Thanks to one good judge we will soon discover which evangelical power brokers made the pilgrimage to The Holy House of George and how often they got down and diety with the our most pious president. Anyone want to place bets on whether Rev. Ted Haggard is on the list?

What gifts they were bearing and what gifts they got in return we will probably never know. I rather doubt much myrrh and frankincense were exchanged.

U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth gave an early Christmas lump of coal to President George W. Bush the Naughty and ruled logs from the White House and Vice President Dick Cheney’s residence are subject to public records requests.

It is ironic that the visitor guest logs the Bush administration wanted to keep secret are the same records used against President Bill Clinton because they documented White House visits by White House intern and presidential paramour Monika Lewinsky, as well as deep pocket donors, money-raisers and presidential pardon-seekers.

According to an article here in Capitol Hill Blue nine conservative religious “commentators” visited the president. They included the ministerial celebrities with large following – read voters – James Dobson, Gary Bauer and Jerry Falwell.

If we do see the logs we’ll learn who the other six evangelicals were.

It would be rather embarrassing if one of them turned out to be Ted Haggard. Before Haggard’s resignation the was president of the National Association of Evangelicals, with membership of more than 45,000 churches with 30 million members.

In fact, now that I think of it, that may be the primary reason Bush wants to keep the logs secret.

Whatever you think of these religious leaders, they have been able to deliver large blocks of voters.

I wonder what those meetings were like.

Did the president let each of them lead him in prayer for world peace, the elimination of hunger, disease and poverty? Did they discuss the Second Coming and the End of Days?

Were they on their knees? Was there a laying on of hands?

Somehow this image makes me even more squeamish when I picture Bush with Reverend Fallwell than when I picture Clinton’s hands and Monika’s knees.


  1. This must be what the religious guests were discussing. The Congress presented the referendum and it passed.

    Who needs the first Amendment anyway?

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