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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Doom and gloom dominate Obama White House

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President Barack Obama: No so happy days

The Obama White House is in disarray, hamstrung by internal strife, bogged down with mixed messages and stalled by a general lack of direction.

Even President Barack Obama‘s signature health care reform is on life support, eaten away by segments that aren’t working.

The administration’s decision last week to scrap a long-term health care insurance program — a key part of the Obama package — signals growing concern inside the White House that things just aren’t working out the way they hoped.

“The Obama White House is in trouble, there’s no doubt about that,” says Democratic political operative Gary Northridge.

Faced with plummeting job approval ratings, Obama is scrambling to find a way to recapture the magic of his historic 2008 campaign but political pros tell the President that his rhetoric no longer works on a public weary of promises without results.

“The President has failed to deliver too many times and he is out of political capital,” says Florida Obama supporter David Brooks.

White House insiders tell Capitol Hill Blue that the President has grown moody, withdrawn and unwilling to listen to criticism.

“There’s a tenseness now that wasn’t here a year ago,” says one West Wing staffer who asked not to be identified. “Everybody’s worried.”

Although Obama continues to lead in head-to-head polls, the support is soft and worries about the economy continue to drive down his numbers.

“There’s a feeling out there that somebody — anybody — can do better,” says Democratic campaign worker Noreen Donaldson of Nevada.  “We’ve got to do something soon or next year will be a disaster.

Sources say strategists are burning the midnight oil at the Democratic National Committee and gallows humor has taken over staff meetings.

“The question of the day is ‘if your resume up to date?” says one DNC staff member.

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15 thoughts on “Doom and gloom dominate Obama White House”

  1. If what you say is true, the only reason I can think that would cause such despair in the White House would be desertion of their corporate cronies. They must not be raising the amount of money they expected to. I would think they would feel encouraged with OWS out in the streets and growing. The Republican candidates are extremely weak and look insanely stupid. As far as their base deserting them, it has not happened to the degree that it should have, considering their treatment of their supporters.

  2. After election night 2008, I believe that Pres. Obama was truly convinced that he, and he alone, was given the power to keep the tide from coming in. Like King Canute, he’s the last one to learn that his powers are far more limited than he thought. Or still thinks.

    The doom and gloom mentioned is almost humorous considering all those folks in the W.H. will have very fat and golden parachutes no matter the voting patterns of us nabobs.

    Ain’t it funny how we keep electing presidents who morph into kings within a day of their inauguration?

  3. Cheap ways for Obama to get elected:

    1. End the fighting and leave Irag, Afghanistan, Libya, Yeman, and Pakistan. Tell them it’s time for their boys to do what American boys have been doing for them for the last decade. Leave Japan, Germany, and other Cold War strongholds and South Korea. Or give them the choice that they can still buy the weapons and weapon systems but they will have to provide their own people/operators or pay for ours with the contracts approved by our Congress. NO FREE RIDES! Put extra troops on US borders and stop illegal immigration and fund our cities and states via their purchases.

    2. Prosecute banking fraud and insider trades. No more settlements for banks that STOLE trillions and rewarded themselves BILLIONS in tax payer money. Re-instate the Glass–Steagall Act and break up Citi/Travellers and any others in violation of it.

    3. Stop assassinating people without trial. Stop “extraordinary rendition” or shipping people overseas in order to torture them. Stop torture! Close Gitmo/Bagram and other “black site” torture prisons.

    4. Stop enforcement of the PATRIOT Act and prosecute agents and agencies that violate civil rights like our right to privacy. Dismantle the civilian spy operation on our phone and electronic communication. Shut down the TSA.

    5. End the “war on drugs” and shut down the DEA and ATF. Stop enforcing laws against marijuana growing and use.

    6. Make the use of mercenary/mercenary corporations by the USA illegal.

    7. Declare that corporations are not people/citizens and have no rights as compared to living, breathing people. If they demand to be citizens, they will be taxed as citizens, paying the same percentages as real citizens. NO LOOPHOLES! They will also be prosecuted/penalized and held responsible as a citizen for violating the law. Perhaps collectively punishing the boards and executives will stop the lying and the fraud and make them actually police themselves.

    8. Declare labor arbitrage as outside of free trade agreements (stating the obvious because it is not free trade) and demand it’s practice halted or face fines and prosecution for trade violations. End “free trade” with closed communist systems that destroy capitalist systems via their communist interfering market distortions.

