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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Second victim goes public as Cain remains in denial

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Karen Kraushaar: Another victim of Herman Cain

A second former employee of the National Restaurant Association went public today, confirming sexual harassment by GOP presidential contender Herman Cain when he served as head of the trade association in the 1990s.

Karen Kraushaar, now a spokeswoman for the Treasury Department, worked in the communications department and said she was a victim of Cain’s sexual harassment.

“When you are being sexually harassed in the workplace, your are extremely vulnerable,” Kraushaar said in an interview with The New York Times.  You do whatever you can to quickly get yourself into a job some place safe and that is what I thought I had achieved when I left.”

But her name leaked out this week and she says she will outline just what Cain did to her at the NRA.

Kraushaar’s revelations came as Cain denied ever sexually harassing anyone, even though mounting evidence suggests he has abused women in more workplaces than just the NRA.

“There’s not just a smoking gun here,” a GOP operative told Capitol Hill Blue.  “It’s a huge minefield.”

Kraushaar joins Sharon Bialek, who worked for the association and said Cain groped her and tried to force her into oral sex in a car following dinner in Washington when she came to him for help in getting another job.

Cain, Bialek said, made it clear that he wanted sex in exchange for helping her find a new job.

No so, claims Cain.

“I have never acted inappropriately with anyone, period,” he claimed at a new conference in Arizona Tuesday.  “I will not be deterred by false, anonymous, incorrect accusations.”

With both Bailek and Kraushaar now going public, the charges are no longer anonymous and Kraushaar suggested she and others harassed by Cain may hold a joint press conference to expose the now scandal-plagued presidential candidate as a sexual predator.

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4 thoughts on “Second victim goes public as Cain remains in denial”

  1. “mounting evidence suggests he has abused women in more workplaces than just the NRA.”

    What is it? where? says who?

  2. All I am waiting for now is for Cain to hold a press conference bragging about how large “my d***” is and how blondes find him irresistible.

  3. “It’s a huge minefield.”…extract from article

    Seemingly Cain’s ‘minefield’ future is doomed…no?

    My beef is that I hate these endless distractions when this nation is in grave need of serious triage concerning it’s financial and budgetary future.

    The best is not offered to us, but seemingly the worst in these trying times for the Republic.

    Cain, Romney, Bachmann, Palin et al. are all inferior a*sclowns.

    Seemingly the powerbrokers feel this is all we should be offered in the face of another term of their fair-haired, operative Obama.

    The entire politcal order is a rigged, crooked game…believe it…!

    Carl Nemo **==

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