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Friday, January 28, 2022

Boehner says ‘nada’ to tax cut deal

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House Speaker John Boehner

Speaker John Boehner, facing a rebellion from Republicans over the two-month payroll tax cut  compromise, appeared ready Sunday to sink the deal when the measure reaches the House Monday.

The Senate passed the deal with 89 votes Saturday but Boehner told “Meet the Press” Sunday that he isn’t happy with it and wants a yearlong extension.

“Two months is just kicking the can down the road,” Boehner said on the news talk show program.  “What I’m suggesting is this: The House has passed its bill; the Senate has passed its bill. Under the Constitution, when we have these disagreements, there could be a formal conference between the House and Senate.”

The two-month extension came out of stalled negotiations and emerged only after Democrats caved on GOP demands for a non-germane rider forcing a quick positions on a controversial oil pipeline.  If an extension is not approved — for either two months or a year — millions of Americans face a payroll tax hike.

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7 thoughts on “Boehner says ‘nada’ to tax cut deal”

  1. Another demonstration of our corp/government’s mutiny. They’ve got no allegiance to the constituents.
    The tax return issue is just one more of many that illustrates that Congress isn’t about solving issues for the American people, but rather protecting the interest of those who own them.
    Our government is self-will-run-riot. The chances of changing the guard with fresh new faces…zip to none.

  2. You have a point, Mr. Nemo, in that all sorts of silly amendments wind up in omnibus bills, but I suspect you’re doing the same thing, dragging unrelated issues into a discussion that would previously have considered them outside their bailiwick.


    • I went off topic intentionally Jon, since to me this ‘tax cut’ deal is like mosquito’s fart in a hurricane compared to the greater loss of our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom; as opposed to kvetching endlessly about the fact we’re broke as nation while these a*sclowns seemingly can’t come to any reasonable agreement when it comes to taxes and funding; but surely can endorse draconian legislation such as the NDAA with the blatantly unconstitutional McCain/Levin amendment.

      These people are not only traitors, but have their priorities all screwed up. Fie on them all…! : |


      “We’ve met the enemy and he is them”…paraphrasing a passage from a Walt Kelly “Pogo” cartoon


      Carl Nemo **==

  3. It would be far better if someone would just say no to the Levin/McCain amendment to the NDAA bill demanding the legislation be rewritten to eliminate this blatantly unconstitutional crap which would allow the military to police America, round up targeted ‘enemies of the state’ with no charges filed, denied right to counsel, a speedy trial and so too be incarcerated indefinitely until there’s a declared cessation of the hostilities; I.E., the ‘war on terror’, simply a noun, with no one to parley or sign a peace accord. Winning such a conflict can never be so, since there’s an unlimited supply of planetary malcontents. In other words we are now seemingly engaged in ‘Orwellian Permawars’ wherever, whenever planet earth, so too the war against another noun, the “war on drugs’.

    Seemingly this nation has been hijacked by domestic, political terrorists since the “Twin Towers” came down. Terrifying indeed…no? Seemingly it’s the PNAC’s dream paradigm, our collective nightmare come true.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • I referenced PNAC which stands for “Project for a New American Century” er I mean ‘New American Empire’. William “Bill” Kristol is Chairman.

      It’s loaded with wigged out reports written by the ‘annointed one’s that please corporate oligarchs in their plot to turn the earth into “Plantation Planet” with the former nation states carved up into simply enterprise zones governed by global corporations via their U.N. surrogate.

      Here’s a link to this chilling site. Believe it or not, it’s ‘think tank’ influence peddlers such as Kristol & Co. that are directly responsible for the chaos that now reigns over planet earth via the destruction of resources and lives.

      There’s indications though that globalism is beginning to unravel, starting with Eurozone financial crisis, eventually to wash over our shores. Make no mistake it will affect almighty China, India and Malaysia too regardless of their vaunted cash surpluses denominated in their ‘funny money’ no differently than ours or Europe’s. Everything we behold in our vision field has been built on debt and faith in funny money wherever; I.E., simply a “Potemkin Village” paradigm.

      Carl Nemo **==

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