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Friday, January 21, 2022

Cain turns to Secret Service to hide from the press

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Herman Cain: 'Save me from those dangerous reporters'

Herman Cain is hiding behind a new security barrier of Secret Service agents — the first GOP candidate to request such protection in the 2012 campaign — and claims he wants the guards because of threats against him.

But a source close to the Cain campaign confirmed to Capitol Hill Blue this week that the candidate is more concerned about the threat of a free press than any potential assassin.

“He wants to keep reporters at bay,” the source said.  “He sees the media as an enemy.”

In fact, Cain is so afraid of the press that he canceled a schedule interview Thursday with New Hampshire’s largest and most influential newspaper — the powerful Manchester Union-Leader.

Courting the Union-Leader is considered mandatory in presidential campaigns but Cain’s campaign is anything but conventional and his hatred of the press grows daily. Cain has retreated from interviews after a videotaped interview with the Milwaukee Journal turned into a public relations nightmare.  During the interview, Cain stumbled over questions about Libya and contradicted himself by supporting collective bargaining rights.

The Union-Leader planned to videotape their interview with Cain but the candidate’s campaign first rejected the request to tape and then canceled the interview altogether.

That didn’t sit well with Union-Leader publisher Joseph McQuaid, who dismissed Cain as a failing candidate.

“It’s politics and campaigns. I don’t think he’s going anywhere from here at this point anyway,” McQuaid told Union Leader political reporter John DiStaso.

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5 thoughts on “Cain turns to Secret Service to hide from the press”

  1. Carl, Ive known only one man who could get away with the attitude you describe. His name was Errol Flynn and he could get away with anything. He made many men and women simply want to follow him around and watch….. Between you and me, he also smelled wonderful..

  2. Cain hasn’t proved himself in Iowa yet and he’s already costing tax debtors money by requesting SS protection.

    The photo supplied with this article says it all. Cain has that look in his eye that his every waking moment is about himself, regardless of any damages or consequences he’s caused to others on his way to the top of a pizza chain. Seemingly he’s living up to its corporate moniker; I.E., ‘Godfathers Pizza’…no? / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. I keep referring to this guy as Herb Caen. I know, Caen died several years ago but Herman Cain has yet to make an impression….I’ll wait.

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