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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Romney retakes lead in latest Florida polls

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Mitt Romney at Thursday's debate (Reuters)

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, coming off a strong debate performance that left challenger Newt Gingrich off balance and muttering to himself, is up 9-10 points in two new polls of Republican voters for Tuesday’s crucial Florida primary.

A Quinnipiac University Poll gives Romney a 1o point edge — 38 to 28 percent — over the former Speaker of the House while Voter Survey Service for Sunshine State News shows Romney at 40 percent with Gingrich at 31.

Backbenchers Rick Santorum and Ron Paul both lag far behind.  Santorum, admitting he’s tired and almost out of campaign funds, headed home to Pennsylvania this weekend to do his taxes but said he would be back to campaign before Tuesday.

“Romney has regained the momentum at just the right time,” GOP strategist Arne Jensen told told Capitol Hill Blue. “He pummeled Gingrich in the debate and he’s controlling the media with massive ad buys.”

Quinnipiac shows only six percent of Florida GOP voters undecided as the primary voters and a significant number of male voters shifted from Gingrich to Romney after the debates.

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6 thoughts on “Romney retakes lead in latest Florida polls”

  1. Matthias, I have been blaming the voters for every rotten decision made in D.C. The imbalance of wealth comes from the elected Congress. Every damn law made in the halls of Congress were done by elected officials. Throw the Bastards out has been my mantra since the people elected Bush 43 and I knew America would never be the same nation. He added the new tax laws exempting the rich from paying taxes and added the prohibitions that would do great harm to women, gays and the terminally ill Americans. But the American people put this terrible man in the White House.

    I left the GOP after Bush 41 and never again voted for a Republican. The problem is that I am a free enterprise Capitalist and my own government has made me a freak. I want everyone to have the chance at wealth but not by taking it from others. I am a follower of Ayn Rand and I will not be fooled again by the promises of a Christian nation.

  2. What is the Holy Cow of Politics? What is wrong with the Primaries?

    Too many of the Voters’ decisions are not based on wisdom but on simplemindedness and folly.

    Voters are the holy cow in democracies.

    I have not heard anybody among the elite criticize them. The media focuses on their ratings, business on their profits and politicians on their votes. I have not heard anyone say that the voters are responsible for the policies in Washington. Only the governments or the liberal or conservative policies have failed.
    But who elected them? Politicians who want to get the majority of votes are forced to pay attention to the will of informed, simple minded and foolish voters.
    Who dares to speak the truth. The mess in the USA is caused primarily by voters.
    Stand up for the truth and make the voters an issue. As long as they do not change, policies in Washington will not change either.

    Watch: German preacher’s thoughts on 2012

  3. Hal. Romnney will hope Airforce One and head for Salt Lake City, just like his daddy did. The LDS Prophet is the final word for all Mormon leaders. They epitomize much of what know as white supremacy desires.

    I have spent most of my adult years working for women’s rights and then the rights for all other minorities. My grandfather trained me to allow no one to be bullied or stepped on in any way. I think he even talked himself out of the Mormon religion. The Prophet rules the church and any member who wins an election.

    I located a Republican candidate so fed up with the GOP to leave it and run as a Libertarian. I would vote for Obama except I am a free enterprise Capitalist free from any church who wants my membership as well as my money.

    When I was in high school I read a lot about Alinsky and found his organization plans excellent. When I met up with Gingrich and joined his GOPAC,it ran on much of the same organization plans. Go figure!

  4. Since Saul Alinsky is dead, assuming Moonman doesn’t run, like I wrote before, I am supporting Bill Ayres.

    My former governor, Mitt Romney, the moderate Republican looks nothing like the right winger he portrays himself as now. But I forgive him this since he will never be fulfilled until he is president of these united North American states.

    I don’t know whether he beat the George W. Bush record for the least time spent in his executive office during his tenure, but I think he must have come close. He was traversing the country running for president through his entire governorship. According to Wiki, “In 2006, his last year as governor, Romney spent all or part of 212 days out of state, laying the foundation for his anticipated presidential campaign.”

    I expect that if he is elected he will revert back to his true beliefs. I do not think he had a series of epiphanies about health care, embryonic stem cell research, banning assault weapons and abortion. Look up Governorship of Mitt Romney on Wikipedia.

    He began his term with a 66% approval rating which steadily went down until the numbers were reversed at the end of his term.

    Wikipedia alone has done much of the research for those Republicans running against him. I am surprised more of what he did as governor which they’d consider liberal hasn’t been brought up.

    • Wellllllllll no, Sandy. Gary Johnson is a Libertarian who ran as a Republican. He got no Republican support because Republicans know the difference, now he plans to punish Republicans for not loving him.

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