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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Most Americans want a strong third political party

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Most Americans want to see a third political party become viable so they have a real choice at the polls on election day.

A new Gallup Poll shows 52 percent of Republicans want a third party. The same poll shows 60 percent of those who identify themselves with the tea party want a third party. Gallup says a majority of Americans overall have wanted to see a third party since 2006.

So why don’t we have a real third party movement in this nation?

Jeffrey Young of Gallup says widespread dissatisfaction with status quo and a general unhappiness with the direction the nation is headed is driving the increasing desire for a real third party in America.

“It would not be surprising if a third party presidential candidate emerged,” Young says.

Perhaps but under the current political system, which is controlled by the power brokers of the Democratic and Republican parties, a third party candidate cannot win.

But a third party candidate can — and has — decided the outcome of an election. Ralph Nader siphoned enough votes from Al Gore in 2000 to help George W. Bush win. Ross Perot pulled enough votes in 1992 to help Bill Clinton deny Bush’s father — George H.W. Bush — a second term.

12 thoughts on “Most Americans want a strong third political party”

  1. We’ve been hearing for years that Americans want a third political party. Well, it isn’t going to happen. This is America. You get what you pay for. Politics is expensive. And while Americans may want a third party they also want someone else to cough up the big bucks to support it. And why should the people with the money bother to do that when the Democrats and the Republicans are working so well for them?

  2. All those people want “a viable Third Party” because they don’t understand what popular third party candidates do in our system: They almost always drain enough votes away from the mainstream party (R or D) presidential candidate they most resemble, to make the opposite party’s candidate win. This means that Third Party voters help elect the President they dislike the most!

    You need a multiparty government system (like a Parliament with coalitions) to make Third (and Fourth, and Fifth) Parties work. As long as we elect our President and Vice President from a single party, our executive branch will be an arm (or even the head) of the winning party.

    It’s only in Congress where we have a chance of Third Party candidates forming a winning coalition with one of the two mainstream parties, and that is exactly what we see with Tea Party + GOP, or Green + Bernie + Dems. Of course, those Third Party congressmen are very rare because we elect a single winner in each district. Change to porportional representation, and we would see all sorts of minority party groups in Congress.

  3. “The Tea Party was formed to disgrace President Obama.”

    The Tea Party was formed by Ron Paul constitutionalists whose roots go back to before Obama was even a presidential candidate. The smart money always knew they would be hijacked and repackaged by the likes of Glenn Beck. This is the way genuine threats are dealt with.

    Absorption – mutation – atrophy.

    And with that in mind: how do you stop a two-party dictatorship from simply becoming a three-party dictatorship? The problem is not the lack of a third party – the problem is the system itself. Who would benefit most at this point in time from a third party? The very system that’s screwing you.

    The Titanic does not need a third deckchair. It needs a crew who are awake and interested in the welfare of its passengers.

      • Hi Almandine –
        I hear what you’re saying and would certainly have agreed myself a year or so ago. On reflection, a shared vision of direction may not only be an impossibility for 300 million people – it may actually not be necessary.

        As more and more people see through the deceptions the deceivers become increasingly impotent. The more bs they try and foist upon the people the worse it becomes for them. The mainstream media daily commits slow suicide by refusing to engage with reality.

        People intrinsically know what they want: the freedom to live their lives without undue interference, onerous taxation and a diet of lies. This simple demand bypasses all parties and allows all people their personal freedom – as per the fine principles America was founded on.

        A beautiful, natural processs is unfolding here. While I would never advocate complacency it’s becoming increasingly clear that the machine’s days are numbered.


    • Frank (and everybody else) the Tea Party movement is a grass roots movement of the people which the Ron Paul wonks and GOP hacks have tried to hijack. Through little Saracuddah in there with them.

      The biggest threat of the Tea Party “movement” is that is has no actual head, and no attacks on Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, or the proverbial “racist religious right-wing bigot” types will slow it down.

      They are finding each other, exchanging information, talking behind your backs as the Committees of Correspondence did before the American War of Independence.

