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Thursday, January 27, 2022

NATO lead in Libya does not end U.S. combat role

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Does turning command of the no-fly zone over Libya to NATO mean a quick exit for the United States from the expensive offensive that President Barack Obama launched without Congressional consultation or approval?


Not really.

NATO may be calling the shots but the effort still depends on heavy involvement by American sea and air power.  The effort depends on the U.S. keeping primary responsibility for strikes on Gadhafi‘s military and air defense systems. France and Great Britain may be supporting the the U.S. must still keep the lead role in what have become the most controversial parts of the operation and have spurred a political firestorm for Obama.

Like Obama, NATO is sending out conflicting messages on who has responsibility for what.

If Obama hoped to stem the tsunami of criticism over his unilateral decision to put the U.S. into the middle of yet another conflict in the Middle East, he failed.

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen first said the agreement in Brussels, meant the alliance would eventually take more responsibility, “but that decision has not been reached yet.”

In the meantime, not all NATO members is participating.  Turkey, the alliance’s only Muslim member, is resisting any role in ground attacks.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton offered praise to NATO for taking over the no-fly zone, but the U.S. hoped the alliance would assume complete control of the operation, including the protection of Libyan civilians and supporting humanitarian aid efforts on the ground.

“We are taking the next step: We have agreed along with our NATO allies to transition command and control for the no-fly zone over Libya to NATO,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in a press conference.

“All 28 allies have also now authorized military authorities to develop an operations plan for NATO to take on the broader civilian protection mission,” she continued.

Yet lines of authority remain vague.  NATO’s decision sets up dual command centers opens the door to confusion and finger-pointing. U.S. commanders will be responsible for ensuring that the NATO protective flights do not conflict with planned combat operations under U.S. command.

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4 thoughts on “NATO lead in Libya does not end U.S. combat role”

  1. Very interesting Carl. I’ve often thought our government is not listening to the people but some authority higher than the voters. Why?

    Did “we the people” stop caring where we fight wars? Many believe that oil runs the show. I know it did in Los Angeles in the 40’s when our electric red cars were retired and smog belting buses were used instead.

    Another faction to consider is that America is building a reputation for being a Christian nation and we must downsize Islam.

    We will never know until 50 years from now when someone discovers the writings of the brave historians who died exposing our destruction.

    Americans built America and then lost it in a mere 300 years. I look at it that I was one of the lucky ones to have been born in this time when individual freedoms were discussed but sadly rejected. Maybe the next time these freedoms will make it.

    Last night the History Channel did some programming on the subject of organized groups such as the Illuminati and the Masons. I have a problem figuring out whether the exposure of this crap is a good thing, or a draw to bring in those who need the spiritual nonsense of the absurd.

    • “Why?”…extract from post

      It’s simple Ms. Price, it’s the eternal quest for evermore money and power the evil twin to wealth accumulation along with its inherent corruptive force.


      “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” …Lord Acton


      Carl Nemo **==

  2. I’m not surpised at how this debacle is turning out. It stinks of conspiracy in high places of power that no longer feels it has to answer to the American people; those that pay the freight for such adventurism.

    This President is not capable of planning such and no doubt received his marching orders from the “button men” sitting on the NSC who in turn receive their orders from a shadowy ‘symphony conductor’ who’s purpose seems to be to carry on with what’s happening in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and other places on the southern to eastern rim of the Mediterranean basin.

    It has the stench of a joint CIA/Mossad operation who’s main mission is to benefit the MIC and the ‘oil patch’s bottomline along with insuring safety on Israel’s flanks. The probem with destabilizing these nations is that sometimes it’s better to stick with the devils you know than those you don’t. There’s so many radicals stoked on jihad as you move down into these populations that the wrong leader can spell disaster for the entire Middle East. Is Saudi Arabia next? Do the oil guys want $150-$200 per bbl oil sooner than we think?

    It’s going to be interesting and very costly as usual and can drag on for months if not years. The last I heard Congress extended the budget and spending for three weeks. How are they going to come to grips that the ‘regime’ is p*ssing money down another rathole, now in North Africa when we can’t make ends meet at home? They just let General Petraeus continue with his 100,000 man contingent in Afghanistan along with the same of 50,000 military ‘advisers’ in Iraq and only the gods now how many blood-sucking contractors for both of those theaters of conflict that cost far more to maintain than troops.

    It’s as if America’s ‘leadership’ has gone mad, now a rogue entity foaming at the mouth, not only a danger to our citizens, but the world at large. / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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