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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Bachmann likes government spending in her own district

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Michelle Bachmann: Government waste is fine as long as she is the one wasting it

Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann — a frequent critic of government waste and excessive spending — is less critical when that money comes into her Minnesota congressional district.

Bachmann, for example, is a staunch supporter of a $690 million bridge project that would connect the 20,000 inhabitants of Stillwater, MN, to a small, unincorporated town in Wisconsin just across the St. Croix River.

David Williams, president of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, calls Bachmann’s double-standard the “height of hypocrisy.”

In an statement to The Daily Caller, Williams said:

As a self-acclaimed fiscally conservative member of Congress you can’t pick and choose which projects are questionable and which are not just because a project happens to be in your district. Being a budget hawk also means that you have to scrutinize projects that are in your district or state.

Bachmann’s office defends the project as a safety issue and claims the bridge should have been built years ago.  But critics say other bridges in Minnesota need to be replaced and should have a higher priority than the St. Croix River project.

Those bridges, however, are not in Michelle Bachmann’s district so the Minnesota Congresswoman considers them wasteful spending.

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5 thoughts on “Bachmann likes government spending in her own district”

  1. Team Obama media whores are so amusingly dishonest. They run articles saying that MB “does not get anything done for her district” alternating with articled criticizing her for getting things done for her district. In fact, the article was largely a DC copy-and-paste special.

  2. I am very curious whether the voters will re-elect any of the GOP candidates who are running for office. None of these loud mouth defenders of Conservative values should ever have the power to simply sign away so much of our federal government. Back in 1964, before the government was rebuilt to take care of all Americans there might have been a chance to cut back much of what the government took away from our choices. It is too late today. Fifty years ago we might have been able to allow our choices in retirement programs to take care of us but not today.

    Today our lives are programmed to a great need for income after our retirement years. I find the GOP terribly hypocritical in expecting us to pay their terrible debts and then have them turn us off of our senior-years’ investments.

    America has become totally dependent on a government that should have been left alone. It is too late now for even Ron Paul to stand up for the choices that most of us cannot afford to make.

    What can we do? I fully intend to dump every Republican candidate on my ballot. None of them has a clue that many families have 3 generations of unemployed members.

    Our jobs were traded for money given to the Congress to send our jobs and plants overseas. What were they thinking? I fought like hell against NAFTA. Bush 41 lost his reelection on this issue but Clinton picked it up and Perot was right…Our jobs whooshed away. Bush 43 came in and we damned nearly lost our minds over his lies and abuse of his office.

    It is time to dump these two-faced religious freaks and start thinking like Americans. I personally believe we are too late. The Democrats have no acceptable candidates for any office.

    There is not a single candidate on the right that isn’t itching to get into Iran and/or Syria. In their strangely programmed minds, we must kill Islam. The whole damn lot of them have a huge secret that America must be quickly Christian or we will all die in flames of hell and damnation.

    Last night Chris Matthews let it slip out that Gingrich is now a member of a very exclusive Catholic organization called Opus Dei. He now represents the Pope. Does anyone realize the implications of this?

    Throw the bastards out!

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