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Friday, January 28, 2022

Americans fed up with Obama’s ineffective leadership

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President Barack Obama walks back to the Oval Office REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

A new poll shows an ever-increasing number of Americans fed up with President Barack Obama‘s lack of leadership on the economy and deficit, driving his approval rating before 50 percent.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll released Tuesday says 59 percent — six in ten Americans — disapprove of the way the President is handling the economy and only 33 percent approve of his handling of the deficit.

The lackluster ratings showcase a dramatic drop from a 56 percent approval rating following the death of Osama bin Laden just a month ago.

The rapidly dropping poll numbers spell political trouble for Obama as he seeks a second term — assuming the Republicans can get their act together and field a viable candidate for President.

Leading GOP contender Mitt Romney is now tied with Obama among registered voters and the poll shows nine out of every 10 Americans believe the economy is in the crapper while 57 percent say the recovery has not begun despite rosy projections by the White House. Some 55 percent of those polled believe Republicans in Congress can do a better job of solving the nation’s economic ills than Obama.

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13 thoughts on “Americans fed up with Obama’s ineffective leadership”

  1. The one thing that President Obama is blind to is the pressure differential (if you will) between the campaign and the governing.

    Many, many voters have become disenchanted with the office holder after having heard so much from the office seeker. I consider the excesses of the new Republican right as the consequence of President Obama’s ineffectiveness as a leader. And at that I’m being charitable.

    What the two increasingly indistinguishable parties fail to fathom is that most Americans want protection from the corrisive and caustic influences of the so-called “markets’ yet find revolting the federal government mandating equality of result. There used to be an in-between, whereby the private lives of citizens was left to those same citizens.

    Somehow the Democrats are hell-bent to modity, codify, and regulate everything from lunches at school to dinner at home. There is no more emphasis, let alone effort, on creating an economic atmosphere that actually rewards people for their labor.

    Our “government” has become a 24 karat sandbox, and only those who view politics through wealth are invited to jump in. In that, President Obama has failed not only his voters, but his nation.

  2. Carl, neither of us wants any of the GOP candidates pushing for the White House. We will never be able to start up a third party so we are out of luck.

    Woody we had the deficit and debt carefully explained to us back in 1992 and few bothered to understand it. Perot was laughed off the stage. We welcomed a Republican back in the fold only to discover that Bush 43 had no concept of the Constitution and wanted only to play war games.

    When Sarah Palin starts to look good to the GOP, we know that side of the aisle is so badly decomposed to be unacceptable.

    Where do we go from here? I’m looking for a new forum and maybe some new blood can cut through the itshay that looms here.

    • “itshay that looms here” ….extract from post

      Many if not most of your posts have merit, but when you resort to bashing this site or its host as a dead end concerning progressive solutions it chaffs my hide. : |

      This site is simply a forum for various expressed opinions concerning the order of the day Ms. Price. We’re all in the same ‘pickle’ . Far greater powers than we can even imagine control our daily lives. They could destroy the very buying power of the dollars in your accounts, purse or wallets in the blink of an eye, forcing folks to genuflect to their schemes in order to eat or carry on daily commerce another day. They know so and shy of a bloody revolution there is to be no respite concerning our sorry national condition.


      “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” …Thomas Jefferson


      Carl Nemo **==

  3. Personal character and Integrity! “Ineffective Leadership” is the result when these are lacking.

  4. A brain dead American public is incapable of perceriving the true powers that be, or realizing that circuses come to town for no other reason than diverson.

  5. I don’t know which is more sad, that 33 percent approve of his handling of the deficit or that 56 percent approved of extrajudicial assassination. We are getting the government we deserve. Our moral compass is stuck pointing South. A society that has lost it’s morals cannot stand. Keynes knew this and designed his system of debt to bring about the end of moral society. If greed is good, then so is wrath, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

  6. It seems his ‘live birth certificate’ revelation along with the ‘OBL sanction’; both seemingly poll boosting scams are running out of steam quickly…no?

    Why so? Simply because he’s a ‘silver-tongued’ orator, but an ’empty suit’ when it comes to true leadership abilities. He surely knows what needs to be done concerning all the blarney coming from his ‘advisers’ who simply serve special interests from the MIC to private enterprise, but doesn’t have the cajones to come down with a mighty, meaty fist and say enough is enough.

    By Executive Orders he could place a moratorium on further off-shoring of American industries, curtail H1- b visas. He could pull the plug on Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and a host of ther Treasury draining boondoggles, but he doesn’t. He’s simply witnessing and signing off evermore bum legislation that’s putting the finishing touches on the demise of our American Republic.

    My negative comments towards this President is not an endorsement for ‘rethugs’ to enter office in January 2013.

    It’s genuinely tragic that we don’t have alternative, viable party choices in this country.

    Seemingly we’re the dopes and have been roped by many years of supporting this two party paradigm that’s now degenerated into an exercise in terminal futility.

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. America is in a mess of trouble! The debt/deficit numbers will destroy any chance of locating anyone with even a chance at bringing down those number slowly and securely. We have only two parties to work with and both are more concerned with blaming the other for the mess we are in.

    This morning on Morning Joe Congressman Mack (Republican) has put a bill in to bring down the numbers gradually with a 1 cent added tax to all actions done by the government and by the people. His numbers show that within 10 years we can bring the numbers down and away from an economic crash. A combination of cutting troops back and out of the Middle East working with this cent tax could save President Obama if he would respond favorably to the action.

    Changing the House, Senate and White House will offer nothing in the way of a fix because the GOP has yet to take the responsibility of their jobs other than to privatize Medicare. Their threat of social legislation has gotten into the fears of many Americans.

    The door keeps opening for Obama to act on several of his promises but he can’t seem to do it, We have a congress who will go only so far to act and their actions come with threats of hell and damnation. I tend not to trust any Republican when it comes to economic changes as they are wired to another source of power than the rest of us.

    I want Obama to act! I want him to pursue every possible action to begin to pay down our debts and rework the deficit programs to the benefit of America. He is the only horse in this race who will keep out of Medicare and Social Security. If the GOP takes the House, Senate and White House, the party will react like fire ants taking over everything in their path to a theocracy.

    I cannot stop this action of aggression but I can warn against it.

    • I believe that the Obamacare Health law, which is Obama’s baby, and when dems ran the house, has a provision that cuts Medicare by $500B over ten years. Therefore, Obama and the dems have aready put there grubby hands into Medicare, So they cannot be defended as a party that defends medicare! they are all hypocrites!

      • Take a look at Romney’s Health Care Law he enacted in Massachusetts. Obama’s Law at its core is Romney’s law. The Republicans are scaring many people with their own law.

        So providing for the sick and needy elderly and at the same time working to reduce the debt and deficit is a bad thing? Better tell the Republicans that because that is what they say they are going to do. So besides both parties which party is talking out their ars?

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