    9. Declare TARP a socialist/fascist failure and vow that the US government, and hence tax payers, will never bail out another corporation again. If a corporation can’t survive bankruptcy it does not deserve to survive and will fall into receivership and be broken up if systemic risk is present. Dissolve Fannie/Freddie via this method.

    Well it’s a start…this would make anyone a great President. Obama isn’t capable of most of these. Too weak, too attached to the current paradigm to be of any good to the masses. Heck, he enacted/enabled a lot of this stuff.

  4. If Obama & Co. need a sense of direction, I suggest they watch 2008 campaign trail videos and take note of what issued from this President’s mouth, at that time simply a candidate hopeful and compare it to how he’s stiffed the American people post his inauguration in January 2009.

    We’re still wasting our precious national debt-based ‘wealth’ in Iraq and Afghanistan while shoring up Pakistan with ‘military aid’ along with our ‘nation-building’ involvement in Libya via our NATO surrogate. Our massive involvement in these faraway, engineered zones of conflict in the name of interdicting international criminals; I.E., terrorists is not warranted along with simply not being very bright on the part of our national leadership unless it’s simply about lining the pockets of their MIC patrons which seemingly is the glaring answer to our state of perpetual, conveniently unwinnable wars for profit.

    Homeland Security along with its sub agencies such as TSA et al. have grown into fully blown, inefficient, behemoth sized, national parasite providing ‘workfare’ for societal malcontents with an axe to grind.

    The uber costly, no win ‘War on Drugs’ is still in progress with nary a single creative idea to say enough is enough particurly towards an innocuous one such as marijuana. Being continually told it’s a gateway drug using it as the foundation for this phony tax draining ‘war’ is pure b.s. too and they know so. As far as the more serious one’s, then how about simple civil fines and treatment for those that need people that remediation. Massive law enforcement efforts, the court system, prisons along with ever-growing prison ‘industries’ is not the answer. Take the profit motive out of the drug equation and just as a fire without fuel, it will quench itself in time to that of a minimal societal problem.

    Recovery bills etc. that simply scatter money about the nation at tax debtor expense is not the answer either. It reminds me of the Romans catapulting loaves of bread and sealed jugs of wine out to the unwashed masses in the Coliseum at ‘half time’ several thousand years ago; our government simply providing the same ‘bread and circus’ distractions of yore while ‘New Rome’ burns.

    So Mr. President along with your so-called ‘advisers’ if you wish to alleviate your systemic depression, I suggest you reconcile our current national crises against your shapeshifting performance to date. Note too that I’ve only provided a partial indictment list against your failings as President.

    To put it simply, the American people don’t like in their face liars which seemingly you’ve demonstrated to date. You’ve lost your Independent base for sure.

    I rest my case.

    Carl Nemo **==

      • Mr. Ratigan is my kinda guy, together we are one when it comes to what’s necessary to save this nation from seemingly its preordained destruction on the unholy altar of globalism run amok.

        There’s still time, maybe he should run as an Independent, no different than his referenced Teddy Roosevelt whose “Bull Moose Party” originally started as the “Progressive Party” in 1912, a split from the Republican Party launched him back into office for a second term. So whether it’s a Ron Paul or a Dylan Ratigan, it’s time for change and a termination of the status quo performance we now suffer at the hands of the duopolists that now control America’s landscape. It’s tantamount that any candidate that’s truly seeking change we can believe in separate themselves from both Democrats and Republicans. What’s interesing is that it’s been almost 100 years since Teddy’s end run on conventional politics. Corporate and political corruption had reached it’s peak in his time so too as in ours. It’s high time for a political purge and to reckon with the forces of terminal greed and evil that’s seized this nation by its very throat.,_1912)

        Truly a great rant and one that needs to be aired across America. Thanks Almandine. : )

        Carl Nemo **==

    • Ooh, I’ll take some hope and change! I mean, I hoped that Obama would make some changes to GWB’s tyrannical/authoritarian policies, but before he even took office, I saw that he would fail. He appointed the former President of the NY Federal Reserve Bank to the Treasury Secretary position, and that was when I stopped hoping on Obama.

      So now I know. “We are the people we’ve been waiting for.” It’s time to initiate a provisional government, start firing the bought congress, jailing the big money elite, and put laws in place to divide the circle-jerk that is a bank-owned government. The money = speech ruling has gone too far, and we must push back or lose our republic to fascism.

      In short, I hope we can change things with the rule of law and the aid of police and veterans, without rioting and violence. And if we can’t, I hope we kick their sociopath asses.

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