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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Presidential election trauma: Who do you dislike least?

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Voters heading in 2012 face a serious dilemma: Which Presidential contender among a long list of flawed candidates do you dislike the least?

Poll after poll shows a lack of real passion by a majority of voters on both sides of the political divide.  Democrats accept the fact — many of the grudgingly — that President Barack Obama is their incumbent and must be supported but the passion and enthusiasm that propelled him into office in 2008 is gone, replaced by fatalism.

“Sadly, we don’t have a candidate that can generate buzz or passion,” a longtime GOP political operative admitted to Capitol Hill Blue this week.  “It’s the worst field of Presidential contenders that I have ever seen.”

Many Republicans support former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney not because they like him — in fact most don’t — but because they think he is the party’s best hope to beat Obama.

Newt Gingrich‘s recent return from the political graveyard is a strong indicator of GOP desperation.  Few voters actually like or trust Gingrich but he may be the only hope for a rabid right wing that demands one of their own as the nominee.

Ron Paul‘s supporters have passions but not the numbers.  He sits at eight percent nationally and hasn’t moved.  Most mainstream Republicans don’t trust Paul and are uncomfortable with some of his extremist views.

Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry are just two more has-beens in a growing slag heap of quickie GOP buzz that came and went.  Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum never generated enough attention to even get a second or two in the spotlight.

“Pitiful,” the GOP operative says. “Just pitiful.”


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10 thoughts on “Presidential election trauma: Who do you dislike least?”

  1. Got no love for politicians
    Or that crazy scene in d.c.
    Its just a power mad town
    But the time is ripe for changes
    There’s a growing feeling
    That taking a chance on a new kind of vision is due

    I used to trust the media
    To tell me the truth, tell us the truth
    But now Ive seen the payoffs
    Everywhere I look
    Who do you trust when everyone’s a crook?

    Revolution Calling by Queensryche from the album Operation Mindcrime

    • Thanks Woody188 for the spot-on, enervating production link.

      It’s tragic that 150 million Americans armed with Ak’s all bivouaced within five clicks of the Capitol aren’t available or motivated to make the necessary changes we can “truly believe in”…no? / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Armed resistance will only tighten their grip and give them the excuse they need for their final solution.

        Peaceful resistance is the only way.

  2. Sign up and vote for your third party candidate. Dont foreget to answer their survey as well….

    If they are not viable by 2012, Ill vote for the incumbant. At least he isnt an incompetent LIAR like the last pResident was…..

    Using the GOPs own language when they took over after Clintons 8 years of PEACE and PROSPERITY..

    “The incoming President inherits the economy of the last President for at least 18 months.”

    So using their OWN WORDS, President Obabam has had ownership of the present economy for only 12 months or so.

    • Thanks Baal for the link material…Lucifer. : )

      In all seriousness it’s worth reader attention.

      Carl Nemo **==

  3. “Poll after poll shows a lack of real passion by a majority of voters on both sides of the political divide.” …extract from article

    Yeah many voters had ‘passion’ for our current ‘silver-tongued’ prevaricator in chief and witness where that has gotten us.

    Voters simply don’t trust anyone running for office nowadays. They’re all painted with the same judgement brush; I.E., wannabe crimpols on the make eventually to be on the take while squandering tax debtor money.

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. Actually, Ron Paul has moved up nationally to 12% in the most recent Fox Poll, typically one of his worst, and is in second place in Iowa and second or third in New Hampshire, where they know him better.

    Clearly, his numbers DO go up with actual exposure rather than media spin.

    • And that’s only Republican polling… Ron Paul consistently does the best when compared against Obama, and that’s huge. I’ve said for months, RP is the only Republican candidate that can pull votes from the Obama camp. Everyone else at the debates looks like a typical right-wing nutjob, and folks like myself who voted for Obama in ’08 would rather fight back the nausea and re-elect Obama than allow truly crazy people (Bachmann, Perry) or career pro-corporate liars (Gingrich, Romney) into the White House. Jon Huntsman might have a shot in 2016 or 2020, but right now he’s an unknown.

      Actually, I partly agree with the sign in the photo. “None of the above” for President 2012. But Ron Paul has a real shot if we ignore the MSM and listen to reality.

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