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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Rick Santorum’s questionable conservative credentials

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Rich Santorum: Who, me?

Republican conservatives — eager to find anyone but Mitt Romney to support — need to take a closer look at new flavor of the month Rick Santorum before deciding he is the salvation of the party’s rigid right wing.

Santorum talks the right wing talk but he doesn’t walk it.

In Congress, Santorum came under heavy criticism for lavish pork barrel for his Pennsylvania.  As a Congressman for four years and a Senator for another 12, Santorum diverted billions of taxpayer funds for lavish — often unnecessary projects — for his home state.

“Calling Rick Santorum a conservative is a joke,” GOP strategist Sam Hall told Capitol Hill Blue.  “He is as big a spender and supporter of big government as Barack Obama.  He comes from the George Bush vision of expanded government.”

He enjoyed the perks of office, obtaining a preferred rate half-million dollar mortgage from a private bank run by contributors and paid back other donors with high-dollar taxpayer-funded projects for their personal benefit.

In an age where the GOP right wing preaches smaller government and reduced spending, Santorum sponsored, supported and voted for expensive government-funded education and transportation program.

While others advocate returning power to the states, Santorum wants a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, an amendment banning abortion and government monitoring of “family value” issues.

Santorum lies when he claims that he voted to “cut spending and rein in entitlements.”

He supported former President George W. Bush‘s “No Child Left Behind” program, an expensive federal program that conservatives claim gave Uncle Sam too much control.

Santorum pushed extending the Medicare drug benefit for seniors, opposed cuts in food stamps, supported increased federal subsidies for Amtrak and pushed more money for energy assistance.  In 2005, he pushed through an extension of subsidies for Pennsylvania dairy farmers — a 1 billion, two-year program that paid diary farmers when milk prices went down.

Says the right-wing Club for Growth:

On spending, Santorum has a mixed record and showed clear signs of varying his votes based on the election calendar. His record is plagued by the big-spending habits that Republicans adopted during the Bush years of 2001-2006.

As part of the GOP leadership in 2005, Santorum worked for — and voted for — a budget-busting highway transportation bill packed with his earmarks for Pennsylvania and billions for other Republicans.


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5 thoughts on “Rick Santorum’s questionable conservative credentials”

  1. I was going t try to write something amusing, because by now I see the Republican lineup as a version of the Keystone Cops chasing around a world they see through funhouse mirrors.

    But this little interchange with Frank bring up James Brown was funny. He’s not only known as the godfather of soul (and rhythm and blues, and funk music) but as “Mr. Dynamite,” “Soul Brother Number One” and “The Hardest Working Man in Show Business.” He often performed at the electric keyboard in his signature crushed blue velvet suit, a sight and sound to behold.

    Check him out on and see why Santorum is the anti- James Brown.

  2. Hey, Sandy –

    “Frank, who is James Brown?”

    The Godfather of Soul. The perennially hip, outrageous ‘Sex Machine’ who made a million dancefloors quake.

    But who is Rick Santorum?

  3. Frank, who is James Brown? I’m older than the others here and have little knowledge of many of the references here.

    I had to go back to Sandune because nobody knows who Sandy is. One and the same…one and the same…

  4. On spending, Santorum has a mixed record and showed clear signs of varying his votes based on the election calendar. His record is plagued by the big-spending habits that Republicans adopted during the Bush years of 2001-2006.

    Way too complicated. I’ll make it easy for y’all:

    Rick Santorum is the AntiJamesBrown.

  5. Senator Santorum is just another President Bush 43 only this time the prohibitions will take top of the list. Bombing Iran will be the cherry on the Conservative cake making Santorum manna from heaven.

    He considers breeding women as slaves to the religious men who are the Party. He considers all gays as the enemy of family values. Terminally ill Americans who live in the agony of their disease will have to wait for Jesus to pull the plug from their painful bodies.

    These are the same conditions under which Spain, France and Italy lived under the Catholic Popes during the inquisitions.

    Unless this horror can be stopped, it will be the “New America” that will put all of us under the Homeland Security restrictions.

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