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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Obama says God supports his jobs bill

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President Barack Obama is trying an old Republican trick: When in trouble, bring God into the campaign.

On the stump Wednesday to try and sell his struggling jobs program, Obama said even God wanted to pub Americans back to work.

“That’s not putting people back to work,” Obama said after the House passed a GOP-sponsored bill reaffirming “In God We Trust” as the official U.S. motto. “I trust in God, but God wants to see us help ourselves by putting people back to work.”

Bringing God into public debate was a tactic used often by Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush.  That former Republican President told the American people that God told him to invade Iraq.

When asked if Obama went too far in dragging God into the jobs debate, White House spokesman Jay Carney defended the President’s actions.
“The point the president is making is that we have it within our capacity to do the things to help the American poeple,” Carney said. “I believe the phrase from the Bible is ‘the Lord helps those who help themselves.'”

Carney, however, fell into a trap that often ensnares politicians who quote scripture.

He misquoted the Bible.

The White House later issued a statement to “clarify” that the quote by Carney was not from the bible but one that is often used in religious debate.

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20 thoughts on “Obama says God supports his jobs bill”

  1. Obama says God supports his jobs bill.
    Israeli’s say God gave them the land called Israel.

    Both are lying.

    How do you know?

    Their lips are moving and God is neither an endorser of politics, nor a real estate agent.

  2. With or without ritalin, you never fail to bore me. I am expecting company this afternoon and will have to reply to your very insulting comments at another time. I am communicating with some new authors on subjects of free mindedness and I simply must catch up with them.

    I have no native intelligence as I was born as stupid as everyone else. Not having a television has given me a step up and over the average non-reader here.

  3. “I often for get that people here do not put the treasure of books over and above other thrills. Everything I ever learned, I got from books. Trying to squeeze anything out of people proved a useless endeavor. Nobody here shares a damn thing but waits to see who will be the first to make an ass out of themselves. I have done this many times…”… extract from reply

    Ms. Price…

    There you go again painting the members of this site with your one size fits all paint brush.

    I have several walls worth of books that I’ve read over time. Still, they do nothing for an individual,if from the reading thereof, a distillate of the greater and lesser minds that authored such can be achieved. If one lacks the ability to create synthesis with their own native intellect, then ‘bookishness’ alone does not equate to a reader having a high order intellect much less the acumen to pass judgement on others.

    I suspect from your writings to this article you’ve missed your twice daily dose of ritalin. / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. Perhaps I should explain myself as bit more clearly. My support of Rand’s philosophy got me labeled as the site whore when it comes to my ethics. There were no words to explain my absolute desire to live for and by my own rules. You even threw my silly desire to make a few bucks after my enormous investment in a book store. I often for get that people here do not put the treasure of books over and above other thrills. Everything I ever learned, I got from books. Trying to squeeze anything out of people proved a useless endeavor. Nobody here shares a damn thing but waits to see who will be the first to make an ass out of themselves. I have done this many times…..

    It is wonderful when someone has figured out the key to success and wealth but they will seldom be honest about it. In the last couple of years, I have gone beyond ancient humans to try to figure out where our developed brains have gone. There are only a handful of humans alive who have the ability to live with what they know to be true. I gave up any plans for my own growth but handed what I know to my own kids. In order to live by one’s ideals, one has to first define them.

    My kids are the first to warn me that searching for ideals will never be found on the internet. This is the playground of those who refuse to talk about what is true. I grew up with the most idealistic of men who founded this nation. That they overlooked owning other men will never completely justify their actions. It was simply a clue to where their idealism was cut short. What was the key to this short point of view?

    To me it was their giving away of themselves when they looked to Jesus Christ for their souls. Our genes seem to have a built in weakness against self esteem.

    The lack of women here can also explain why trying to make the holidays a place for children to enjoy. Trying to survive another year without a new baby being part of the family was important to me as I owed my kids more than one more mouth to feed.

    My holiday plans for my extended family are filled with Main Street visions Griff, I am absolutely Main Street all the way. It makes me feel joy knowing that many children will enjoy the holidays. I just wish I could program the music they will be hearing. I do not need your monster god passing out hell and damnation.

  5. What the hell are we talking about? My wanting a strong holiday to make a profit from my bookstore? I forgot, my owning a bookstore made me the enemy of the common man……a capitalist! Horrors!

