece of soggy spaghetti hasn’t stuck to the wall yet its not going to … no one cares about this stuff because the general public (including those who are not Paul fans) can see it for what it is — Old fashioned scurrilous Innuendo. It really ought to be beneath you. But more to the point, with all its vast resources, is this the only bit of dirt the fourth estate can dig up on Ron Paul? If it is (and by all accounts, this would seem to be the case) then the good Doctor really is a genuine mensch

  15. I use to get the newsletters and they may not have been politically correct by 2012 standards but they were not racist. You are taking things out of context. In those days we had a failed welfare system that caused racial tension. We had riots and crime in the cities, a high percentage of crimes were committed by blacks. Even Obama said his grandmother would cross the street if she saw young black men approaching. We also had a very racist Federal Government that liked to spy on people including black leaders. We had President Clinton involved in one scandal after another. Read Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the author of “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton”. He is a writer for the Sunday Telegraph and was one of the few who told the truth. Remember Waco when our government gassed little children to death and then burned them up to cover up what they did? What I know is that Ron Paul was doing the same thing he is doing now and that is warning people about our corrupt government.I wish people had listened to him over twenty years ago and this country would not be in the mess it is now. You are wasting your time with this newsletter stuff. You can not tarnish a good man with lies.

  16. Again we see the media launching a major offensive against Ron Paul. It makes sense; his crowds are growing every day and his polling numbers are up. That threatens the establishment. Every time Ron Paul has begun to get a foothold with American opinion, the media pulls out the “racist newsletter!” card and flings it at him. Well, I’m here to say that I don’t think a single voter in this country is worried that Dr. Paul as President would enact some new racist policy (why would he? how could he? ridiculous!) As an “issue of character,” as far as I am concerned these newsletters have already shown Dr. Paul’s character: he has explained them and disavowed them, numerous times. Much more importantly, as President, Dr. Paul would veto the excessive spending projects of out-of-control government and would bring home our troops, which would make us SAFER. Wake up, America. Please wake up.

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