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Monday, January 24, 2022

Many 2008 Obama donors say ‘no way’ this time

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President Barack Obama rode into office in 2008 by building a record-busting list of small and large donors who funded his campaign with cash.

But many of those donors have closed their checkbooks for the 2012 Presidential race.

“I gave him money in 2008 but I won’t give him a dime this time around,” says Cheryl Wilson of Blacksburg, Virginia.

Wilson is among thousands of individual donors who say Obama isn’t the President he promised to be.

“I had never given to a candidate before,” says Sam Thomas of Marysville, Ohio.  “I may never give to another one again. If I do it sure as hell won’t be Barack Obama.”

The defection of campaign donors won’t send Obama to the poorhouse.  The President and the Democrats still outpace Republicans in campaign fundraising but a close look at Federal Election Commission reports show a surprising number of 2008 Obama contributors are now sending their donations to Republicans.

Obama set campaign records in 2008 with millions of small donors but many of them are saying they won’t be on board in 2012.  Instead, the President is turning to fatcat donors and Wall Street to fill his campaign coffers.

“I thought Obama was the answer,” says Susan Sandbourne of Springfield, Illinois. “He wasn’t. I’m sure Mitt Romney is the answer now but I’m more willing to take a chance on him.”

Janet Tavakoli, a Chicagoan who gave Obama $1,000 in 2008, isn’t giving to any candidate this time around.  She says she was “dead wrong” about Obama.

Arnie Levin of Chicago agrees.

“Obama conned me and too many others in 2008,” he says.  “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

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2 thoughts on “Many 2008 Obama donors say ‘no way’ this time”

  1. Amen, Walter Wouk. That was absolutely telling about Obama’s priorities, when he threw Dean in the trash can and sought out Rahm Emanuel and Tim Geithner.

    Terrible, terrible president, who betrayed those who brought him there without hesitation or remorse.

  2. It was Howard Dean and his 50-state strategy that built “a record-busting list of small and large donors who funded” Obama’s campaign.

    I knew as soon as Obama discarded Dean that nothing good was coming out of his presidency.

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