      Have no illusions. Obama and the GOP had better crack down quick on the First Amendment with some public crisis in a hurry, or they will both lose their positions in their little charade of governing with the “consent of the governed.”

      I’m sure they are already prepped to do so. They have cowed this freshman crop of House members who were sent to restore the Constitution as the ONLY guide for federal policy. [choke]

      What stops the powers that be? For one thing, we’re armed. For another, many are praying to the Supreme Judge of the Universe Jefferson referenced in the Declaration. [fools?]

      Time will tell. This is much bigger than politics. Even Star Wars fans understand the cosmic struggle between dark and light. Sad that many in our “adult” population do not.

      • My only slight departure from your view is where you’ve lumped in the Ron Paul people with the blatant minions of the establishment. While it’s perfectly true that it’s the people, not any figurehead (Paul included) that will ultimately bring sanity back, RP has brought many vital issues out into the open. This is in complete contrast to the Palins and Gingriches of the world who are simply Washington versions of the Borg.

        “They have cowed this freshman crop of House members who were sent to restore the Constitution as the ONLY guide for federal policy. [choke]”

        As you imply, the real Constitution is an informed, engaged population incapable of being bull$h!tted. It’s vital to have rights enshrined, but without a population actively living the freedoms laid out there it is indeed ‘just a piece of paper’.

        And you’re right – this is way bigger than politics.


  4. TRAPPED ???

    Hardly… mesmerized by media spin and the “omniscient” pundits that tell us what to believe is more like it.

    And why not ? 47% of Detroit residents are functionally illiterate… what’s the rate in your town?

  5. doug i don;t think citing stats for tea people or republicans in general is an accurate assessment of the current political mood of the country. the republicans have saddled themselves with an energized ultra conservative base which views their own party as foreign so of course they would want a third party … perhaps the jbsicons …

    i agree with your statement about party machinery … i think it was populism which captured the democratic party in the last cycle and we are seeing something similar with the republicans whose machinery has been unable to thwart the ground swell of extremism from the right

    we are truly trapped with a mediocre political system

    • I suggest you read the story again. Gallup polled Americans of all political stripes (including independents) and found that “a majority of Americans overall have wanted to see a third political party since 2006.”

  6. I am the original pissed off Republican. After doing some research on what what wrong with America in general, I went with Perot as he was able to pin point the problems with our debt, lost jobs and growing deficit. That did not work as people labeled him as a clown.

    The Tea Party was next but after researching those members who had no idea what even caused the debt, losing jobs and the deficit I realized they were loaded with racist religious right members who had not a single reason to support them. The Tea Party was formed to disgrace President Obama.

    So what”s next? Do we search for an agenda to hold our candidates’ feet to the fire or do we wait for some slob like Trump to tell us what to look for? Could it be that the American people simply want more government socialism in the Constitution to bring the financial equality into play ignoring the cultural equality to be handed to the churches?

    We have seen a resurgence of power legally given to the States which should have solved many of problems in both parties. Obviously the citizens of many states, want the seniors removed from the system of a safety net. The states do not have the financial stability to take on seniors and ill-equipped minorities and would rather see them go hungry and homeless than get involved in their needs.

    Pulling Planned Parenthood out of the financial responsibility is just the first step in turning the Constitution into a document from the bible. It goes back to the base of early man where only the breeders carry any weight within the tribes. Early man also placed our species into an overdrive of killing off those of another God or two.

    When the ballots are counted there will be no third party. We can discuss this for the next 20 years but the fact remains that Americans don’t care about their government. The voters have reached the same corruption that they elected since the end of WW2. That’s all I can understand because I was involved in the elections starting with Ike.

    Sure corruption has taken our Constitution apart and in a perfect world, we would have stormed the capitol, I’m not even certain that anyone wants a government based on integrity. The American people want the wealth of others in any way possible.

    Do we even want to talk about the future of the American people? Are we satisfied that our losers in school will join the armed services for their own survival? In my day our best and brightest young men and women chose the armed services to give something back to a nation based on freedoms.

    I hope this Commentary will bring out the changes that we all want and we can grow some actions to start something honest and beautiful.

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