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Friday, January 28, 2022

American public thinks the debt deal sucks

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President Barack Obama and Congress may have a debt deal that averted financial disaster — for now — but many Americans think the deal will make the economy worse, not better.

Only 17 percent of those questioned in a USA/Gallup Poll taken right after Obama signed legislation raising the debt limit think the deal that emerged after months of rancorous debate and gridlock in Washington think the agreement will improve the economy.

Some 41 percent believe the entire debacle will make things worse. The rest said they don’t know what will happen.

And more of those polled said they didn’t approve of the deal — 46-39 percent.

While the so-called tea party trumpets the deal as a victory for their side, 56 percent of Democrats polled approve of the deal while 26 percent of Republicans liked the deal.

Republicans, however, continue to tout the deal as a success by their party.

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4 thoughts on “American public thinks the debt deal sucks”

  1. About all the political resistence that the hapless(and deserving)American public can muster against their domestic enemies(congress/WH) is answering idiotic poll questions about how they felt about being screwed(Again) this week, and some of them liked it!!

    Now, let’s go watch some more reality tv!!

    • When do they issue the ration stamps,
      before, or after rat meat is put on the endangered species list ?

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