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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Herman Cain: Just another puppet for Charles and David Koch?

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Herman Cain

Pizza magnate Herman Cain and GOP presidential flavor of the month is not the outsider he claims to be when it comes to politics.

Cain, spurred by recent straw poll wins and a surge in the polls,  is backed by the billioniare Koch brothers and their right-wing political funding operations, Americans for Prosperity.

How tight is Cain with the Kochs?

“He’s in their pocket, pure and simple,” says a GOP consultant who asked not to be identified. “He may claim to be an outsider but he’s not. The Kochs own him.”

Cain’s campaign manager, Mark Block, and several members of his political operation worked for Americans for Prosperity.  Cain has been a participant in an annual conference on right wing issues hosted by the Koch brothers at Rancho Mirage, California, and was part of AFP’s “Prosperity Expansion Project,” a program funded by the Kochs and one that featured a message on the “threat of big government.”  Cain was the featured speaker at a number of AFP events.

Anti-corporate activists consider AFP a “front” for big-business special interests.

Cain’s press spokesmen and a half-dozen other key members of his campaign staff came out of Americans for Prosperity.

“Herman Cain is just another puppet for Charles and David Koch,” says political operative Charles White.  “He’s a front man for big business.”

The Kochs put their money into a number of right-wing organizations, including the tea party, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and others.

Yet Cain tries to conceal his connection with either the Kochs or Americans for Prosperity. His “official” biography in campaign materials and on his web site does not mention the alliances.

The Cain campaign did not respond to a request for information from Capitol Hill Blue. Likewise, calls to Americans for Prosperity went unanswered.

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6 thoughts on “Herman Cain: Just another puppet for Charles and David Koch?”

  1. Should we be surprised that the former chairman and CEO that shrank Godfather’s to prosperity and former chairman of the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Federal Reserve is pro-corptocracy?

    Many also fail to mention he is an associate Baptist minister. Think he will end the faith-based hand outs President Junior started?

    Did anyone really expect his populist rhetoric to extend beyond his campaign?

    Just another corporate approved empty suit.

  2. With this revelation Mr. Cain’s campaign is finished as it should be along with Rick Perry, both candidates relegated to the ashbin of our highest office wannabes.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Koch, Soros, Rockefeller… pick yer poison… duopolist money on patrol… eh?

      interesting, though, how this bought-and-paid-for Herman Cain only has a couple million bucks in his kitty and zero has a couple hundred times that much.

      Threat-wise, he’s a regular piker, no? :-()

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