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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The real Rick Perry: Playing the veteran card

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Rick Perry: Vetting Barack Obama?

Rick Perry came out swinging after announcing his expected run for the GOP nomination for President.  He kicked off by suggesting veterans don’t respect President Barack Obama as commander in chief.

Speaking in Iowa on Sunday night, Perry said “one of the reasons, one of the powerful reasons, that I’m running for the presidency of the United States is to make sure that every young man and woman who puts on the uniform of this country respects highly the president of the United States.”

Perry, a veteran, thinks he can play that card against non-veteran Obama.

Might work.

Might not.

Incumbent President George H.W. Bush was a highly-decorated Navy war-time pilot when non-veteran and suspected draft-dodger Bill Clinton challenged him in 1988.

Bush lost.

Veteran Bob Dole challenged Clinton’s re-election efforts in part by questioning the incumbent president’s fitness to be commander-in-chief because he avoided military service during the Vietnam war.

Dole lost.

Two-term President George W. Bush avoided combat service in Vietnam by hiding out in the Texas Air National Guard and then failed to even complete that non-combat service so Democrats thought it would be easy for Vietnam veteran John Kerry to play the vets card all the way to the White House in 2004.

Didn’t work. Kerry lost.

Perry, an Air Force pilot, flew cargo planes in the U.S. Europe and the Middle East from 1972 – 77.  He did not fly combat mission in Vietnam.

“Flying cargo planes doesn’t make you an action hero and being an action hero doesn’t make you ready to be president,” writes Elspeth Reeve in The Atlantic.

And how does Perry describe his actual military service?

“There was no telling what you were going to haul around on any given day, from high value cargo like human beings to the colonel’s kitty litter,” he told Sarah Kleiner of the Abilene (Tex) Reporter News.

Wonder how the vets that Perry claims don’t respect Obama will respect a presidential candidate who refers to soldiers as “cargo?”

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15 thoughts on “The real Rick Perry: Playing the veteran card”

  1. I served in Vietnam and I could care less if a politician served in the military or not. Our greatest president, Abe Lincoln served briefly in the Black Hawk “war’ as a captain but did not see any action, yet he was our president during the bloodiest war in our history. What I do have a problem with is when politicians (like Perry) start whining about others not serving. He had a few deferments under his belt when he enlisted in the Air Force and I have to wonder if he used his family’s influence to get out of going into any combat zone? Another thing is his nickname. “Crotch”?? He was on a recent video calling the Secretary of the Treasury, “treasonous”, while his left hand was in his pocket and what looked like to me, massaging his “member”. What was that all about?

  2. Sorry folks, but to politicians, all of us plebs are nothing more than “cargo,” human resources to exploit.

    This level of idiocy is why the vast majority of Americans are so ill-informed and distracted by such non-issues.

    Um, the country is crumbling, folks…Get your heads out of your asses.

  3. Has nothing to do with you, Sandune. Nothing. Nor with any poster. It is all about the one comment I lifted from the article. IMO the writer attempted to depreciate Perry over what he flew and when. I also feel she was typical of someone who never sat in the left seat. So he flew a “Trash Hauler.” That’s why I put the link to WASP’s in there since they did plenty of “trash hauling” and if you visit the USAF Museum at WPAFB you will see the list of deaths.

    Perry is a gas bag and he’ll raise the old “Bloody Shirt.” He’ll be down and dirty so he’ll be right on the same level as Mr. ACORN himself. They’d make a fine team IMO.

  4. Rick, A little light stuff can often loosen up the rants. I am the last one to diss any veteran involvement. My husband was a naval pilot in WW2 and ended up smashed all over a mountain during a chance of trying out a new plane. He lost the top of his head and his skull was replaced by a metal cap. My father was infantry in WW1 and came home from Europe with a few more scars than he left home with. I have 14 cousins who served in Vietnam and Korea and I never missed a Sunday at the local Vet’s hospitals wherever I lived.

    I worked with MIA POW organizations and we had many fund raisers in my bookstore. I am an armed service brat and proud to be an American. If I offended anyone with my post on “Crotch” just think of it this way. I could have mentioned many other things, really bad things, about Governor Perry of Texas. Shoot me!

