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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Nasty Newt is back, but will anybody care?

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Newt Gingrich: No more Mr. Nice Guy

A petulant, whiny Newt Gingrich is turning up the heat on GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney.

The kinder, gentler Newt is gone, replaced by an old familiar Newt — the vicious attack dog who goes for the jugular and takes no prisoners.

After vowing to keep his campaign for the Presidency positive — something you can only do when you’re leading the pack — New Newt has become Nasty Newt with angry bile spewing at every term.

Romney, Nasty Newt says, is a liar, hiding behind a super-pac that “Romney boated” him with ads about his record, his infidelity and his ethics problems.

But the old Newt may have returned too late to save his floundering campaign. Gingrich trails Romney 41-7 percent in the latest New Hampshire poll and trails the former Massachusetts governor in all other polls.

“Old Newt, New Newt, same result,” GOP activist Arne Block tells Capitol Hill Blue. “He had his chance. It’s over.”

“Polls show Mitt Romney headed for a blowout victory in the New Hampshire Republican primary,” writes Scott Clement in The Washington Post.

Meanwhile, Iowa second place finisher Rick Santorum has pulled into second place in New Hampshire polling and could overtake Ron Paul for second if he maintains his momentum.

“I doubt Santorum can overtake or come close to Romney but he has a shot at second,” says Block.

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5 thoughts on “Nasty Newt is back, but will anybody care?”

  1. Gingrich is a pro-Israeli-firster, beholden to AIPAC and the neocons (lower case intended).
    Neocons being more of the dual-citizen, pro-Israel crowd who have steered US foreign policy to favor “Israeli-security” at the expense of America’s reputation, and safety at home.

    They are also the ones installing a “security state” in the US and dismantling the liberties we once enjoyed when we were younger.

    Will anyone care if Newt is back?

    I (for one) wish Americans would wise up and boot both Newt and his neocon fundamentalists out of the public conscience forever.

    Both are a detriment to what little liberty the US has left.

  2. Even if the Gingrich supporters did discover that the shady side of America is financing him, they would not care. In the past dozen or so years, it has been discovered that Rush Limbaugh has supported many candidates who have been part of the Bush 43 groups. The entire eight years of the President Bush agenda has been built on secret meetings, hidden agendas and wars that cannot be explained rationally. Looking back on the damage done by the Bush 43 years, I feel assaulted by my own government. I tend to want to ignore Rush but most candidates want his approval.

    The voters seem lost when it comes to what exactly they want for a future America. I had hoped that the election of 2012 would define the best actions to correct the mess we all know to be deeply involved in our government.

    Not a single Republican candidate can even touch on a single action for the future of America. I’m waiting to hear from Gov. Jon Huntsman to see if he has an awareness of some kind of fix and of course, my desire for individual freedoms.

    Gingrich is not a man for good change. He wants a war with Islam and if elected we will be faced with a nuclear war and it will destroy America.

  3. Gingrich’s real problem is that he merely repackages policies that help the 1% at the expense of the 99%. In recent years Gingrich has been supported by Las Vegas casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a right-winger. (The very latest news is that Adelson denies supporting Gingrich, so maybe even Adelson has pulled the plug on Newt).

    A lot of the American people are broke or nearly broke. If there were a candidate out there supporting the 99% at the expense of the 1%, I would support him.

    As for being nasty or nice? Frankly, CHB, I don’t give a hoot.

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