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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Romney’s tax bill: $6.2 million for two years

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Mitt Romney (AP Photo)

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a millionaire several times over, paid 13.9 percent of his income in taxes last year and expects to shell out 15.4 percent this year.

That comes to a total of $6.2 million in taxes on a two-year income of $42.5 million.

Tax records released by the Romney campaign today show most of his income comes from capital gains, which is taxed at a lower rate than a salary.  The top income rate for capital gains is 15 percent while average wage earners pay 35 percent.

Romney reluctantly and belatedly released the tax information after losing the South Carolina primary on Saturday.  The tax return issue was cited as one reason voters turned away from him and voted for former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

“Anyway you look at it, $6.2 million is a lot of money to pay Uncle Sam in taxes,” financial consultant William Rogers told Capitol Hill Blue.  “However, the returns show that the rich who can relay on gains from investments have an advantage over ordinary Americans.”

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7 thoughts on “Romney’s tax bill: $6.2 million for two years”

  1. Carl, I am not new to political debate and I take it very seriously. For this reason I will find another place to get my information. I carry my own freedom agenda and I missed that short window here that might have accepted it. It may have never arrived here but I’ve wasted enough time.

  2. So I have to start a new program so I can listen to my expensive satellite radio without interference? There was no place on those ads where I could shut them up. Years ago we started a fund through Doug to work on some plans for correction within our laws. I am willing to financially support any plans for my own political security. I am personally offended by the commercials and I would probably be better off going someplace else for my morning information. Habits are hard to break and I cannot keep up with new computer programs or new sites.

    Carl, I have built up a huge group of Internet users who honestly want my opinions of many of the problems we all face in America. I get my headlines from the home page right here on CHB. The posters here are very up to date and Doug’s commentaries are spot on. I can turn the sound down on my monitor but then I cannot here incoming emails.

    I will try to go CHB free for a week and see how it goes. Doug and I have too much baggage for him to answer an email from me.

    • “Carl, I have built up a huge group of Internet users who honestly want my opinions of many of the problems we all face in America.” …extract from reply huh…?! / : |

      “The posters here are very up to date and Doug’s commentaries are spot on.” That’s interesting because you usually accuse the site participants as being politically illiterate, wealth haters along with your threat to leave and not come back.

      “I will try to go CHB free for a week and see how it goes. Doug and I have too much baggage for him to answer an email from me.” …extract from reply

      There you go again, bashing the site host for an imagined slight.

      That’s not Doug’s style and you know it. He’s a problem solver and quick on his feedback to the site concerning tech problems and post content, regardless of differences of opinion. Methinks you’ve missed your daily dose of “Aricept” and ritalin. : )

      Based on your tech problem it seems your satellite radio is receiving modulation products from either the TV or the Computer, but more than likely the TV. Turn off the Tv and see if it cleans up your signal. Then the computer. You should be able to isolate the component. It it occurs when the computer and Tv are on together than somehow modulation products are being created between the two devices thus spilling into the satellite receiver in some fashion. You might need to plug your S-receiver into special plug to suppress radio frequency interference. I have no idea if you have an older analog Tv or not, but if so, it would be the most likely culprit for creating such modulation products.

      Carl Nemo **==

  3. Is everyone going to jump on Romney for making this amount of wealth and not paying his share of taxes? The problem is found within our tax structure. Vote the bastards out of office until they come up with a better way to fund the government.

    I have a bigger problem this morning. I came into the office at 6 am and turned on my Opera Radio and computer. When I clicked on Capitol Hill Blue, I was assaulted by tv commercials that wiped out my opera.

    Doug, can I pay you to keep these commercials off my computer? Or do I have to stop entering your site? I’m trying to hear an opera performed in New York in 1957. This is an unwanted intrusion!

    • Sorry to hear about your ‘interference’ Ms. Price, but possibly you should contact our site host via his email conduit on these technical issues.

      His site came up fine for me and no doubt others. Internet Explorer offers popup blocking features as well as better quality anti-spyware/malware programs. I use “Webroot Secure Anywhere” as my main weapon against such annoyances and have so for the past four years. It’s nice to have a fairly peaceful computing environment and their product does so as advertised since it immunizes my platform against thousands of intruders while providing continual realtime scanning of all my files in the background. It’s very fast and efficient. Just a friendly suggestion. : )

      Carl Nemo **==

  4. This late release post his loss in S.C. poisons the waters for him relative to ‘wealth haters’ of which there are many.

    Mitt Romney is a talented, savvy guy when it comes to making a buck and he’s paying taxes in line with existing statutes, so unless some irregularity is exposed, he’s kosher.

    I’ve viewed a number of vidclips exposing his chronic ‘flip-flopping’. I think he needs some coaching on how to present himself to the public. Over time he’s developed bad habits when it comes to making a committment on anything, then sticking a position.

    Viewing this clip will leave one hushed concerning his chronic flip flopping. It’s so glaring that it should cause concern on the part of voters.

    The ultimate question: Who is the real Mitt Romney…? / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    Disclaimer: My negative sentiments concerning Mitt Romney does not represent an endorsement for Newt Gingrich.

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