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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Congress passes two-month tax deal; Obama signs it into law

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President Barack Obama signs the budget deal (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

In the end, the long-debated, often-delayed, more often gridlocked budget deal came down to a couple of voice votes in the near-empty chambers of the House and Senate, approving a $33 billion spending measure that keeps the payroll tax rate at 4.2 percent through the end of February.

But the debate is far from over. It will resume when Congress returns early next year and the partisan sniping began before President Barack Obama even had a chance to sign the budget deal.

Right-wing GOP representative Tom Price blamed what he called a “two month punt” on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Obama had not done their jobs.

But it was Republicans in the House who buckled under public pressure and backed down from their stonewalling of the deal.

Polls showed most Americans blamed Republicans — particularly the tea-party controlled right-wing newcomers — on the gridlock.

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5 thoughts on “Congress passes two-month tax deal; Obama signs it into law”

  1. “Signs into Low” makes more sense….no?

    Carl, your writing is terrific and right on the mark! Throw the bastards out is the only solution. The Republicans are wrong! and the Democrats are weak!

    Americans are striking zero for any future for anyone. I cannot remember a time where nothing was offered for any possible fix for anyone.

    We all are going to have to be aware of any changes in our voting procedures from coast to coast. The GOP House is determined to redistrict all areas in their favor. They can’t count on keeping a single House member without messing with the procedures.

  2. “Polls showed most Americans blamed Republicans — particularly the tea-party controlled right-wing newcomers — on the gridlock.” …extract from article

    Americans need to quit blaming either party, but look at themselves in the mirror, then realizing the “buck stops with them”.

    We vote these slick-talking pols into office every two, four or six years, then returning the same, time and again to Congress. Luckily the Presidency has term limits, but even eight years is too long in these dangerous times for the Republic.

    It’s too bad there isn’t a vote of confidence; I.E., a mandatory plebiscite to rate the performance of elected disapppointments such as Obama et al. politicians. If they don’t measure up, then another general election is called to refill the office prior to the completion of the term. So if the ‘elected ones’ fall down on the job they can be removed midterm rather than allowing them to wreak grave damage upon the nation for their entire term in office. It would be great if we could have such a vote of confidence concerning “Mr. Change we can believe in” at this point rather than suffering his presence another two years.

    The electorate needs to develop a mindset that they should never reelect any incumbent, regardless of their perfomance and the pork scraps pitched back home to Mayberry, USA thus turning the political compost heap at every election cycle as a matter of national tradition and to give the “Tree of Liberty” good tilth within which to thrive. We don’t need no stinkin’ term limits, just the will to rid ourselves of entrenched, multi-term obfuscating vermin from the halls of Congress.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Re: paragraph four

      …”suffering his presence another two years.”

      Should read:

      …suffering his presence for another year.

      My apologies.

      Time does fly for sure, so the upside is we only have to suffer Obama’s presence for another year unless the electorate so foolishly reelects him for another term which seems at this point as the most likely outcome.

      I have no specific recommendations for changing of the guard, but change is better than having entrenched crimpols and their partisan supporters doing a job on the Republic for a second term.

      Constant destabilization of resident sitting pols is far safer for the nation than allowing an ugly trend to develop all to our collective hazard. Bipartisanship is the most dangerous term any freedom loving citizen might encounter because with such duopolists in agreement “nobody’s life, liberty or property is safe while Congress is in session or the White House is occupied.”…believe it!

      Carl Nemo **==

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