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Thursday, January 27, 2022

White House insists Obama consulted on Libya

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The White House rejected criticism of President Barack Obama’s decision to attack Libya, saying on Thursday he had briefed Congress and the public extensively before military action began last weekend.

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2 thoughts on “White House insists Obama consulted on Libya”

  1. You amaze me Ms. Price. I’ve not only read your posts in their entirety and at times quite lengthy, but everyone who contributes to the site including the site host. ; )

    A while back you mentioned you are 78 years of age, possibly 79 now. Your typical post commentary indicates you are a virtual social gadfly. You’re into everything which is quite stunning and admirable at your age regardless of your enumerated medical conditions.

    I’m 66, in fairly good shape for my age, seemingly banging on all cylinders, yet when I read your life schedule, I’m overwhelmed.

    At my age, the last thing I’d want, is to waste the last precious moments on earth interfacing with political addicts along with the associated perpetual irresolution concerning ‘political issues’.

    I enjoy silence along with deep introspection at my age, savoring every last sweephand moment of my existence along with the gift of witnessing the evolution of the cosmos, our “Mother”. Watching a Flicker on a fence post while vocalizing its Spring mating chirps for a moment in time is far more rewarding than mankind’s constructs, political or otherwise.

    CHB is simply a way of releasing my inner thoughts on many issues. For that, I give thanks to the site host.

    Ms. Price et al. …simplify….simplify!


    “Our lives are frittered away by detail”…Henry David Thoreau


    Carl Nemo **==

  2. This morning on Morning Joe. Senator Schumer admitted that President Obama kept in very close connection with his Foreign Affairs group. He could not say too much as these closed meetings are classified. I believe Senator Schumer. Our House members love to make noise to look as if they are actually working. I give the President the benefit of the doubt.

    I look at his face during his time facing the cameras and I have a wave of sympathy for the poor man. He certainly brought out the inner hatred found within the GOP and I would imagine his whole family suffers for being black. I doubt America will ever lose the hatred for those of us who do not look like Iowa. The GOP has thrown away any semblance of integrity for the leadership of America. Working against the Democratic agenda is one thing but throwing down the glove to go after the President is feeding a civil war.

    If this isn’t a terrorist action, then I don’t know what is. Hell, I’ve hated many Democrats in the White House but it only inspired me and millions of others to replace the POTUS with one of our own. Whatever the hell is considered a Republican today is frightening in it’s description.

    Not even Orwell could find a solution to this mess.

    I have done some socializing here in Palm Springs and I have yet to meet a member of the GOP whoi can locate a leader. We are a liberal state but there is nothing going on here to improve even the DNC agenda. I could not have found a better place to put down roots. My work with the gay marriage group is accepted very well and even the Death with Dignity has a good chance of starting a successful group.

    My next step is to find out why my blood pressure has gone off the chart. I see my new doctor on Tuesday and will follow all instructions. I tire quickly and is why I often sit at my desk here and chat. It may be my age and many of my age group are dropping like flies. I’ve outlived every member of my family. My not drinking may have something to do with that.

    My daughter will be glad to ship any part of my body that still works to anyone who needs it.

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