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Friday, January 28, 2022

Will Chris Christie run? Can he save the GOP?

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New Jersey Chris Christie (REUTERS/Jason Redmond)

In a political season of come-and-go GOP Presidential frontrunners, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the “next big thing,” but only if he decides to run and he keeps saying he has no intention of running,

Maybe so, maybe not. Christie said the other day: “What do I have to do? Commit suicide to convince you that I’m not going to run?”

He later ruled out suicide and seems to be softening some of his “no way” responses to whether or not he will jump into the Republican scramble for the right to oppose Barack Obama in 2012.

GOP insiders clearly want him in the race.

“He’s the man on the white horse that the GOP is looking for,” says retired political consultant John Manning. “He arguably has the best shot against Obama.”

Other political pros tell Capitol Hill Blue that Christie is clearly the man of the moment but warn that the moment can be fleeting if he continues to play coy.

Christie is a blunt, no-nonsense leader at a time when the nation is looking for such a President. He’s not as scary as a Rick Perry and polls show he would have more of the mainstream appeal with independents that control American Presidential elections.

Christie is bold where Obama is timid, decisive where Obama is non-committal and a risk-taker in an environment where risks are avoided.

Most political pros contacted by Capitol Hill Blue say Christie is the right man at the right time but momentum shifts suddenly in this volatile political environment.  Just ask Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry.

If he sticks to his guns about not running, it may be his one and only shot.


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13 thoughts on “Will Chris Christie run? Can he save the GOP?”

  1. Christie…?

    Why do I get the gut feeling that a hell of a lot of people just don’t get it yet?

    Suddenly our new shining political star, Chris Christie, is outside the box of all of his political peers. He’s special.

    Christie surely has compassion for our nation’s woes. He’ll do all the right things. He’ll change “business as usual” by taking hard stances and really work to repair the systemic problems in government. He’s the only potential candidate who really possesses true “common-sense” and wants to lead and serve…not rule. He’ll not be swayed by special interest. He hasn’t forgotten the concept of “We the People”. RIGHT?

    Or is Christie just…

    Another false prophet in the making? People love to believe in mystical powers and saviors…regardless of the source.

    Or his he just…

    Another politician waiting to gain power and then fracture or destroys more of the American values, traditions, and dreams?

    IMHO…Christie is another politician, no more, no less. And I believe that to think otherwise is an act of desperation and denial.

    • I believe the last sentence of your commentary Gregg best sums up what Chris Christie et al. are about for these seeming end times for the Republic.

      How can these guys or gals stand up to Mr. Ga-Billionaire’s interests as expressed and demanded via their army of influence peddlers, known as lobbyists?

      Christie reminds me of a overly fat, donut eating cop or sheriff’s dept. deputy. New Jersey is not a shining example of political efficacy for this nation. In fact, Jersey is a basketcase! I’m sure greasy pulled pork sandwiches, courtesy of the U.S. Treasury ‘deli’ will be to his liking chased by more donuts of course…OINK!

      Carl Nemo **==

  2. Thanks Chief. Happy Birthday! I am very concerned that a Sarah Palin would again be in place if anything happened to the winning candidate in the White House. I’ve read all the books on this woman and in every case, her success was based on her personality not her political background or even her ability to tell the truth.

    I have seen all the GOP debates and seriously am worried about the impact the Temple has on the two Mormon candidates. I know about the lifetime commitment both men made during their acceptance as a member of the Latter Day Saints.

    All freedoms that Americans take for granted will be up for serious threats if any Conservative is elected in 2012. There will be no immigration allowed as the Tea Party wants the borders closed.

    There will be no freedoms for women, gays or people of color and all would be declared unfit for American rights. The war has already started by changing voter registration in several states.

    Some of us have worked for over 60 years to keep the monster found in the Tea Party members out of our Congress and White House. Their determination to have a white Christian Straight Male government will destroy all our values. For me this started with the horrors of the John Birch Society.

    My instincts have been proven accurate except on the internet where I am labeled as just another wingnut.

    I logged out of Reader Rant and already have been asked to join another forum. More people read into this CHB Reader Rant forum than I could ever imagine. The difference is that I have an open mind when it comes to human values and many here do not. The trigger of being of a different mind set has and will bring out anger instead of discussion. I don’t have time for anger.

  3. I have a question for Doug Thompson. You have been involved in politics almost as long as I have and I want to know if anyone in either party ever “Vets” the candidates?

    We all hoped that Obama would keep his promise to find jobs, work on the debts an deficit and be able to run successfully for a second term. I have to admit I did not vote for him. I am heart sick over the candidates who are running as a part of the Republican National Committee. I am familiar with the pledges these House members took when installed into the government. In my opinion this should have disqualified the whole damn lot of them. I have more than aware of the Tea Party and how it kick jumped a return of the John Birch Society.

    Am I to assume that the GOP is working for Christians only? Are 35 million members of the Atheist category simply ignored? We want a balanced government just like we always have. Is anyone looking seriously into the Republican candidates or do we assume they all are just another Palin?

    We have had very weak leaders in the RNC and this time it is a Tea Party leader. Okay, so this time I’m out and there is nowhere to go. I am very disappointed with Reader Rant who want only to complain about each other.

    Who is in charge of the GOP at this time? Do you know Chief?

    • I’m not sure anyone is in charge of anything these days. As for vetting, it’s hard to vet candidates when special interest groups control both parties.

  4. Actually Griff we are a one party country. We are run by the corporations and the churches no matter who is elected. The only difference is how much influence is tolerated. I am in a quandary to do something I have never done before and that is vote a straight republican party ticket. I am a centrist both fiscal and social. Never have voted for a “R” for president though. The trend in this country is going toward the far right and I am ready to see the extremist have their day. When you wish for something long enough you might just get what you really don’t want. I could go on but you all can see I feel.

  5. The GOP doesn’t need saving any more than the Democrats need saving. There are only two parties to choose from, with the American electorate merely bouncing from one to the other on a completely predictable and definitive schedule.

    A power-sharing scheme perpetuated by the elite and fully endorsed by the brain-dead voting public.

    • Bill, I’m going to say the samething to you that I wrote to Bashir on MSNBC yesterday. It is none of your buriness what Gov. Christie weighs. Take a look at Cleveland, T. Roosevelt, Arthur and Taft. All were overweight and nobody gave a damn.

  6. Gov. Christie would be my choice as an Independent. I do not trust the RNC to run him as a Republican. The RNC demands an Evangelical in the white house and this is their only chance of putting in Brother Perry.

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