  5. Perry is a very attractive men and when he was in the State Senate his nickname was “Crotch” due to his wearing ultra tight levis. Will it put him in the White House? Possibly.

    • This has zero to do with what he ranted about and everything to do with the flawed perception of that comment. Dismissing someone over what they flew and the conditions diminishes their contribution. That is why I also included the link. Take a look at the WASP contributions and how many died flying C-47s.

  6. “Flying cargo planes doesn’t make you an action hero and being an action hero doesn’t make you ready to be president,” writes Elspeth Reeve in The Atlantic.

    Spoken like a true non pilot. Idiot. Perry was as he described it “A trash hauler.” Guess to the writer the only real action heroes are those that do the “Top Gun: shyte.

    I guess the following were not “heroes” in her book.

    • May be a non-pilot, but what she says is true. As an ex-submariner (certainly as risky as being a pilot I would say), Perry flying cargo hardly gives him some kind of huge leap in credibility over Obama. In fact, I hear an AWFUL lot of spouting off about his patriotism and love for America from Tea Baggers at my work place who have never served a DAY IN THEIR LIVES, not even in the freaking Peace Corps! I don’t care if a candidate is a vet or not, he or she can be a decorated vet from Afghanistan and still be a lousy leader and a lousy President. Bush was a vet and he stunk, Carter was a submarine Commanding Officer, not so hot there either, was he, despite his intellectual brilliance (you don’t command a nuclear sub if you’re a dolt!). What I DO care about is how well he values his military commanders, how well he respects the uniform and our service men and women. Hell, half the Republicans in Congress (and Dems too) have never served and would make sure their kids never had to serve but will send kids to war all the time.

  7. Since the day that President Obama took the white house, men like Gov. Perry and millions of other Americans began their movement to make Obama unsuited for the white house.

    I have to ask if the GOP has been turned over to the White Supremacy groups. There are, or should be, limits of insults thrown on our Commander in Chief. It shows a terrible lack of class for the American people to throw incriminating insults on the man Americans voted into office.

    I did not vote for Obama but no smartass Texan should be allowed to say what Perry spouts. Sure he reflects the opinions of the Rush Republicans but they are wrong and always have been. They tried to throw crap on Clinton and it didn’t work so our first African American leader must take the crap as the Republicans have to destroy somebody.

    The attitude among the GOP members is that God is choosing this next leader. This God will take us back to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Can anyone spell S L A V E R Y?

    Are we being led astray by that old bugaboo “White Supremacy?” Will we sit back and let this happen?

  8. Here we go again, another egotistical R.E.M.F that uses the respect for Veterans angle as if it were a commodity or playing card…Hack2E

  9. You said: “Wonder how the vets that Perry claims don’t respect Obama will respect a presidential candidate who refers to soldiers as “cargo?”” Of course, you left off: “high value cargo like human beings”. You know, the “high value” – “human being” part. Weeeelllll now, I am resisting what “Church Lady” would say. So I will just say this: As a Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran (1967-69) I can respect a statement like the one Perry made just fine. I fact, it is funny. You know, the “kitty litter” part. You must not be a veteran or you would have gotten the joke. I know I was shipped like cargo into Vietnam in a C130 that was about a thousand years old. And yes, we were often treated in the same way that ‘kitty litter’ is – sh*t on. But we expected that kind of thing in the Corps and we don’t hold that against the military. Don’t go in if you can’t handle it. Sh*t happens. But mostly, having returned from Vietnam in 1969 I can say unequivocally, that we were respected by our peers and most commanders in The Corps and still are. However, it was back here, at home, by the kind of people Obama seems to have liked to associate with, that we were treated like “kitty litter”. That is they tried to sh*t on us. But they failed. Because we are PROUD of our service. Their weak attempts at lessening that quiet respect (caps or not) simply ran down their leg. I hope that answers your question. Sincerely, Bob Thompson USMC 1967-69 (If you want, check out my book by the same name at the website).

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