    American merchants spend 10 hours a day, 7 days a week paying enormous costs to run a store in downtown Cambria CA. I buy my books at 40% less than the printed cost of the books from the suppliers. I also have to pay for the shipping costs and the frustration of having cartons of books held by the suppliers to give the big book stores like Barnes and Nobel a head start before the holidays. When selling my books as an owner dealer, I have to pay my own Social Security and Medicare deductions making my monthly payouts higher than if I simply worked for someone else.

    I was part of a list of unusual artistic stores along Main Street where we became entertainment for the store browsers up and down the Central Coast of California. I opened my store at eleven oclock on Sunday to the sound of a bagpipe players who came down Main Street leading many of the Cambrian people out of church to join us for hot cocoa down Main Street to the beach.

    In the back of my mind every Sunday morning was that I had to sell over $125 worth of books before noon to pay for opening the door. I had to stay open until 6 PM in hopes of selling $300 more to cover the cost of the electric bill and the property taxes. I did this for 8 years and never made a profit. What else could I sell in this building that I bought for $200K cash? My life was this store. We used the front porch to show unwanted puppies and kittens and my group made up outrageous lies about them all coming from the Hearst Castle.

    Christmas was magical and I located some Christmas musicians to play and sing Christmas carols whenever they showed up. I trained at Robinson’s as a window decorator and my windows were fabulous. My costuming skills made my windows a showplace. My piano was moved into the window of the store and it looked as if Disneyland had been added to Cambria, CA. I was thrilled over every single book I sold. I had friends in Big Sur and they would wander down Highway One during the holidays. It was not a surprise to see Clint Eastwood having a smoke and sitting with a book and Woody Allen wandering around the west village and lighting up who knows what in my store. I was on the board of the Symphony and many of my musicians would use my store to rehearse a difficult piece of music. This was my life. All I needed was a couple of million dollars and I would be set for life. We had some really good artists in Cambria and I allowed them to show their work in the store if I could count on them to open and close the store when I had a wedding or something north where my kids lived.

    My book-signing parties were great and we had newspaper and TV coverage from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. I had several actresses who showed their books in my store and it guaranteed a profitable day. Betty White was an old friend and a great hostess. We made headlines when Humprey the Hump backed whale went the wrong way north of San Francisco Bay and a young man did a children’s book and we invited all the kids in Cambria to attend and we sold out his book. Several member s of the Hearst family wandered around the store and several knew I had a clean restroom that they could use. My kitchen had fresh coffee and fresh baked cookies. Mother had dated Randolph Hearst and many of the family members remembered her piano talent.

    Those were grand years and I no memories of my being the enemy of the common man. Even the Reagans showed up one afternoon and remember my picking them up at the Hearst airport when he was President. I did the information booth at the castle gift shop. I constantly sent many tourists into our village a few miles south of the Castle. A movie was filmed there called “Arachnophobia” and it was a big deal as many of us can be seen in the background shots.

    This is how a Capitalist loves life.

    • I’m somewhat confused Ms. Price as to why you think folks on this site are anti-capitalist. It seems we are moreso against statist, government meddling in every aspect of our lives from byzantine, ill thought regulations to over the top taxation with the insult of those that would tax us squandering our money on offshore military adventurism, out of control welfare/workfare programs and a host of other bloodsucking ill thought, legislated antics.

      Carl Nemo **==

      • “The most virtuous are those who content themselves with being virtuous without seeking to appear so.”

        “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.”


  6. Ms Price:

    I don’t recall my ever writing anything to the effect that President Obama is evil per se, but I certainly don’t trust him as a function of his actions to date. If I did imply that he was evil, then seemingly his actions to date affirm such. “We the People” certainly aren’t on his radar screen. If seemingly so, it’s because he’s ever-scamming for votes. He’s a professional campaigner, nothing more, nothing less… / : |

    He aligned himself with advisers from past administrations prior to his inauguration, many if not most of them linked to the buildup of our national demise prior to Bush/Cheney ascending to office. As far as I’m concerned these duopolists are in it together; I.E., a cosa nostra enterprise, albeit political in nature.

    Seemingly he is the son of the Father of Lies…no?

    “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” …John 8:44


    I suggest you reference my “Rain on the Parade” post of January 20, 2009 along with the supplied “Red Ice Creations” link for which you’ll have to copy and paste to your address bar since it’s no longer hot. You’ll get the drift of what I mean as to this guy simply being a plug-in module for continuing the many year plan to turn this nation into simply a minor plantation within the greater global order of such.

    Obama’s track record to date confirms my grave suspicions about him even prior to taking the oath of office.

