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Friday, January 21, 2022

Senate to debate rival spending bills next week

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Senate Democrats on Friday pushed for a vote next week on their new proposal to trim $6 billion from spending while protecting President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul and other priorities.

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1 thought on “Senate to debate rival spending bills next week”

  1. Real heroic ‘budget cutters’ here…!?

    They plan on blowing 1,600 billion over-budget bucks and they’ve no doubt worked their crimpol butts off to come up with 6 billion. Yep, we’re really impressed with these termnally addicted spendthrifts.

    Seemingly the nation is doomed. This is a classic case where the phenomenon of “self-interest” run amok can jeopardize the greater population. They refuse to change their ways regardless of the hand-writing on the wall concerning national insolvency; ie., sovereign default. It’s real, it’s here and soon coming to neighborhoods everywhere USA…!

    Carl Nemo **==

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