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. I have a question for Karl Nemo. Do you really believe that President Obama is evil? I remember his campaign promises and thought they sounded good and honorable. They seemed to smack on a redistribution of wealth which is a very democratic point of view. It is no surprise that CHB is leaning to the left a bit more day after day. This leaning to the left is better than leaning to the right with proof of baptism needed as part of registration requirements.

    My search for a separation of church and state is slowing blending into a world of impossible dreams. In reality, the search for individuality no longer exists. This is no longer good or bad, just nonexistent.

  8. Every one in my world looks forward to not only Chanukah and Christmas but the start of a new world calendar. I was also a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Santa Monica but also Cambria and San Simeon in California. We all knew and understood that unless we all shown like gold that Friday after Thanksgiving, our opening for Christmas would be a waste of time. Most of us vendors, loved selling what we most cherished and in my case it was books. Our Chamber meetings were filled with marketing television ads, bringing in new items that would appeal to our store browsers. November was the month of decorating our stores that would appeal to the child in all of us.

    I am wired to returning to this mode of action weeks before Thanksgiving and this year is no different. Even the special music written for these holidays is set aside as being soul music. I have no belief in any God but my soul often needs Handel and Bach. They wrote music that offends nobody unlike the stuff coming out of our music world today.

    This is the time of year where I put down books like Depardieu and Steve Jobs. These men may be successful and rich but has human beings, they disgust me.

    So, yes, I wanted that jobs bill signed as it just might bring the joy of hope to many out-of-work families. I am a Humanist Griff and even Atheists need a feeling of hope once in a while.

    • Hope has nothing to do with religion. Whay joy will more debt and more inflation bring to anyone but the well-connected that make money whether Main
      Street prospers or perishes?

      What individuality can be found in either collectivist party or their policies?

      Why would such a staunch “defender” of personal responsibility and “libertarian” ideals such as yourself support this bill?

      Your hatred for Republicans appears to trump your “beliefs.”

  9. Every damn one of you who ignored the loss of this jobs bill had better get your sorry asses to church on Sunday morning. Do you really believe that God gives a damn when you don’t? From what I understand, is that the Conservatives got down on their knees to pray the bill would not pass.

  10. I did Carl. I have been extremely disturbed by D.C. today and went off line until the jobs bill was voted on. It did not pass in the Senate and all of America will suffer due to the Conservatives in power. It all comes back to the House and Senate and yet we spend hours worrying about a case of harassment that means nothing but a juicy bit of gossip. Americans will never speak out against what is obviously their own damn fault.

    Those bastards will be reelcted over and over and many will worry about wall street when it is obviously the damn government that needs to be washed out. I saw the government slipping out of control in 2000 when Bush was elected and America would change forever.

    Go line up in your city parks and ignore the problem. I give up trying to work with anyone here.

  11. My employment with D. Napier & Sons Ltd., lasted for many years and no breach of ethics was ever demonstrated.

    • Methinks ye posted these last two comments to the wrong article Ms. Price, then again maybe not./:|

      Carl Nemo **==

  12. What exactly is sexual harassment at this time? Sometimes a little appreciation from a male coworker can take the edge off a situation in any office. I worked for a British Aircraft company for 6 months and when I sent out to the roach coach to get treats for my managers, I took the whistles and cat calls until one morning when I had no response from the men. I asked someone what was wrong and it turned out that the workers just discovered I worked for the bossman. I made an announcement that I was not offended by their reaction. They regained their normal cat calls and I curtsied in response. During our many weeks of aircraft certification I often did a neck and back massage as trying to compete with American prop jets brought on an enormous stress. I never had an inappropriate response to my back rubs and I expected none.

    Today might be an altogether different situation.

    • Sexual (or any) harassment is defined as unwanted and unwelcome. Given your appreciation of it, it’s not harassment.

      It becomes harassment when it’s actively disliked, that dislike has been made clear, and yet it continues. That’s harassment.

      And yes, this is probably the wrong article. Perhaps the wizards at CHB can relocate these remarks.


  13. When ‘silver-tongued’ demagogues such as Obama start using the ‘god card’ to sell another bum, dysfuntional makework program…watch out below!

    It never ceases to amaze me as to what depths these pols will plumb in order to sell their snake oil products.

    We all know how his first ‘Recovery Act’ failed to produce anything of lasting value except to facilitate the migration of 785 billion ‘debt dollars’ into the hands of grifters with few permanent jobs of merit being produced for this nation.

    Repeating the same failed programs and expecting different results is the definition of insanity paraphrasing Albert Einstein.

    Carl Nemo **==

  14. That quote is often used to justify sins like greed. I prefer the Iowa state motto, “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.”

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